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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 5 | Abhishek + Mihika

Hum jo chalne lage plays.

Abhishek buys a cold drink for Mihika and himself. He looks at her as she smiles, saying thank you.

Abhishek glances at Mihika as he’s driving. She’s standing up in the jeep, her arms open wide. He laughs.

They’re sitting in a road-side restaurant and eating. He’s quiet, listening intently to her non-stop chatter.

They visit Taj Mahal. Abhishek’s surprised to see a peaceful Mihika. He takes a picture without her knowing. An excited Mihika tries to take a selfie and falls, but Abhishek holds her. They look in to each other’s eyes and smile. He takes the picture for her.

Abhishek walk beside her as she’s skipping along.

For once, Abhishek’s enjoying himself.

They visit Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad-Ud-Daulah, and many other places.

Mihika and Abhishek are at a gol-gappa stand. Abhishek coughs because of the spices and Mihika hurriedly rubs his back, handing him the bottle of water. He drinks it and thanks her. Mihika moves away, looking a little surprised.

They play kho-kho with street child but ends up bickering. They laugh. Abhishek gives the children a bunch of balloons to play with and hugs them. Mihika’s mesmerised.

Mihika sees an old lady struggling to cross the road. She runs towards her, Abhishek following her. They both help the old lady cross the road.

Music fades.

Lady (places her hand on their head): You’re a lovely couple. God bless you both.

Music comes back on.

Mihika and Abhishek look at each other.

Their jeep stops outside a run-down hotel. They ring the reception bell. Abhishek talks to the person and looks worried.

Music fades again.

Mihika: Kya hua?

Abhishek: There’s only one room available.

Mihika (to the receptionist): We’ll take it.

Abhishek: But, Mihika, it’s a bit . . ..

Mihika: Awkward?

Mihika laughs.

Mihika: I trust you, idiot. And, by the way, I’m calling dibs on the bed. You’re either sleeping on the floor or on the couch.

Abhishek: Hey, that’s not fair! I’ve been your driver for the whole day, I’m tired, and that’s how you treat me?

Mihika (walks away): Tough. Deal with it.

Receptionist: Sir, the key to your room.

Abhishek snatches it out of his hand and runs after Mihika.

He opens the room. There is one single bed and no couch, just a large wooden chair. Mihika looks at Abhishek apologetically and he shakes his head, smiling.

Abhishek: I’ll manage.


Mihika comes out of the bath and picks up her ring, staring at it in confusion. She doesn’t put the ring on again and leaves the bathroom, drying her hair.

Abhishek’s facing the other way, and he’s on the phone. Mihika puts the ring in her bag.

Abhishek: Yes, Ma, I’m fine.


Abhishek: I’m out of Delhi, and I’m safe.


Abhishek: Yes, Ma, I did eat properly, and I’ll sleep on time. You need to stop stressing out.  Did you take your medicines?


Mihika smiles.

Abhishek: Good. How’s choti?


Abhishek: I’m worried about her too. I think she’s hiding something from us. Leave it for now. I’ll talk to her when I come back.


Abhishek: I love you, Ma. Take care.

He hangs up. Abhishek turns around and is shocked to see Mihika in her pyjamas. She looks too cute. Mihika shyly looks down.

Abhishek: (closing the windows): You’ll catch a cold.

Mihika (smiles, sits on the bed, and puts blankets on herself): Thank you. Hey, you haven’t told me anything about yourself.

Abhishek (smiles, getting comfortable on the chair): What would you like to know?

Mihika: Anything. Who’s in your family? Or, why did you decide to become a Police Officer? Or, why’re you moody all the time?

Abhishek (frowns): I’m not moody. Sometimes.

Mihika: Exactly.

Abhishek (rolls eyes): In my family, there’s Ma and Choti, my younger sister, and myself.

Mihika: That’s it? What about your father?

Abhishek (shrugs): Papa left us when I was about 8 or 9. He found someone else. I haven’t talked to him since, so I have no idea how he is or if he’s even alive.

Mihika: You can find out about him, can’t you?

Abhishek: Some things are better left in the past. He hurt my Ma a lot. She doesn’t show it but, somewhere deep down, she still carries that pain with her. Besides, I’m happy with the way we are. We don’t need anyone else with us.

Mihika: And Choti? Is that her real name?

Abhishek (laughs): No, no, it’s actually Khushi.

Mihika looks a bit uneasy.

Mihika: Khushi?

Abhishek (nods and continues): I call her choti out of love. She hates it though – always yabbering on that she’s not a child anymore. To me, she’ll always remain one though. I tell her that and she gets mad.

Mihika smiles as Abhishek continues to talk about his life, and narrates the stories he’s lived, the cases he’s solved, and much more.

Finally, he yawns.

Abhishek (stretches): I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Good night.

Mihika: Oh, good night.

Abhishek closes his eyes but the sudden noise from the TV makes him jump.

Abhishek: Mihika, I’m trying to sleep.

Mihika: Sorry, Abhishek, but Kal Ho Na Ho is on. It’s my all time favourite. I have to watch.

Abhishek: Keep the volume down.

Mihika: I can’t hear anything then.

Abhishek: I won’t be able to sleep.

Mihika: That’s even better! You can watch it with me.

Abhishek (comes to her side): Move over.

Mihika shuffles along and he sits next to her, snatching the remote out of her hands.

Mihika: Hey, that’s mine!

Abhishek: I took it, so I’ll keep it.

Mihika reaches out for it but Abhishek holds it higher. They bicker back and forth as they fight for it until Abhishek’s about to fall off the bed and Mihika pulls him towards her. Abhishek collapses on top of her. They stare at each other for few minutes before they awkwardly move away.

Abhishek: Let’s watch the film.

Mihika nods.

Both watch the movie until its’ ending part, when Mihika hears some sniffing. Confused, she slowly turns to Abhishek.

Abhishek (rubs his teary eyes): Woh . . . dust hai aankhon mein, issliye.

Mihika resists a laugh but ends up losing it. She grabs his arm and squeezes his cheek, still laughing. Abhishek smiles as he looks at her.

Mihika: You’re too cute.

Abhishek starts to laugh too and they dive into another conversation.

They fall asleep, her head resting on his shoulder. Mihika stirrs and looks at Abhishek. She runs her fingers through his hair, smoothes out his forehead creases, and puts her blanket on him. She snuggles into him and soon closes her eyes.


I’m back again! How was this one?

Thank you for reading! ??

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