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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 2 | Abhishek + Mihika

In the police station, Abhishek is busy signing papers when he hears a knock.

Abhishek (looks up): Come in.


Harsh (gives him an envelope): Sir, there’s a post for you.

Abhishek: Thank you, Harsh. You may go.

Harsh leaves.

Abhishek puts down his pen and opens the envelope. It’s from Rohit. A picture slides out and falls on the desk. Abhishek picks it up and his eyes widens.

It’s Mihika Kapoor, and he finds her beyond beautiful.


Her smile. Her eyes. Her flowy saree. Her open hair. Mihika twirls in the open field, giggling and dancing.


Abhishek stops his jeep outside his house. Pulling up his sleeves, he enters to see his mother setting the table.

Abhishek (hugs her from behind): Ma.

Abhishek makes her sit and crouches in front of her.

Abhishek: You need to take rest. There’s no need to do this. I’m not a kid anymore. I can take care of our family, you, choti, and myself.

Gayatri: Abhi, no matter how old you’ll grow, at the end of the day, you’ll remain my child. I’ll always worry about you. I’ll always feel the need to do all this.

Khushi (scoffs, and comes to stand next to both of them): Acha? Ma, you always tell me to do everything, while you pamper this motu. I don’t care. I’m telling you, that’s not fair, okay.

Abhishek (smiles): Chal, chal, don’t be jealous. You know Ma loves me more than you.

Khushi (gasps and crosses her arms): Karlo jitna marzi karna hai tang. I swear, when I’ll leave this house, you’ll cry the most.

Abhishek (places a hand on her shoulder): That’s true, Choti, because I love you a lot. You’re my little sister. It hurts me to think that . . . that one day you’ll be a part of another family, that you’ll no longer annoy us the way you do. I’ll miss you.

Khushi (smacks his chest): Look, Bhai, you’ve made me an emotional fool.

Abhishek: More like a over-sensitive bunderiya.

Khushi glares at him and they both burst into laughter, hugging while their mother watches them with a smile.


It’s night time.

Abhishek’s packing a bag. Khushi comes in his room with a glass of warm milk and gives it to him.

Khushi: Bhai, when will you come back?

Abhishek (sits down on his bed): I have no idea. This case is a little . . . complicated. I’m single-handedly managing it, so I’m not sure.

Khushi: Ma will miss you.

Abhishek: And, you?

Khushi (sits down next to him and punches him): Of course, I’ll miss you too, duffer.

Abhishek: Ow! You hit like a man. Would it kill you to act a little ladylike?

Khushi: Yes, yes, it will.

Abhishek (rubs his arm and whispers): Bunderiya.

Khushi (frowns): You’re no better than a monkey yourself.

Abhishek (sighs after seeing her sad): Okay, okay, don’t be upset. I shouldn’t have been mean. Forgive me? Please?

Abhishek holds his ears apologetically.

Khushi: Fine, but on one condition.

Abhishek: Go on.

Khushi (concerned): Promise me, Bhai, you’ll take care of yourself.

Abhishek: You’re acting as if I’m about to fight in a war. It’s just a little case, nothing I can’t handle.

Abhishek flicks her forehead.

Abhishek: Stop over-loading that tiny head of yours with worry. It won’t be able to take it.

Ignoring his insult, Khushi hugs him.

Abhishek: Hey, while I’m gone, take care of yourself and Ma. If you’re in any trouble, give me a call.

Khushi (chuckles): Yes, Bhai.

Abhishek smiles.


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