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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 12 | Abhishek + Mihika

DJ: You’re joking, right?

Arnav: No, Daada Jaan, it’s not a joke. I’m serious.


Kapil (grabs Arnav’s collar): Hey! How dare you. How could you play such a game with us? With Mihika?

Arnav: It’s not a game, Chacha g. Truth is, I’ve never loved Mihika like that. I always saw her as a friend and I always will, that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

Mihika has tears in her eyes.

Kapil: Then why did you agree to marry her?

Arnav (looks at Anjali): Because Di wanted it and I couldn’t refuse her.

Anjali looks down, ashamed.

Arnav walks hesitantly towards Anjali and lifts her face.

Arnav (takes a deep breath): After Mom passed away, you’ve always taken care of me. You’ve always sacrificed your own happiness for mine, but I’m sorry, Di. I’m not as brave or selfless as you. I thought I could marry Mihika and live the rest of my life, that I could forget the love of my life, but I can’t. I can’t even think of staying away from her for few days, let alone forever. I can’t betray you or Mihika, or anyone else anymore.

Anjali: Chote, I had never expected anything from you, and whatever I did for you, I did it because I wanted to, not because you were my responsibility. How could you think that I wouldn’t understand? That I would feel bad? Your happiness means the world to me. If you love that girl, then you should’ve told me. Don’t you think it’s a little too late now?

Arnav shakes his head and turns to Govind.

Arnav: Uncle, would you rather have your daughter marry the person who can never love her, or the person who thinks of her as his world? Think about it. Mihika might suffer for the rest of her life and it wouldn’t have been fair on her.

Arnav looks at Mihika.

Arnav: I’m sorry, Mihika. I know I’ve hurt you a lot on one of your special days, but I’m not the guy for you. I’ll accept any punishment you’ll give me. You’re my best friend, Miku. Please try to understand me.

Mihika (gulps): Who’s she?

Khushi’s nervous. Arnav stays quiet.

Mihika (loudly): Who’s she?

Arnav: I can’t tell you. Until I’ve gained her forgiveness, I can’t tell anyone. I’m sorry.

Khushi, relieved, silently leaves from there.

Mihika (cries): Arnav . . ..

Arnav: I’m sorry, Mihika.

Mihika smacks his chest.

Mihika: You idiot! Kehne mein itni dair kyun laga di?

Mihika hugs him. Arnav’s confused.

Arnav: What the?

Anjali (giggles): Chote, Mihika found out about her and then she told me. All this was our plan for you to realise your mistake and then confess. Though, to be honest, I felt you’d talk to us in private.

Arnav: I don’t understand.

Anjali: You don’t need to. Abhi sirf jaa k apne dulhan ko manao. And, listen, don’t come back without her nai toh jooti sy maaroon gi.

Arnav (smiles): Thanks, Di. Mihika, Yaar, thank you.

He runs out.

Mihika smiles and Anjali looks at her.

Flashback – Two Week Before.

Anjali: Mihika, I don’t understand. Why do you want the marriage to be early?

Mihika: Do you trust me, Di?

Anjali: Of course.

Mihika (nervous): I–I . . . Arnav loves Khushi, one of his employees.

Anjali’s shocked.

Mihika: I don’t personally know her but I . . . I know her–her brother. He’s nice, good-natured, well-mannered, and has generally had a good up-bringing. She belongs to a family that truly value relationships and look out for each other. And, I think Arnav and Khushi are perfect for each other.

Anjali: I don’t understand. If Arnav loved her, why didn’t he tell me?

Mihika: I’m assuming he didn’t want to disappoint you. He respects you a lot and couldn’t refuse you.

Anjali: How–how did you know about this Khushi?

Mihika (gulps): I went to Arnav’s office a month before I ran away, and I heard him talk to Himesh. I couldn’t decide what to do. I thought a lot about it. I wanted to be selfish and greedy but I also knew I loved Arnav too much to hurt him. He didn’t deserve it. I needed time to think so I . . . I ran away. And, now I think I made the greatest and best mistake of my life. Anjali Di, please. Please agree for his marriage with Khushi.

Anjali (stands up): No, that’s not fair on you. He can’t leave you like that. I’m sure he’ll forget about this Khushi. You two are childhood friends. How could he . . . how could he do this to you? You love him, then why are you doing this?

Mihika (stands up too): Anjali Di, I used to believe I was in love with him, but I now know I’m not. After my . . . trip, I realised I couldn’t see Arnav as a life-long partner. I only saw him as a good friend.

Anjali (turns to her): Tell me the truth, Mihika. What happened when you ran away?

Mihika (closes her eyes as a tear drops): That ACP . . . he . . . he . . ..

Anjali: Mihika, what did he do? Did he hurt you? Threaten you? Harm you?

Mihika (shakes her head rapidly): It’s nothing like that. In fact, he gifted me some of the beautiful days of my life. Anjali Di, he stole my heart. I’m . . . I’m in love with him. He made me realise that what I felt for Arnav was only an infatuation, a crush.

Mihika smiles thinking about Abhishek.

Anjali (smiles): What do you want me to do?

Mihika: I want Arnav to confess his feelings to us by himself. I want him to realise that he doesn’t always need to sacrifice his happiness for us. I hope that’s okay.

Anjali: I’m with you. We’ll teach him a lesson but . . . your family?

Mihika: I’ll handle them, you don’t worry.

Flashback ends.

Govind: What nonsense is this? Mihika, how could you? Do you think marriage is a joke?

Mihika: Papa, if I had thought so, I would’ve married Arnav in a heartbeat. I understand its value, its meaning, and its importance, that’s why I had to stop Arnav from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Govind (angry): I can’t believe you. It’s all our fault for spoiling you. Have you ever thought about your family?

DJ: Govind, stop it. Mihika, you talk to me. Did anyone  pressure you into doing this? Did anyone say anything to you?

Mihika: DJ, I’m saying this myself because I–I also love someone else.

They all look surprised.

Mihika: I love someone who’s promised to never let me down, someone who’s promised to walk beside me, step-by-step, someone who loves me a lot and is willing to do whatever he can to always show me that.

Abhishek smiles. Gayatri nudges him and gestures him to come out. They slip out of the hall.

DJ (cups her cheeks): Who’s he?

Mihika doesn’t speak.

DJ: Mihika?

Mihika: I’ll tell you when the time comes. For now, please, think about Arnav. Please, DJ. He hasn’t done anything wrong.

DJ (sighs): Mihika.



Abhishek: Yes, Ma?

Gayatri: I like my daughter-in-law. You have my permission to marry her.

Abhishek (surprised): Ma, what’re you saying?

Gayatri: Arre, paglay, Mihika told me everything. I found out about you two and confronted her. She told me about her plans and everything.

Abhishek blushes.

Gayatri: Dulhan ki tarah na sharmao aur meri baat suno.

Abhishek (worried): Yes?

Gayatri: There’s a proposal for Khushi.

Abhishek: Ma, you told me yourself that she said she’s not ready for marriage.

Gayatri: I’m sure she’ll agree for this one.

Abhishek: What makes you think so?

Gayatri: Because she loves this person.

Abhishek (shocked): What?

Gayatri: We were trying to figure out why she was upset for the past few months. I found out now.

Abhishek: Alright, what do you know about him? Who’s he?

Gayatri: Arnav.

Abhishek’s shocked.


Outside, in another place. Khushi’s crying.

Arnav (reaches there and calls out): Khushi.

Khushi wipes her tears and ignores him. Arnav grabs her wrist and pull her into his arms. A crying Khushi refuses to meet his eyes.

Arnav: I love you, Khushi, and I’m sorry for the pain I’ve put you through these last months. To be honest though, those days were like hell for me. Only after losing you, only after  facing the reality, did I realise my life’s meaningless without you in it. Miss Khushi, will you make me the luckiest man alive and marry me?

Hiccuping, Khushi shakes her head.

Arnav looks away, hurt. He slowly walks back.

Arnav: I understand, but that doesn’t mean I give up. I’ll wait for the answer I’m expecting, Khushi.

Arnav (smiles as he wipes her tears and kisses her forehead): I’m sorry.

Rabba vy – sad version – plays.

He walks away, trying not to cry. Khushi’s still crying. They both remember the times they’ve spent together.

Khushi closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Khushi: Arnav G.

Arnav stops and turns around, hopeful and surprised. Khushi faces him.

Khushi: How can you leave like that? You haven’t heard your punishment yet.

Arnav: I’m ready to do whatever you ask me to do.

Khushi: You won’t back out?

Arnav: I promise I won’t.

Khushi: Then . . . your punishment is to stay with me for years and years to come.

A smile grows on Arnav’s face.

Arnav: I accept.

Khushi runs towards him and jumps into his arms.

Ishq Hai Ishq Hai, Haan Yehi Ishq Hai plays.

Abhishek and his mother watch on as the lovers start to bicker. Abhishek wipes a tear and his mother smiles at him.

Abhishek: Behen hai na, kya karoon.

Gayatri hugs him, laughing.

Hearing the laughter, Khushi and Arnav turn to Gayatri and Abhishek.

Khushi (worried): Bhai . . ..

Arnav (nervous): I’m Arnav Singh Raizada, Sir.

Abhishek: ACP Abhishek.

Arnav: Oh.

Abhishek (puts a hand on Arnav’s shoulder): Listen carefully because I won’t repeat it again. If you ever trouble my sister henceforth, I won’t spare you. You must know us policemen well, don’t you? We have our ways of dealing with issues. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

Arnav: Yes, I promise I won’t give her an opportunity to complain.

Abhishek: I’m counting on you for that.

Khushi (smiles and hugs Abhishek): Thank you, Bhai.

Abhishek (shakes his head): As long as you’re happy, I don’t need anything else.

Abhishek and Khushi hug as Arnav and Gayatri smile.

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