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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 10 | Abhishek + Mihika

Living room – DJ’s on the phone.

DJ: Yes, Rohit, she’s fine. I should thank you and Abhishek.

Rohit: Now you’re only embarrassing me, Sir.

DJ: Not at all. If you wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know if Mihika would be safe. Tell you what? You and that ACP – both bring your families to my grandaughter’s wedding. I’d really like that.

Rohit: That’s an honour but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. I have to fly out to Goa for a case. I’ll send Abhishek though.

DJ: Oh, okay. Please do. And take care.

Rohit: You too.


Police station.

Abhishek’s looking over some papers. Phone rings. He picks it up.

Abhishek: Hello?

Rohit: Mr. Kapoor invited you to Mihika’s wedding. It’s in a week’s time.

Abhishek’s shocked. He remembers his confession to her.

Rohit: Are you still there?

Abhishek: Yeah–yeah, I can’t make it, sorry.

Rohit: Look, he requested me to come as well but I can’t make it – you need to go or it’ll look bad.

Abhishek (sighs): Why do I always have to give in to you?

Rohit (laughs): I’m your senior, that’s why.

Abhishek: Oh, shut up.


In a dance studio. Arnav and Mihika are practicing their sangeet dance.

Choreographer: Sir, hold her like this.

She places Arnav’s hand on Mihika’s waist.

Choreographer: And then gently pull her towards you. You also need to look at her like she means the world to you. Here, let me show you.

The choreographer demonstrates with her partner. Mihika listens and asks questions while Arnav is lost in his own thoughts. He remembers Khushi and his first date, when they had danced and how beautiful it was – almost like a magic spell.

Mihika pulls Arnav with her. They get into their position again and start dancing, but Arnav’s awkward moves doesn’t make it work.

Choreographer: You need to tap your feet here and turn to her, grab her hand, and make her twirl.

Arnav tries to do it but fails, making Mihika fall.

Mihika (holding her ankle): Ow!

Arnav rushes to her, inspecting it.

Arnav (worried): Oh, shoot – looks to me that you’ve sprained it. Come, I’ll take you to the doctor.

Mihika (stands up and limps): No, no, I’m fine.

Arnav: Mihika, what rubbish is this? Don’t be stupid, and listen to me. There’s no need to do all this. You need to get that checked.

Mihika: Relax, Arnav. Let’s practice again. I’m fine. Our sangeet’s coming up. We can’t mess it up.

Mihika (thinks as they get into their positions): I need to do this, Arnav. I need to do this for all of us. Forgive me, but I can’t lose you.

Tera Bina from Heropanti plays.

Half-heartedly, Arnav practices again with Mihika. This time, she also messes it up because of the pain in her ankle but she refuses to show it.

Arnav’s busy on the phone as Mihika looks at the wedding lehengas. He hangs up and she asks him about his choice. He looks at a lehenga because he imagines Khushi wearing it and chooses that.

Music fades.

Mihika: But, that one’s so simple! I want something grand, something with a “wow” factor.

Arnav: Then why did you ask me about it?

He puts on his sunglasses.

Arnav: I’m waiting outside. You can come once you’re done.

Music starts.

Mihika thinks about it and decides to buy the lehenga Arnav liked.

Mihika asks Arnav to choose a ring and reassures him that she’ll approve his choice. He chooses a couple ring for them and they buy them.

They shop for few more outfits and other necessary items. Mihika begins to notice that Arnav has no interest in their wedding. He avoids talking to her by focusing more on his work.

On the other side, Abhishek informs his family of the invitation. Khushi, though bravely accepts to go, later cries to herself in the room. She remembers their moments and quickly wipes her tears away.

Mihika’s in her living room, choosing jewelleries and other accessories. Arnav passes by, she asks for his opinion, and he says he’s busy. Mihika’s upset.

Abhishek’s on his duty but looks lost. One of the officers asks if he’s okay and he says he’s fine.

Anjali asks a tailor to take Arnav’s measurements for his shirwani. He does but Arnav’s disturbed because he’s on an important call. He yells at the tailor and tells him to get lost.

Khushi and Abhishek are at the dinner table with their mother, but both siblings are not eating. Their mother looks back and forth between them and grow worried.

Wedding decorations and other preparations are going on in the Raizada and Kapoor house. Arnav feels more and more suffocated each day, Abhishek and Khushi feel more sad and heart broken, and Mihika feels more and more happy.

Mihika comes to Arnav’s office to hear him shout at his staff. She has brought lunch for him and offers him to eat. He shakes his head. She insists and he reluctantly eats. Mihika tries to make small talk but Arnav doesn’t look interested.

Gayatri, Abhishek’s mother, has misplaced her glasses and is looking for them. She looks through Abhishek’s bedside drawers and finds Mihika’s photo hidden underneath the clutter. She takes it out and understands.

Music finishes.


There are dhols and music. People laughing and chatting. The Kapoor Mansion is grandly decorated.

DJ, Govind, and Kapil are greeting the guests at the front door. Arnav and his family soon enter and they’re showered with rose petals. Anjali smiles brightly and hugs Arnav in happiness.

Anjali: Where’s my to-be sister-in-law?

DJ: Must be getting ready. You know she likes to take her time.

Anjali: I just hope she doesn’t make my brother wait on their wedding day. He’ll probably have to drag her to mandaap otherwise.

Arnav forces a smile while everyone laughs.


Abhishek stops the jeep outside of the Kapoor Mansion.

Khushi’s startled. They all come out, Abhishek and Khushi a little hesitant, and make their way inside. Both siblings feel hurt, remembering the times with their love interests.

Arnav stops mid-way in his conversation as he feels strange. He looks around but doesn’t see anything unsettling.

Khushi steps inside and Arnav freezes. He glances at the door and is smittened by her beauty.

Rabba vy plays.

Abhishek introduces himself and his family to DJ and he hugs him. Khushi, in the mean time, accidently finds Arnav’s eyes, to find him already staring at her, and is upset. She looks away.

Gayatri: If you don’t mind, Mr Kapoor, can I meet the bride-to-be?

DJ: Of course. Rahil, come here. Take aunty to Mihika.

Rahil: Yes, DJ.


Mihika’s in front of the mirror and looks upset as she slowly puts on her bangles. She’s lost in thoughts.

Friend: You’re lucky, Mihika. Arnav will be such a loving husband. I can already tell that he completely adores you.

Mihika forces a smile as the girls around her giggle.

Friend 2 (runs in): Hey, the groom side is here. Let’s go.

They all rush out, leaving Mihika alone. Mihika looks at her ring and a tear drops. All the times spent with Abhishek haunt her.

There’s a knock on the door and she quickly wipes her tears.

Mihika: Come in.

Rahil (opens door): Di, there’s someone here to meet you.

Mihika: Who is it?

Rahil: Come in.

The lady steps inside and Rahil leaves. Mihika looks at her confused as the lady stares at her, her eyes in tears.

Mihika: Do I know you?

Gayatri: I’m Abhishek’s mother.

Mihika’s surprised and she avoids eye contact.

Gayatri: Looking at you, and how you’ve reacted upon seeing me, I can tell you know about his feelings. And I’m surprised about that. Abhi has always been a reserved person. It’s very difficult for him to open up to people. He doesn’t think much about himself, or even share his burden or sorrows with us. He thinks he’s always responsible for the happiness of others even if it means sacrificing his own. I guess, since his father left us, he felt he had to grow up before his age. He’s always been like that – mature, sensible, dutiful. A good son, a good brother, a good police officer.

A tear slips from Mihika’s eyes.

Gayatri: My son’s not a bad guy, Mihika. Please don’t make him suffer for the rest of his life. I know I’m selfish for coming here and making this request, but what can I do? I’m a mother. I also know I have no right to say or ask for anything from you. I came here to tell you to please, please, please at least think about him just once. Think about his sincere, genuine love for you. I beg of you.

Gayatri puts her hands together, pleading.

Mihika: Aunty, stop it. Don’t do this, please. Come, sit down here.

Mihika guides her to sit on the bed and passes her a glass of water.

Gayatri: Dear . . ..

Mihika: Aunty, please. I have made my decision and I’m not changing it.

Gayatri looks heartbroken.

There’s another knock on the door and Anjali comes in.

Anjali (concerned): What happened?

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