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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Part 1 | Abhishek + Mihika

The Kapoor’s Mansion.

Grandfather (or DJ): I can’t believe this girl.

Govind: Bauji, if I had known her plans, I would’ve tied her to the bedpost and locked her in the room.

Kapil: Bhaiyyah, I’ll inform the police. It’s been over 24 hours.

Govind: No, Kapil. We have a reputation to uphold. What will people say when they’ll find out? I can’t believe my daughter did such a thing.

DJ: Who cares about them? I’m concerned about my child.

Ankita (Kapil’s wife): I don’t understand though. We arranged her marriage to Arnav, like she had wanted, then why would she . . . ?

Rahil (Kapil and Ankita’s son): Di probably felt scared. It’s all too soon for her.

Devyani (Govind’s wife): Yes, I know, but she could’ve told us instead of taking an easy way out. Bauji, you tell us. How will we answer her in-laws?

DJ: Kapil, pass me the phone.

Kapil gives him the phone and DJ dials a number.

Rohit (on the phone): This is Rohit Singh. How can I help you, Mr Kapoor?

DJ: Officer Rohit, I need you to track down my grandaughter. I’m trusting you and your team to take care of her and drop her home safely. You get that?

Rohit: You don’t worry. I have just the man for this job. He won’t disappont you.

DJ: I hope not.

He hangs up.

Govind: Bauji, you–

DJ: Govind, nothing is more important than my child’s safety right now. Let her return home, then we’ll talk.

Govind nods.

There’s a car chase, a police car racing behind a robber’s before it catches up.

The policeman is revealed to be Abhishek.

Robber: Sir, I–

Abhishek (grabs him by the collar): Oh, shut up! I have no time to listen to your nonsense.

He puts the man in cells and picks up the ringing phone.

Rohit: Abhishek, I have a job for you. You know ASR?

Abhishek: The business man?

Rohit: Yes. His fiance’s missing.

Abhishek: Yeah, so?

Rohit: You need to find her.

Abhishek: Look, Rohit. I have no time for such useless cases. It’s clear that the families pressurised her into the marriage and she found no other option but to run away.

Rohit: That’s the thing we fear. Abhi, it’s a love marriage, and she was happy with him. Why would she run away then? We think that somebody might have kidnapped her for ransom.

Abhishek (sighs): Rohit, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I have court hearings and a lot of paperwork. Who’ll manage the station while I’m gone?

Rohit: I’ll give someone a temporary post. Please, Yaar, do this for me. I owe a lot to the Kapoor family.

Abhishek (rolls eyes): Fine.


I’m discontinuing my other FF because I realised it wouldn’t do Abhishek’s character any justice. Therefore, I’ve chosen to cast Mihika and Abhishek in a separate FF of their own. Let me know how it is! Thank you. ?

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