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Kumkum Bhagya – A Love Reunited Intro

Hey guys!! I’m a silent reader of all your fan fiction, and they are amazing. I am so tired of the new kumkum bhagya track so, I am adding on to that. Most of the characters will be the same. This is my first time writing, so please give any feedback. Thanks and enjoy!! ?

Abhi looks at the marriage picture on the bed and falls unconscious.
Robin enters and looks at Abhi on the floor and is shocked. He calls Dadi, Dasi, Purab, and Aaliya.
“Who put this picture here?” shouts Dadi angrily as Purab puts Abhi on the bed.
“I don’t know, Dadi. Maybe someone here wanted Abhi to be hurt?” Purab says thoughtfully.
“Why would anyone do that Purab?” Dasi says.
“I don’t know, Dasi, but I’ll go call the doctor to make sure he is all right.” Purab says walking out into the hallway.
Dadi sits next to Abhi and pats his hair. “Meri bacha,” she says sadly.
After a while, the doctor comes and says Abhi is all right, but he needs some rest. Aaliya is very happy that her plan worked.


Meanwhile, back at the office, Saira sees Pragya in a upset mood and gives her the rest of the day off. Pragya not knowing where to go, decides to go to a coffee shop to relax. At the same time, Purab comes there and sees Pragya upset and all alone. He decides to tell her the truth about what happened to Abhi. So he is walking over to her, when someone stops him.

Precap: “Bulbul?!” Pragya says shocked

So guys, please tell me your opinion, any kind is welcome. Thanks ?

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