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Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Aaliya about Nikita, his fan and says he is feelings so attracted to her nature. Aaliya says you should maintain distance with him being a rockstar and says some fans are dangerous. She says you are so innocent and gullible. He says I try to maintain distance from here, but the moment she comes near me, I start talking. Abhi says he knows about possessive fans, but once he records the song, then they will not meet again. Aaliya says good night and is about to go. Abhi sings oh my fuggi…oh cookie….Aaliya asks about fuggi in the song. Abhi says I got this catchy word which I am using in my song. Aaliya gets angry and collides with Robin while leaving. She slaps him and goes.


Beeji asks Sarla to bring kheer. Pragya thinks about Abhi….and a fb is shown.

Sanam Re Sanam Re plays………..She gets Aaliya’s call. Pragya thinks why she is calling me and picks her call. Aaliya asks her to come out and meet her within 2 mins, else she will come straight to her house. Pragya comes out to meet Aaliya. Aaliya comes out of car. Pragya asks why did you come here? Aaliya says you are acting even now. She says don’t you remember Doctor or Dadi’s words that you have to be away from Abhi for his betterment. Pragya says that’s why I left that home. Aaliya says you have left home, but when you will leave him. Pragya says my love for him will never end. Aaliya asks why did you come infront of him and meet him. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says what do you think that I will not know that you met him. She asks her to tell what is she planning about him, or which game is in her mind. Pragya says game? Aaliya says why did you take receptionist job being a teacher. She says you took job in the company where Abhi have done a contract. She says you know what he was doing. Pragya says it is my idea to plotting or planning. Aaliya says you can’t come near him when I am here. Pragya says it was just a mere co incidence.

Aaliya says what about the third time, didn’t you think that you should go infront of him, and says it is planning. She says basically you met him incidently, but then couldn’t be kept away from him. Pragya says I recall what Doctor said, but when he was not affected seeing her, I met him. She says we get happiness from each other. Aaliya says if by chance he remembers you. She says when a third person call you husband and wife then….Pragya says I told wrong name to him, as he couldn’t remember me. She says I know you are scared. Aaliya says I am here as I care about him. Pragya says you are afraid thinking his memory will be back. Aaliya says I really care for him. Pragya says I will not separate from him, even if you tell me. She says you are scared that once he gets his memory then he will know that you have done his accident along with Tanu and Nikhil. She says what he will do with you. She says I will go infront of him, even if he don’t remember me then his heart will beat for me. Aaliya gets angry.

Pragya says he is not having any threat from me, but you. Once he gets his memory then you will be out. Aaliya says I won’t let this happen. You are egoistic about your destiny, but I won’t let you come infront of him until I am here. She sits in car and goes. She thinks she has to do something to make Abhi’s heart stop beating from her. She thinks Tanu can help her and get in his life. She says this is the right time for Tanu’s entry.

Everyone is having breakfast. Abhi says he will eat parathas made by Dasi. Dadi says you are on dieting naa. Abhi says I have become fan of Punjabi food since I had food with Punjabi family. He asks everyone to get ready for party. He asks Raj to tell him if he needs promotion of the company. Aaliya comes and asks Abhi where he is going? Abhi says he is going to love life company. Aaliya says I will handle Mr. Sethi and asks him to come. She takes him from there. Dadi looks on worried. She brings him somewhere and says today I want you to meet NRI producer. She introduces him to Mr. Gulati. Mr. Gulati promotes new show Sanyukt. Aaliya says I know. Gulati asks him to accept international offer. Abhi asks him to talk to Aaliya about him. Aaliya asks Gulati if he is getting photo shoot done. Abhi sees Tanu posing for photo shoot. It was Aaliya’s trick to trap him again with Tanu.

Abhi gives flower to Pragya. Sanam Re plays…………Pragya takes it and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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