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Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Purab with whom he was yesterday. Purab says there was no girl with me. Abhi asks him to tell truth. Aaliya comes and asks why you are troubling him. She says I didn’t see any girl with him. Abhi says I have seen girl, but couldn’t see her face, just saw her long hairs and dress. Aaliya thinks it is good that he didn’t see her. Purab thinks it is good that Abhi didn’t see Pragya’s face. Later he tells Aaliya that he wouldn’t have stopped Abhi from meeting Pragya. Aaliya asks him to make abhi meet Pragya and then his heart will stop beating. Pragya is going for work. Sarla asks her to resign from the job, and take any other job. Beeji says your decision is not right and says I will decide. She says Pragya will work there only. Sarla asks her not to


interfere. Beeji says I am thinking about future. Sarla says I am thinking about present. She tells Pragya that Aaliya came here to check if you met Abhi, and threatened to ruin your life if you meets him. She says Abhi’s life is not in danger because of you, but your life is in danger.

Sarla cries and says Aaliya tried to kill Pragya before many times, but she was saved. She says Bulbul died because of Aaliya and says she don’t want to lose her daughter again. Pragya asks her to trust her and says I can’t live being afraid. She says you might be scared with Aaliya, but I am sure that I will end this fear. Please trust me. She promises to call and inform her that she is fine, and goes to office. Sarla continues to cry. Beeji says you are Pragya’s biggest enemy and can’t see her happiness. Sarla cries even more. Beeji says I was joking, and asks her to stop crying. Pragya thinks what to do, as she doesn’t know how to maintain distance with Abhi. Abhi comes to office and asks the employees to sit down looking at Pragya, and then asks them to stand up and go back to work. Pragya is lost in thinking, sees Abhi and gives him water and then chocolates. Abhi asks if you have birthday today? Pragya nods her head. Abhi asks about her leg pain. Pragya says fine. Abhi asks where is your concentration and asks if you was thinking about me. Pragya says no. Abhi asks her to go and bring his coffee.

Pragya accidently bumps her head on his head. Abhi says ouch…Pragya apologizes and says she will go and bring coffee. Abhi says 1 min and stops her. Tere Sang Yaara song plays………..Abhi holds her face. Guards and the employees leaves. Abhi and Pragya have an eye lock. Abhi bumps his head with hers. Pragya realizes that Dasi told this before. She asks Abhi who told you this. Abhi asks her to go and bring coffee. She thinks Abhi remembers many things even now and thinks he might remember me. Aaliya thinks where is she stuck? She thinks she can’t go to office with Tanu, as she lied to her that Pic was old. Tanu insists to see Abhi. Aaliya asks her to go to parlour. She drops her on the way. Aaliya thinks it is good that Tanu left and goes to office. Saira asks Pragya about her leg pain. Pragya says she is fine now, and going to make coffee for Abhi. Saira thanks her. Pragya says it is okay. Aaliya comes to office and asks Saira where is receptionist. Saira says she is in canteen.

Aaliya goes to see Pragya’s face. Just then Mr. Sethi calls her name and tells that he liked Abhi’s song. Aaliya comes to canteen and holds a girl calling Pragya. The girl turns and says she is not Pragya. Aaliya wonders where is she? Pragya comes to Abhi. Abhi is about to record song and gives break to everyone. He drinks coffee and says superb. He stops Pragya and asks her to give feedback about the song. Pragya is surprised. Just then Abhi’s guitar string breaks. Pragya asks him to give his guitar and says she will make string set on the right place. Abhi asks are you sure? Pragya asks him to drink coffee. Aaliya sees Abhi with Pragya, but couldn’t see her face. Pragya repairs his guitar and returns to him. Aaliya is shocked to see her face.

Abhi tells Pragya that she is his fan, but behaving like a wife, as wife only takes care of husband’s stuff. He thanks her. Pragya looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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