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Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Purab sees Aaliya talking to that man, but don’t hear anything. Man says good bye and goes. Pragya comes home and thinks nobody is at home. She opens the lock and comes inside. She gets a message that they went on a shopping with Purab and will return soon. Abhi thinks about Pragya. Dasi tells Dadi that Suman tortured Veena. Dadi asks her to stop gossip. Abhi thinks Dasi must have any idea to torture Nikita and comes to them, says hi dadi. Dadi says she is doing women gossip. Abhi says he wants to hear it. Dadi says I taught you that bad things shouldn’t be listen. Abhi says one have to reply if other is torturing him. Dasi says I have many ideas. Abhi says he wants to torture his fan no. 1. Dadi and Dasi are shocked and ask why you want to torture her. Abhi says she


did a mistake.

Dasi asks him to stop talking to her, to make her know that she has no place in your life. Abhi says I have tried this. Dasi gives another idea, Abhi says it is done too. Dasi says she is a true player, and shares some strong idea, which he likes. He says I will try this and will tell you result. He smiles and goes. Dadi asks Dasi, what did you tell him, what do you want? Dasi says no, makes an excuse and runs from there. Tanu waits for Aaliya and thinks she didn’t come till now. She thinks to drink something and bumps with Janki, making her vegetables fall and then scolds Janki. Janki scolds her too and asks what bad you are thinking to do. Tanu asks her not to interfere. Janki says she knows what she is, after whatever she had done with Pragya. Tanu says you are taking revenge. Janki says she is not low standard like her. Sarla and Beeji come there, and sees Janki arguing with Tanu. Purab asks Aaliya, what you are doing here? Aaliya says I came for shopping. She thinks if Purab heard me and saw with the man.

Purab asks where is the shopping bag and asks her to tell. Aaliya asks him to be in limits, and says you are not my boyfriend or husband, and excuses herself. Beeji asks what happened? Janki says Tanu made my stuff fall down. Beeji asks Tanu to keep all the stuff inside bag and calls her ladki. Tanu asks her to call her name and mind her tongue. Beeji says shall I tell your doings to everyone here. Tanu refuses to pick the stuff, and says it is your stuff not mine. Janki asks her to pick the stuff and says may be my glasses is broken. Tanu says oh I see, and says she will give the money. She says it is your trick to trap rich people and get money. Sarla says you are shameless, and says who can give other’s illegitimate baby name on Abhi, and says I will slap you repeatedly so that your face gets swollen. Beeji says she will shout and call the police for hurting a senior citizen, and asks her to pick her stuff fast. Tanu thinks where is Aaliya? She sees her and asks Aaliya to reply them. Aaliya thinks they came with Purab and asks Tanu to come with him, says we can’t fall to their level. Purab comes and asks what happened? Sarla, Beeji and Janki don’t tell him anything.

Pragya at her home thinks she can spend all her life with the happiness she got today. She writes in her diary that she got very happy when Abhi called her fuggi, and gets hopeful that Abhi will remember her one day, and then they will never separate. Abhi thinks super cool Dasi gave a good idea and thinks he will separate her with her precious thing and then she will know what is torture. Beeji calls Pragya and asks her to come. She asks Sarla if you are thinking about Tanu. Sarla says she is worried for Pragya, and Aaliya and Tanu are behind him. She says don’t know what will happen to Pragya, as Abhi doesn’t remember her. She says if they harm Pragya then what we will do. Pragya comes, says good morning to them, takes tiffin and says I will go. Sarla asks her to have food. Pragya says I will have breakfast in office and says I have to reach there before Abhi. Sarla tells Beeji that she is letting Pragya go because of her and if she gets a tear in her eyes then she will not forgive her.

Abhi and Purab are in the car. Abhi asks him to help him torture someone. He says she showed me attitude. Purab asks who is she? Abhi says he is my fan no. 1. Purab says I can’t help you and says she is cute, you only told me. Abhi says she is not fan no. 1, but gundi no. 1, and says one will drown in her eyes. Purab says you have looked in her eyes. Abhi says yes, and that’s why I am repenting. He asks him to do his work. Purab says he is trapped between a brother and a sister.

Aaliya tells Pragya that she knows how to handle people. Pragya says if I would have known how to handle people then I would have handled you first. She says I know that you have changed the CD and I would have slapped you. Aaliya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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