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I’m thinking of ending the ff in the next episode shall I?

Swara’s pov


It’s been months since I’m coming here for Sanskar. It’s good he’s improving and I’m being patient for him, tolerating his nuisance. But with Sanskar, I’m noticing a lot of things together. When I think of helping Shona in some kitchen work or any other work, I see her staring Sankar.

“What’s going on?” I asked her when I noticed her staring Sanskar, standing at the entrance.

“Noth… Nothing” she fumbled and gripped her hand bag tight “What does it matter to you?” she spoke harsh and moved out in attitude.

I sighed and went to meet him. As usual he was calm to me, complaining that Ro and Shona would kill him. Schizophrenia isn’t an inheritant disease but with a man going through depression, anxiety and frustration it’s common. I know what Sanskar has gone through but mine was also not less!!.. Difference was just that he was in guilt and I wasn’t!!…

Shona used to turn her face sometimes and look at me as if she’s gonna haunt me.

“Are you planning to kill me? Why are you so jealous?” I said coming to her and poking her.

“Jealous and me? No never” she turned her face.

“Do you want to accept him after knowing what he has done to me? Will you be able to accept a person who has been never truthful? Will you be able to accept him?” I asked as I placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I had already accepted him Swara. I don’t know anything right now. But I know I love him. Did you see his condition? Do you think he’ll do this again?”

“If you are okay then I don’t have any problem. Analyse and then think about it. Okay! Bye have to pick up Ansh” I turned to leave.

“You still love Sanskar?” he question bound me again.

“No, he’s my best friend and that’s my duty. He had helped me a numerous times so today’s my turn” I smiled and left from there. I reached home and Ansh already there.

“You cane so soon?”

“Yes mumma, dadda brought me” he said munching the chocolate with Sparsh beside him. I just can’t tolerate this boy?

“Swara, you were late so I brought him with me” Varun spoke.

“Hmm…” I nodded and looked into him.

“Where were you?” my shot up. What should I answer?

“I?.. I…. I… Was in office” a lie.

“But Arun said that you weren’t there. I called you so many times but you didn’t receive. Were you that busy?” how could I forget to switch on my phone. Now what shall I explain?

“Are you doubting me? Are you trying to show how much loyal you are and I’m not?” I spoke in attitude. I didn’t want to show that I cared for him or his questions, like he didn’t care for me.

“Swara, when someone lies this is how it sounds. Better don’t lie and yeah! I think you’re the one doubting me” he taunted “Anyways I came to ask when are you going to sign and give me those papers? I want them”

“What papers? I don’t have them!” I said and tried hard not to smirk. I knew what he was talking about.

“Swara, don’t play games with me. I said sign the papers and give it to me now” he yelled and held my shoulder tight.

“I said I don’t have” trying hard not to shriek.

“You don’t have the divorce papers?” he asked me again.


“Okay I’ll get new ones and make you sign right in front of me” he yelled.

“I said I won’t sign” I pushed him back.

“And may I know why won’t you? MS. Swara Gadodia?” anger rilled up.

“Why the hell do you want me to sign? Did you get another one for yourself?”

“Swaraaaa…” he yelled.

“Don’t shout! I too know how to do that. Ansh take Sparsh with you and go to your room”

“Why shouldn’t I shout? When I’m being accused of what I didn’t do”

“And who knows, may be you did”

“Swara, I never doubted you and will never do. It’s better you don’t repeat that”

“I’ll” I yelled again “Why are you divorcing me then?”

“Because you’re not trusting me. A relationship is based on trust” he held his head “I know you don’t love me and you can’t but why don’t you trust me?”

“Then why did you bring Sparsh here? You know about how it has been these years. You know how much I had suffered then? How could you ever think of bringing Sparsh here?”

“So you trying to say Sparsh is my son? You are saying that I’m not trustworthy? Every men aren’t same”

“Every men are same. Okay I agree what you said he’s your sister’s son. Tell me where from your sistet came when you have no one left in this world?” I asked pushing him back against the wall.

“I said my sister had eloped and so I didn’t know her whereabouts! She’s no more now” he lied again.

“And what if I say. I don’t believe!” I shaked my head “I even asked aunt and she didn’t tell me. She doesn’t know anything about your sister”

“Swara, you believe aunt more than me?” I turned my face.

“Okay! I’ll tell you the truth. Do you have the guts to listen and stand still? Will you be able to accept me then?” was he really betraying me? The thought of betrayal brought tears onto me. I didn’t have the strength to bear anymore!!.. I just nodded.

“So he’s my sister, Kavita Oberoi’s son. You know Kavita?” I nodded negatively “Sparsh bring Mumma’s photo”

Sparsh brought the photo “Okay, so don’t panic. I knew you don’t know her. I guess after seeing this photo you may recognize” I nodded and watched keenly.

As soon as I saw the photo ,my hands touched my mouth closing it not to shriek.

“She is Kavita?” my hand trembled “That means… Sparsh is…”

“Sparsh is Sanskar’s and Kavita’s son” he completed. My eyes grew red as I looked onto the photo and then Sparsh.

“Just like I hate his mother, I hate him as well” I spoke after gaining my senses “Because of her I had to spent so many miserable years. Because of her I lost my every single thing. My love, my family everything!!.. She taught me not to trust and brought a Swara whose life was just more than miserable. I just hate her and him” I pointed out Sparsh, threw the photo apart and threw him out of the house.

“Swara, what are you doing? I know what Kavita did was wrong but what did Sparsh do? He’s innocent. Open the door damn it!” he shouted.

“Oh yes how can I forget even you too are her sister. Just like I hate her, I hate each and everything related to her” I wiped my tears, opened the door and pushed Varun out “This is what you deserve! Just get out! I hate you. I hate you even more” I yelled and closed the door on his face. I was so angry that whatever I found near me, I broke them up.

“I hate you” I murmured and fell on the ground as everything went black.

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