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Varun’s pov

The day I brought Sparsh home these things started. The first six months of our marriage was based on friendship but now? Everything is destroyed. I came with Sparsh, his luggage and some memories together. The entire journey he kept on hugging a photo, his mom’s photo. When he went into deep sleep I made him lay on my lap and kept the photo on the adjacent seat, it was then I got shocked on seeing who she was!!.. Kavita Oberoi, the one and only daughter of the Oberoi’s and my half-sister. She was three years younger to me. Dad married mom after Kavita’s mom passed away. She was dad’s doll but she had always certain insecurities with mom. When she was ten, she came to know that mom hadn’t given birth to her, she had started behaving weirdly from then. She distanced herself from mom, dad and even me. She used to be in a room. Whenever she came out there would be a fight at home. Watching everything dad had complied her to leave the house and sent her to hostel. Her grades grew poorer so her teacher advised dad for a boarding and he agreed!!.. After that she never came back home. We tried to search her and we found her even but then one day she came back and blamed dad for her sufferings, her difficulties. She was very much pampered by dad and no doubt she was stubborn, but no one thought she would ever refuse to come back home. She stated that she was no more minor and went away. Her insecurities and inferiorities distanced her from us. How much did everyone try but there was no improvement. She choose to be alone and was left alone!!..

When I came back, I told Swara about Sparsh and brought home, she didn’t agree, she doubted me. That was true when I had left no one then how could someone appear, suddenly? I told how Kavita eloped and went away leaving us still she didn’t believe me. I know she has fears. It’s her past that brings out those haunting memories back so I thought of some space. But I never knew a little space would make us so distant!!.. How could I tell her about Kavita? I knew how she would react but for Sparsh’s betterment it was important for him to be here. At least even if Sanskar wouldn’t come back, I would take care of him. He was my sister’s son, whom I loved the most!!.. Though she is not there anymore I can fulfill a brother’s responsibilities which I never did when she was with us.

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved and I am so unlucky that I didn’t get her trust these two years. I have been waiting for her but I had now lost my patience. Can’t she just put a bit of trust? It’s all I asked. I jerked off my thoughts and asked my advocate to prepare the divorce papers. It took so much time to think about the matter and analyse it. I’m sure if I would have ever been trustworthy and loved her with all my heart then I’m sure she’ll be back, she’ll come to me and love me!!..

Swara’s pov

I had come from office, frustrated and angry. The presentation was rejected. They thought I’m not capable of it. I hadn’t put up the effort I did before!!.. Because before Varun was dare to encourage and motivate me but now I’m left alone. I have done a mistake and I know I couldn’t be forgiven but he too should think about me!!.. He’s being selfish!!.. For a mere little boy he’s ignoring me. I hate him!!.. How dare he do this??.. I made a pout and sat on the couch. Someone offered me a cup.

“Looks like someone is tired” Varun spoke and sat beside sipping his coffee. I rested my head on his shoulder and hugged him.

“I am tired because of you. I hate you”

“What did I do? Mam” he blinked his eyes “I’m innocent”
I hit his chest hard and made a pout again. He pecked my pout and I shifted my gaze to him but he disappeared. I hit my head.

“Stupid” this wasn’t the first time of course. I’m dreaming about him!!.. This entire week has been tough for me. Daily he haunting me with his dreams!!.. I couldn’t just believe what I had been dreaming, I had been dreaming like he was kissing me, loving me and what not!!.. ??

I closed my eyes relaxing myself and letting out the stress. The physical and mental stress made me look more miserable. The black spots behind my eyes were visible now and I hadn’t been able to hide anything from anyone. Instead everyone knew about us. Obviously, Shanaya had done this! But that doesn’t matter. I just tolerate her because she’s his best friend or else she would have been dead by now.??

I took a quick bath and hurried up-to New Fork Street. I had to meet someone desperately. I rang the doorbell and he came out.

“Was waiting for you” Rohan spoke.

“No need. I had already promised and wouldn’t move back you know!”

Yes, I have been called for by Rohan to meet Sanskar. I had to come knowing his state. I am sorry for him. Feeling pitty, I came and met him, two days before. I know I can never trust him but I can forgive him for sure. If my forgiveness can make him okay, then I’ll do it for sure. I can do this for my friend at least. The one to whom I used to share each and everything!!..

I came back home an hour later. Reaching home, I relented for a bath and slept there on the couch itself, dreaming. I was acting like a mad. I covered my face with my hands and blushed. This was confusing as what I was feeling for him but I felt different, happy!!..


Now tell me how’s the part??.. Did you like Varun’s love? Or Swara feeling for him??..

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