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Friends as I said Sanskar will be fine soon. I’ll make him fine definitely! Some of you stopped reading my ff. I don’t feel bad seriously. If you want you can. I won’t force you. May be I wasn’t writing nice. But a big Thank You for reading till now!



**1 year, 8 months later**

Third person’s pov

It’s been two years since Sanskar was in jail. If now anyone would come up and meet him, they would never claim him to be to be the same Sanskar Maheshwari he was!!.. He is a total counterpart of what he was. The chirpy, flirty, friendly Sanskar was now silent and talking to himself. He made it up and he stayed alone. The police in charge had done his work and returned to check up each of the criminals out there!!.. and it was then he found Sanskar blabbering to himself!!.. He ignored and left.

Rohan had recovered and as soon as he got well, he got to know everything. He first went in search of Sparsh. He went to nanny’s house where he found out that he was taken by someone who claimed to be Sansakr’s friend. He panicked as he didn’t know who he was. Nanny told that the person said that Sanskar had given him permission and had insisted on taking Sparsh with him. With no option left Rohan left. He could find Sparsh only if he would meet Sanskar. He went to jail to meet him and enquire about him. It was then he knew about Sanskar’s vulnerable state. It took him a week to free Sanskar from the prison. He took him home , he had tried asking him about Sparsh and the answer he got was he’s with him.

“Sanskar, I’m asking you all over again. Tell me where is he?” Rohan asked.

“See there. He’s studying. Tomorrow is his exam so competing it. Ro see! My baby” and he hugged the pillow beside him and kissed it’s top.

“God damn it! Where’s Sparsh I asked. What has happened to you?” Sanskar got scared as Rohan yelled and he started throwing things “Go, go from here. I said go. I know you want to kill me! But I’ll not let you do anything. Wait you wait I’ll.. I’ll call police.. yes yes…police”

Rohan wasn’t getting anything, he had seen a changed Sanskar but this was what he didn’t think of! He thought his calmness was a result of his stay at prison but soon the symptoms came up and he consulted a psychologist.

“Mr. Rohan, I thought it’s just because of the depression he went through these years. But I’m sorry to say it’s nothing like that”

“Then what’s it doctor? He seems different. He isn’t the same Sanskar I had known” Rohan said worriedly.

“Well he’s suffering form schizophrenia. It’s a brain disorder that affects the way a person behaves, thinks and sees the world. It is a challenging disorder that makes it difficult to distinguish between what is real and unreal, think clearly, manage emotions, relate to others and function normally” Rohan was shocked hearing it “But that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. Schizophrenia can be successfully managed. People with the disease are neither violent nor dangerous. Just a little support and he’ll be okay” the doctor smiled assuring Rohan.

“But how to cure him? Any medicines?”

“Yes, but I can’t prescribe. I’m just a psychologist not a psychiatrist. Only psychiatrist can prescribe medicines. I would ask you to meet a psychiatrist. She’s too good for schizophrenia. Only if you would like and approve!” Rohan nodded.

The doctor passed him the psychiatrist’s card and he took it.

“But she’s out of town for now. You have to wait till she comes back”

Rohan made his encounters with different psychiatrist but nothing was going good. He was with no option left to bear Sanskar and his tantrums, sometimes blaming him to be a murderer, a killer and what not!!..

After 3 months he got the chance to get Sanskar fine and that happened! When he led Sanskar to the best psychiatrist, Shona Bose. She was a strict kind of lady but her patients never went out before they were cured properly. Sanskar was admitted into her hospital for further treatment. Rohan was encouraged by many doctors that he would be fine once he entered there.

Shona was not new, she had an experience of two years into this profession and she was going to pull it up! When for the first time she enquired Sanskar’s case she felt that only she could cure him!!.. she felt as if she knew him, some years, many years!!.. She felt as if he was the medicine to her loneliness. She went to see him and kept staring him. Her eyes flicked many times as she looked onto him. She took care of him specially, she was so much onto him. In no time they became friends, then best friends!!…

She knew what Sanskar had done, his faults, his miseries, his anxiety, his emotions!!.. still she didn’t back off. She knew he would never repeat his mistakes as he had repented on!!..

“But still I know I can cure him but it’s always not how I can manage him. I seriously need some help Rohan” Shona said to Rohan in her cabin. Rohan and Shona turned to be friends by now. This one month everything had changed. Sanskar was also going well but not so much.

“What do you mean? You can’t cure him?”

“ Did I say that?” Shona spoke angrily “I said as his brain needs medicine on time, to rcover soon the same way his heart too needs a medicine. I mean do you know, to whom he was very close to? To whom he shared everything? Who can cure him, love him, support him”

“Swara, his medicine” Rohan uttered.


“Swara, is the best medicine for him” Rohan said thinking “Yes! She’s the best”


Now tell me how’s the part? Did you like the new entry? Ok so as I said I don’t know who Shona will be. Imagine whomever you want. One of my friend suggested Krystle D’Souza…

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