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Sanskar’s pov
(Contains the part after his search for Swara in Kolkata)
**3 years later**


Three years have passed and there is no sign of Swara. I have had searched her everywhere, every nook and corner but she is just nowhere!!..Time has passed by and so am I!!..I am leading my company now here in Kolkata!!.. I don’t want to recall the memories spent with her, my mistakes, my guilt, so here I am in Kolkata all alone…

It’s correctly said “Loneliness is the ultimate poverty”. Living a life of loneliness and not existing in this world is same, both are equally terrifying!!.. I have seen my world, my life fall apart and can do nothing except staring blankly at the loss!!..The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain, it’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared. But I have no one to share with!!.. The thing I have understood these years “There is no loneliness like that of a failed marriage!!..”
The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved!!.. Loneliness is the scariest and spookiest thing ever!!..
It’s a saying but it’s true!! Loneliness is a neaked terror!!..

Days have passed by as those sleepless nights have. It’s really difficult but I am doing that because I have a hope, hope of getting her back!!..The place she had in my heart is a hole now, an empty hole, where I find myself walking around in the daytime and falling in at night, I miss her like hell!!.. I smiled at my fate… I have choosed this loneliness and now all of a sudden I’m turning poetic. I laughed at my thoughts.
I still believe that nothing has happened to her but it’s quite difficult to search a person without address without anything!!.. I still have my agents to inform me but somewhere I am trying to…. My thoughts broke when someone called me…..

“Dadda” I moved and there he was standing with a chocolate in his hands, licking and biting.

“Eww! What’s this Sparsh? How can you have the chocolate like this. Go! Wash your hands” his nanny spoke, he went away. He’s my son, Sparsh Sanskar Maheshwari…

**Flashback Starts**
**3 years ago**

In search of Swara I spent an entire six months in Kolkata. I searched her and got to know many things.
She was the one and only heir of the Kapoor’s. She also had a step-sister, Ragini Laksh Raizada, who is the wife of Laksh raizada, one of the top most business man of Kolkata. They had a son, Ansh Laksh Raizada. Laksh Raizada is the one and only son of Vikram Raizada and Annapurna Singh Raizada. Swara came home after 2 years and during these days Ragini gave birth to Ansh. But the family disappeared within a night. Ragini, her mother and Laksh were found dead due to an accident that occurred. But Swara and the other family members disappeared in abruptly.

After searching her for six months, I met Rohan again in Kolkata. He had come in search of me. He had to say something important to me…. About Kavita…

I reached Mumbai and directly to Hospital where Kavita was admitted. She was in death bed. I never knew about her disease, I was so much busy with my work that I had forgot about her!!..

“Sanskar” she called me in a weak feeble voice. I went near her and she smiled at me.

“Why didn’t you tell me you aren’t well?” I asked her, tears rolling down.

“You loved her and how could I ask you to stay with me? I was the reason for which you both got separated… because of me..but I’m happy you got her back” she smiled.

“I didn’t get her back Kavi..I don’t even know where she is!!..” I spoke and turned my face.

“Why? Where is she?” she questioned getting up from the bed.

“I don’t know! I am still in search”

“I’m going there” she said pointing upwards “I’ll pray to God so that you could find her soon”

“How can you be so??..”

“Shh…I’m not selfless Sanskar!!.. even I’m selfish. You need to do something for me. Look there” she pointed out a finger to the opposite side and it was then I noticed a angel sleeping on the cradle next to Kavita’s bed. I blinked at her and she smiled.

“Sanskar! I want you to take this responsibility. I know you aren’t a responsible person but I feel no one can take care of a child than a father” I looked at her yet again “You know why we call God with that alternate name ‘Guardian Angel’??.. we would rather have called him ‘father’ but a father is a ‘guardian’ as well as a ‘protector’. I want you to protect our child, love our child and be a ‘guardian’ to him. Tell him I’ll always be there for him!!..”

“What did you say?” I kept looking at her “Is it my child?”

She nodded happily. I carried the baby in my arms and it smiled at sleep.i brought it near Kavita.

“Thank you Kavita for such a wonderful gift” I kissed her forehead. I kept looking at the baby, it was like all my sorrows fled away.

“Sparsh, how’s the name?” she asked me.

“Fabulous! Sparsh Sanskar Maheshwari” I said and kissed his cheecks.

Within 2 hours Kavita left the world. No one had faith on me! But she had… she wanted me to be responsible, to be matured and to be a good father to the child and I had promised her to keep our child happy and bring Swara back to my life and also rectify my mistakes!!..

After Kavita’s last rituals Sparsh and I came here.. Kolkata.
**Flashback ends**

We both stay here now in Kolkata!!..

“Dadda! See I’m home” he said coming towards me.

“I saw champ. I was waiting for you. I missed you where did you go?”

“Nowhele! This nanny is verly stlict” he hushed naughtily “but I’m alsho not lesh I’ll make her..” (Nowhere! This nanny is very strict but I’m also no less)

“Sparsh! No not this time I warn you. I’m not gonna search for another nanny. See you need someone to look after no? I’m busy sometimes then who’ll be here looking for you?”

“Call mumma na! you know dadda Rohit’s mumma looks aftel him but why don’t I have mumma? Why did God call my mumma?”

“Sparsh! You go with nanny” he hesitates “It’s quite late no? see if you sleep early then I’ll take you for a long ride with dadda. You said no your missing that?? So let’s plan it tomorrow. Now go and sleep”

“Wow! Leally dadda” his eyes shoned, I nodded “then okay! Yipppeee” he jumped into nanny’s lap. They both left….innocent soul, how could I tell him? About me, about us? I closed my eyes, which I often do to not feel guilty but it’s always there!!.. guilty for ruining three lives. My one mistake changed everything!!..

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