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~~?New Relations?~~
**3 years later**

Swara’s POV


“Swara beta! Come down! Someone has come to meet you”

“Coming Ma” I shouted back.

I patted Ansh’s cheeks who was sleeping and fled off downstairs only to find Varun. He was sitting there with Papa and chatting. I’m sure it’s about business. I tiptoed there.

“Hey! Swara” he welcomed patting the seat next to him. I smiled and sat beside him.

“So? What’s the date you both fixed?” Papa asked looking at us. I went blank! Yes, I’m moving on!!.. I’m marrying Varun!!..

I don’t want a grand ceremony of course but as Ma-papa are thinking about my remarriage so I agreed!!.. Varun and me are really good friends! But business rivals!!… That’s always there and I really don’t mind, it’s good to keep rivals! Moreover, I’m quite competitive!!..

“Papa we were waiting for you” I spoke.

“I knew! That’s why I have already planned one… 9th of this month what’s say??..”

“So soon??” I spoke at a flow. I really didn’t want to marry. I don’t want to commit the same mistakes again and again!!.. After what Sanskar did I hardly believe anyone! But this step is for Ansh and Ma-papa. They want me to start a new life again!!..

Ansh! My baby he’s 4 years now, he constantly asks for his Papa. The day Varun entered home, he loved him like a father, the love he always craved for!!.. The duo come so close within a month! Their bond is superb! If Laksh Jiju’s watching them I’m sure he must be so happy. Even di!!..

“Papa no! Actually there’s an award ceremony to be held and Swara is nominated and after that award function will start wedding preparations. Swara’s still here, even I’m here so let it be slow and steady! Will only decide after that!!..” Varun spoke. I just stared at him. He knew me so well! I blinked my eyes twice and he smiled knowingly.

“But Swara is just nominated….”

“No Papa! I have full confidence that she’ll bring the award. You know how hard she has worked??.. Moreover, she is my would be” he smiled and kissed my cheek.

“Ahem! Ahem! We’re still here” Ma spoke clearing her throat. We were emberrased so to divert the topic….

“Ma! So you should close your eyes no? Do I watch out yours and papa’s romance” I winked.

“Badmash!” Ma caught hold of my ears.

“Ow! Ma leave me! Okay sorry! Papa see na?”

“Annu!” papa said and came forward, I moved out.

“Varun! Leave these romantic people alone! Let’s move” I winked and left with Varun.

Ansh came and occupied Varun’s lap as we sat down in the bench. These two started playing over there and me in the dreams of my past and my upcoming new RELATION……


Sorry for the short episode and less description but my cousins ??
They are disturbing me so much! Next episode surely tomorrow!
Guys do comment because it’s going to end soon!!..

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