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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 8

Thankyou friends..thankyou so much for your support..i am so happily posting the next….but sory for making you wait..read it soon dears..

Dev sitting in tears sees sona going..
(she is teling that she don’t love me..but i can’t accept it..sona is going from me..my love is going frm me..what i wil do now?..)


dev -sona please dont leave me..sona (called her loud)
sona turns back..she wipes her tears..
Dev – sona please wait..
He runs near her..

Dev – sona r u crying..
Son -no..nothing.
dev -(with tears)again lying..sona if you realy haven’t liked me..i would have let you go..but u like me sona..you are hiding your heart like how you wil hide your face with veil..
Sona has no words..
Dev – sona in my life til now i have got whatever i want..so i dont know how it wil be when you dont get something you wish..nd you showd that to me sona..
Sona you may thought i was playful..so i wil take everything casual and go..but its paining sona..paining a lot..
Sona you gave me more happiness now you are taking everything and giving me more pain..i cant bear this anymore..
Sona when i first meet you ‘you stole my heart’ and now you broke it into pieces..

(now tears filed sona’s eyes)
dev – sona this tears from your eyes shows hw much you love me..please tel me sona..now look into my eyes and tel me from your heart that u r not loving me..
Sona is silent.
Dev – ok sona ok..you dont tell.you go..but remember i cant live without you..
Its better to die here in tis river than being without you..
(sona is shocked).
These are my last words for you..
‘love you sona’
dev- now you go..i wont disturb you.. Go sona go(he shouts with anger)
(sona turns back and moves from there)

After going some distance she turns back..dev was not there..she looks around and thinks where he went..then she recalls his words..’its better to die here than being without you’..she was worried and comes back near the river..

Sona -(in loud voice)sir..sir.. Where r u?
(suddenly she saw a coat floating in the river..she is shockd..)
sona – this is..this is his coat..o my god..what happen to him.(tears in her eyes).
She goes hurriedly into the river..swims here and there..after searching for some time,she could not find him..the sky became dark..
She comes out of river crying and sat in the sand ..
sona – sir where r u?where you went(cries loud) ..please come before me sir..y u do this….you don’t swim even you have fear of water..then y u do this..do you love me that much than your life..i thought u wil forgot me soon but i never thought u wil do like this..i didn’t thought my words wil hurt you this much..please come before me sir….you are correct what i said was lie only,please come to me once i wil tell u hw much i love you.. i realy realy love you..love you very much(crying more)…..

Suddenly she hears a voice from the back..
‘i know that sona’
she turns back shockd..there dev was coming from the back of the tree..now a smile came in her face..he comes near her..

Dev – i know that sona that you love me so much..but i just want to hear that from you..
Sona – sir..
Dev – again r u going to say any lies..cal me dev.
Sona is silent..bows down her head..
Dev – if you don’t cal now then i wil realy go and jump into the river..
Son – no no dev..
Dev -(smiles)what a love..i love you when you cal me dev..i love your care sona..but y u took so much time..do you know how much time i was behind tat tree waiting to hear you..even mosquitoes also biting me in my face..see..
(shows his face to her..but there was only a small dot..sona sees this and laughs)

dev – wow finaly u laughed..(holds her shoulder)..tis smile is making my beautiful sona looks more beautiful..i am very sory sona i made you cry..but i had no other option..
And did you thought i wil die..how wil i die after knowing that you love me..i don’t want to die sona..i only want to live with you happily throughout my life..now please tel me sona y did you lied..
(no reply)
Dont be silent sona tel me..
Son – dev..s i liked you..i have the feelings for you in my heart..but i am not a princess to wish for a prince…so i thought to hide my heart.
Dev – sona you are the princess for me..dev wont get a princess more than you..
Sona – but i am only a maid in your palace dev.
Dev – o sona..if you are a maid i want to be your slave life long..can you accept me..
(sona looks surprisd)

son – but dev..how your family wil accept me..did you thought of that.
dev – sona only..for this reason did you lie to me..i wil see that…you should not worry about that..do you know how much i love you..i never ever thought of you as a maid..i saw you only as a sweet girl..you are my girl ..my girl sona
Sona’s eyes filled in tears..(happy tears)
dev – sona u cried a lot i should not want to see you tears anymore(wipes her tears)..ok now tel how much you love me..you said that no.now show it..
Sona – (smiles)come with me dev..
She holds dev’s hand..walks towards the river..
Dev – sona where r u going?….i told to show your love..you know that no i have fear of this river..r u trying to kil me..(fear in his eyes)
son – i know that dev..but just come with me..and do what i say..(in sumwhat strict voice)
Dev – sona please understand i want to live with you..
Sona looks at him and smiles..
Dev – r u smiling..ok..then your wish..
Sona stil smiling..steps into water..
Dev fears more..

Sona – dev..hold me and come..
(he looks at her face with surprise..she holds his left hand and he holds her right hand)
both get inside water..
Dev shivers..
Son – dev…look into my eyes
(he looks into her eyes..sona looks with more love i her eyes..he gets lost in her..she holds his hand tight..)..
Son – now do you fear..
Dev – no sona no..

(but he is stil shivering..she walks more inside water with him.they are more than half inside water)
son – now.hug me dev..
(dev is surprisd but hugs her..she too hugs him more an more tight they didnt seperate for some time)
now dev didnt shiver..
Sona now relieves the hug.dev looks at her..(now he didnt shiver)
Son -dev now do you have any fear..
Dev – s sona even more..(pulls her towards him and again hugs her) nw i fear,if you leave i may die.so dont leave..
Sona smiles..

Son – u naughty..nw do you understand how much i love you
Dev – s sona..s you showed your love..you removd my fear..
But how you did this.
Son – tis is love dev.you wont fear for anything when your true love is near you..
Dev – o my sweet sona..you are so great..love you to the core(he cups her face and kised in her fore head)..

To be continued…

Precap – sweet moments of devakshi..

Thankyou for reading dears..hope you like tis..please send your views in comments friends..

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