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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 6

I am so sorry dears for making you wait..today my server is down from the morning..so i am uploading this very late..and thankyou so much dears for your lovable comments..here is epi 6.read it soon dears.

In palace,
every one present in hal
ish – (looks at clock) it’s already 10.where this dev went
radha – dont wory ish
ria – s mom.y r u worring..bro is not a kid
nikki -(in neha’s ears) i think he may found some village girl friends and roaming with them.
Neha laughs.
Ish – what?
Neha – nothing mom.
(dev comes there)
neha – bro..where you went.mom is very much worried.
Dev – y mom..i have grown up now..even i wil roam london in midnight..but sory mom if i make you worried
ish -(smiles) s dev..you have grown.but you should remember that you r a prince..there wil be unknown enemies for us.so..
Dev – mom nthng wil happen(hugs her)..i am so happy today mom and thanks to you
ish – y dev?
Dev – (with excitement)god is great mom..he fulfilled my wish today as you said..
Ish – what?
Dev – s mom.soon i wil tel u a good news. Gud nyt mom.gud nyt dears..(he moves)
Ish – but dev. r u not eating?
Dev – no mom i am not hungry..(smiles and runs upstairs)


(ish thinks y i feel like sumthing is wrong)

dev lies in the bed(his face is ful of smile),
he thinks ‘o my beautiful sona..i forget thirst,hunger and sleep because of you,
you made me fal in your anklets,
you made me mad to see your face,
you made me lost in your beauty,
s.dev is lost.lost completely.
and finaly
you showed me what love is,made me fal in love,
s.dev is in love..in love with you sona..
Wow.this feeling is amazing..i can’t wait sona..i want to tel my love to you now itself..but i wil wait for tomorow.

Next morning,
dev gets up.
He comes down..he thinks sona didn’t came til now.
Ish – dev.gud morng
dev- gud mrng mom
ish – dev .i have to tel u sumthing..
Dev – s mom.
Ish – next month neha is completing her studies..so i thought of doing her marriage
dev – but mom..she is only like a kid..
Ish – ha ha.its for us dev..but she is grown and also we got a alliance from a royal family and the prince is ranveer..they r very rich like us and..
Dev – whoever mom..if neha is ok with this we can move forward..
Ish – ok dev..today i am going to meet their family first.
Dev – ok mom..
Ish – and next is yours dev
dev – o realy me too excited for marriage mom.
Ish – ha ha.ok dev

sona comes to work..she wears a rose colour saree.
Elena – hai sona..r u ok..yesterday that vicky did anything nonsense
Son – hmm.s elena..
Elena -you should have slapped him..
Sona – no elena..we r not having that right..ok leave it..is there no one at home
ele – s sona..mam and that radha went somewhere..
Son – o ok k..
Ele – haiyo i forgot sona the prince called some time before..he told that he is in the garden…and he askd you to come there..
Son – y only me..(she thinks haiyo i forgot to remove the anklets)
ele – i also want to ask that..what is going on between you too..
Son -(removing the anklets) nothing much.he is just teasing me.i don’t know his intention.
Ele – y r u removing your anklets.
Son – because.he told tis is beautiful
ele – wow.then it is good only no
son – o elena..i don’t want to attract anyone…
Ele – hey.wat if the prince likes u
son – no elena no.tat can’t happen..he is just kidding me and he won’t go beyond tat..but keeping distance is good for both of us..
Ele – then.ok.. we can see..i wil find it..i think he is identifyng you only wit this anklets..giv those anklets to me..i wil wear it and go..
Son – but
ele – what?just for fun.give it
son – ok your wish.
(Sona gave the anklets..elena wears it)

In the garden behind palace,
it was a beautiful garden ful of roses and dev was sitting in a bench in the centre.
(he thinks why sona didn’t came til now)
he hears the anklet sound..
Dev – wow ..my sona coming..(he stands in excitement)
elena came and stand in front of him..
Suddenly dev’s face changes..
Dev -(in anger)who r u?.where is sona
Ele – sir(afraid)
dev – whether she is hiding from me..go and ask her to come soon
ele – sorry sir..
Dev – wait..remove those anklets and give to me.
(she removes and gives to dev)

elena comes to sona,
ele – sona go soon to prince and i am sorry
son – but elena.wat happend
ele -first plz go sona.
Son – ok k.i wil go

sona comes to garden,
dev is turning back stil in anger..
Sona comes near him hesitantly..
Sona – sir..
(dev turns back)
dev – sona y u did this.did i torture you that much(now not anger but with some sadnes)
son – no sir..i didn’t mean it
dev – u dont say anything sona..u know today with hw much excitement i was waiting for u..but u
son – sir but y
dev – u don’t know sona..r u thinking i am playing wit u..
son – no sir..
dev – ok.. now i wil tel u what i am think of you..u come here first (catches her hand)sit here..(made her sit in the bench and sits down in front of her in knees)
son – sir.tries to stand
dev – sona don’t move plz
(now takes her legs and placed it his knees)
son – sir wat r u doing(very nervous)
dev – sona can’t you be quiet for some time (with little anger)
(now takes the anklets and wear it in her legs)
sona is now just watching now.
Dev – sona did you thought that i identify you with this anklets..you r wrong sona..even i can smell you..but i told tis is beautiful only in your legs.so plz don’t remove it(now takes her right feet in hands and kisses it)
sona is stunned..
She didnt said anything now.
(now dev stands..touches sona’s shoulders and make her stand up..)
dev – sona you may thought of me anything..but now what i am saying is very true from my heart and i can’t wait anymore..
(he removes her veil)
son – sir.no
dev – please sona..(cups her face with hand)i want to c tis beautiful face once again.
(sona looks confusd)
he brought his face near to her face.
dev – look into my eyes..(his eyes are ful of love)..hear me sona..i love you.i love you so much..(sona is shockd..but her heart beats very fast)
(both r looking into each others eyes for sometimes)
sona comes to senses and removes his hand from her face..
Dev – (with smile)sona i don’t know you like me or not..but i want you to like me..and i always want to be with you..
Son – sir
dev – no no dont say anything now..please
i wil give you time sona.i wil wait for you in the eveng near the river..i want your reply..but remember you are more important in my life and i won’t think of anyone other than you…..
(saying this he went..sona is stil standing there)

(vicky sees this from some distance and fumes)
he thinks i am running behind her for several years.this dev came yesterday and tries to take her..remember dev you wil get her only after me..

to be continued..
Precap – sona’s reply to dev..

Thankyou for reading dears..plz send your comments..
I am sory for the delay dears.

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