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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART) – Episode 4

Thankyou so much friends..you are encouraging me a lot with your comments..now i am back with 4th episode.read it soon dears..

Next morning In palace,
sona comes to work.she wears an orange color saree.(she thinks today i should keep some distance from the prince) dev was not awake til now.
Ishwari comes to dev’s room(she was well dressed)
ish- dev wake up my son
dev – (opened his eyes slowly)good mrng mom.any special today
ish – s dev.today is ful moon day and do you remember we have to go to shiv temple for pooja and..
dev- s mom and you wil give offerings to poor people..you r so kind hearted mom.
ish – (smiles)it’s our duty dev..come on get ready soon.
(she then goes to kitchen)
ish – sona.prince is awake send coffe to his room
sona- ok mam(thinks don’t know what he wil do today.where this elena went now)


here dev thinks today i have to see sona’s face ..but how..then he hears sona’s anklet sound..ha sona is coming.what should i do now.yes idea
then he acts like sleeping
sona comes calling sir
no reply.sees him sleeping
Sona- he is sleeping but mam told he is awake
comes near him hesitantly
sona- sir.sir i have brought coffee
dev slightly turns.didn’t opend his eyes and acts like dreaming
dev – o my dear come near me.
(catches sona’s hand)come on dear.
Sona – sir.it’s me.leave
dev -(continues acting now puls her towards him in the bed .she falls on his chest.he hugs her tightly)where r u going dear.don’t leave me..
Sona- (more shocked. Tries to get out of his arms but she can’t move)sir wat r u doing..please leave me.
(dev thinks sona i don’t want to leave you. yesterday nyt fuly i can’t sleep thinking of you.what you have done to me).
He slightly opened his eyes..
(he thinks stil now this veil didn’t fal whether it is stiched ..but seeing her struggling to get up he smiled then left her) dev- o im sorry.i did’t do it purposely[naughty boy]..but i think it is only your’s mistake. you came near me when i am in dreams wit my dream girl..
Sona -sir..(stil nw didn’t come out of shock)
dev – but did i hurt you some where.come here i wil see
sona-no sir.no pblm..
Dev – no pblm for you..then do you want me to hug you once more(smilingly)
sir – no no sir.. I am going.(she rushes outside)
Dev – hey sona wait(runs behind)
iswari comes there.
Ish – wat dev.what r u doing?u didn’t get ready til now..and y r you caling her?
Dev- no mom.to ask 1 more coffee..i wil cum within 10 mins mom
ish – ok dev.wear this dres and come
she leaves.
Dev comes inside and smiles..(he tells himself now also i can’t see her face.but it was a very pleasant morning)

sona in kitchen..(thinks why he is doing like this..and my heart is beating fast when he is coming near me..it seems like i liked it..this wil lead to what i don’t know..)
elena- sona sona(shakes her)
sona – haah.s
elena – r u day dreaming.anything happened today also.
sona -no.nothing

ishwari comes there
ish – you both .whether the pooja items are ready
sona and elena- s mam
ish – go and keep everything in car

Dev comes down in a silky red kurtha with white pants.
neha,nikki,ria also came there.
Neha – hai bro.this dress suits you very well.
Dev – thankyou dr..r u not coming to temple
nikki- no bro.we r going to college
dev – o ok.
Ria – c u in evening.bye bro
dev -bye dears.
(they went)
ish – radha u take care.we wil come soon
radha- ok iswari

sona comes there..dev stares at her and sights with his one eye..
sona- (lightly nervous)mam everything is ready.
ish-come on dev.we can move
(ish and dev went )

sona and elena is working in the kitchen.
Vicky comes there.
vicky – elena you can go home now..come in evening
elena – sir but..
Vicky – wat .go
she went..sona looks worried.
Vicky hugs her from behind.
Vick – sona dear.no one is there.come on let us have some fun
sona – sir.leave me(she is irritated)
he tries to kiss her.sona pushes him and raises her hand to slap him but someone holds her hand.its radha
radha – hw dare u raise hand against him
sona – but mam he..
Radha – stop it.he can do anything ..he is the master and you are just a servant..don’ act like you are a good girl..girls like you only wil try to seduce men..
Sona – mam i am not like that(tears in her eyes)
radha – what.i also noticed you always going to prince’s room .for what.. Be in your limits..you may imagine something but you are only an use an throw paper for him(they went)
(sona can’t tolerate this harsh words.she sits down and cries)
the words echoed in her ears..
‘you are an use an throw paper for him’

in the shiv temple,
ish – dev today god wil grant al your wishes.so ask him soon a princess should come to our palace
dev- o realy .(then in loud voice) o god! Please show my princess soon.i want to c her today itself.
Ish – ha ha.ok come dev
( saurav comes there in the temple.dev sees him..he runs to him)
dev – saurav(he hugs him)
iswari sees this and fumes.
sau- dev..do you remember me
dev – hw can i forgot u da.so happy to c u…
(then he turns to ish)
mom.you go home in car..i wil come later
ish- but dev how wil u go..
Dev – mom.this is our vilage and saurav is with me..u don’t worry mom
ish – ok dev.come soon
( she thinks.this begger people are always around dev)she went.
Dev – saurav.can’t you take me to your home?
Sau – come dev.you r always welcome
(they reached saurav home)
asha – (with surprise) saurav this is
sau – mom this is dev.
Dev – how r u aunty.
Asha – i am fine dev.so happy you came to meet us
sau – s dev..my sister is wrong.you haven’t changed.you r my same old friend
dev – r u telling about ur little sister sonu
sau – s dev sona.she is working in your palace
dev – wat sona is your sister?(surprisd)
sau – s dev.
(Dev thinks wow sona now i understood y i am attractd to you..i remember..you are a very cute girl in your childhood.now i wonder how beautiful you wil be)
sau – dev
dev – ha saurav..come let us roam the vilage.it has been a long time
sau – ok dev
dev – bye aunty..
Asha – take care dev

in evening, sona is coming back to home.(she thinks .may be she is right..whatever the prince thinks i shouldn’t think anything beyond my limits…she remembers him saying those anklets are beautiful in your leg..tmrw onwards i won’t wear this anklets..even though my family has nothing we have self respect and it won’t be lost because of me)

to be continued..

Precap -dev sees sona’s face

thankyou for reading friends..hope you like it..please send your suggestions in comment.

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