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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 19


Thanku my dear friends..you have so much love for my ff that u showd in ur comments..love you all..
Here is epi 19..read it soon dears..


Continued in palace..
Dev continues ..
Dev – s mom..he wont come..
as i already finishd him..
Isw – wat?..
Dev – r u worrid for that b***c..but at anytime did u worried for me
isw – dev..dnt act smart..do u know what u have done?..wat u said to ranveers family..did u thought of neha..what if they cancel the marriage because of this.

(‘not everyone r like u aunty..’ ranveer saying tis comes frm outside.)
ran – hai dev.
Dev – hai ranveer.
Isw – ranveer u came (smiles)
ran – s aunty..i am alone..what u said aunty?we wil cancel the marriage..hw wil i leave neha when i love her so much..but u dont know this and all as u dnt know what love is.. My family is not like u..even we have understood about dev’s situation when neha said me..but being a mother hw r u like this?..i am very happy that neha is not even 1% like u..
(isw is shatterd on hearing tis)
Dev – mom nw r u relievd..dnt worry..i wil always keep my words..today engagement wil happen fine with my princess..my princess is coming there..
(saurav comes with sona..sona is beautifuly dressed…bej and asha also came back..)

sona’s dress


iswari got both shockd and angerd to see them..but she cant talk as she is already shattered..

dev went near sona..looks into her eyes..she too..both smiled
Dev – come with me sona.. (then he forwards his hand to her..she too gives her hand..he holds her hand and brought her to the centre…)
dev continues by holding her hand..’mom i thought of telling tis to u ..but u havent gave me chance..nw you just hear me..this is my princess sona..she is from the kingdom of love and beauty..she is the reason for my happiness..god send her directly from the heaven for me..and i love her so much’
(sona looks at him with eyes open..)
dev – sona..i just want to ask onething in front of all..
(Sona looks on..
Dev holding her hand sits in his knees in front of her..
(sona looking in surprise)
dev – i want to marry u sona..wil u accept this poor boy..
(sona looks at iswari)
dev – dnt look at anyone sona..look into my eyes and tel me.
(sona looks into his eyes with smile)
sona – s i will marry u dev.
(dev smiles)
dev – thanku sona..love you.
(he kisses her hand..sona shies)
(dev stands and takes the rings..he wears it in her finger..sona too wears it..flowers fall over them..everone clapped..bejoy and asha have happy tears..smile filed in al faces except iswari..she dnt want to be there she went to her room ..sona looks at her.)
neha,nikki,ria comes and hugs sona..

After some time.,
Dev and sona comes to bejoy asha and saurav..
Dev – uncle thanku for trusting me and bringing sona here
bej – no dev..we should thank you..u saved saurav..nw u have removed al our fear..
Ash – s dev..you are so great…we feel like our daughter is in safe hands..
Dev – s aunty.. i wil always keep her safe..she is mine now.
Sau – thanks dev..we are very happy today(hugs dev)..we hope ur mom also wil accept our sona soon..
Dev – sure saurav..one day she wil also understand sona.
Bej – ok dev..nw we are leaving.dev – (looking at sona)y uncle..u can be here for some more time..
Sau – ha dev..whether we want to be here r sona..just wait for few more days my friend after we wont take ur sona..
(both dev and sona smiled)
son – dev..once i want to meet ur mom.
dev – wat sona..y
Son – please dev
dev – ok come.
(they went to iswari’s room)
ish was sitting in the chair..
Sona went near her…
Son – mam.i know u r angry with me..but i never thought of becoming the queen of the palace..if you want i wil sign u the papers that i no need anything in tis properties ..but i only want dev and his love ..please give him to me with ur blessings thats enough for me..
(both isw and dev looks shockd)
nw i am leaving.
(she came out..dev comes to her)
dev – sona..y u said tis..
son – dev..i know u r angry wit ur mother..but please forgot everything and talk to her..i want us to live a peaceful life after marg with elders blessing..hope u understand.
Dev – hmm..i understand sona..i wil talk.
Son – thanku dev..
ok i am going..
Dev – take care sona..love you..(he hugs her)
Son – love you dev..
(sona went with family)

ranveer comes to dev,
ran – ok dev..i am also leaving.
Dev – thanku ranveer..i am very happy that we got a best person like u for our neha..
Ran – not more than u dev..u r the best..i have not done much..and both our marriage wil take place at the same time as planned..
Dev – s ranveer..
(both smiled)
ran – ok bye..
Dev – bye ranveer.

isw in her room,
recals sona’s words..
Dev comes to her..

To be continued..

Precap – devakshi marriage

thanku for reading friends..hope you like this..tis epi is small but soon back with next big epi on 28..as i am going outstation today..mis you all..please send ur views in comments dears..

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