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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 18

Thanku my dear friends..you support me in each episode..thanks for the love dears…here is epi 18..read it soon friends…

Continued..its nearly around 3 in the mrng.
Dev seeing the video again..he noticges a scar in the hand holding pistol..tis scar i have seen..s tats in vicky’s hand ..but vicky is here…then where wil be saurav..he remembers vicky saying ‘even if you search the whole mumbai you cant find him’..he thinks so y saurav needs to be in mumbai.What if he is kept here only in village..but where..

He then went to neha’s room and knocks the door..
Neha – (opens door)bro..u r here at tis early mrng..
Dev – s neha..want to tel u one thing
neha – wat bro..wat u r going to say more..already u said everything..what else is left..hw can u change like tis bro by hearing mom’s words..hw much u lovd sona..in a second u left her..and nw u r wit tat vicky..what is happening here..we r realy upset wit u..
Dev – neha have u finishd..shal i tel nw..what u said.i left sona..if i left her i would have died..
Neh – bro..
Dev – s neha..hw the body wil live without its soul
neh – then y u do tis.
Dev – plz do me a help neha..nw i have no more time..wil tel everything to u later..
Neh – ok bro..r u in any pblm.wat u want..
Dev – dnt ask me anything nw dr plz..u have to tel ranveer everything abt my love with sona and..(he continues saying something)
Neh – ok bro..i wil tel him
dev – thanks neha..i am going nw..

Dev comes to room..vicky is asleep..he thinks ‘sona .no one has believd me today…but u have so much belief in me..
I also wil keep up my promise with u,i wil find saurav anyhw today.’

In mrng,
iswari comes to dev’s room..
Isw – wat dev r u alright nw..
Dev – (thinks u are asking me alright which mom wil cheat her own son other than u)
s mom..i wil save saurav today..
isw – (smiles)o is it ..try ur best..u cant even go out of tis home.hw wil u go mumbai..remember tmrw is ur engagement get ready for that.
(Dev thinks i am ready for the engagement tmrw mom with my sona..)

ist to vicky ,
ish – y dev is tis much confident..did u said anything frm ur mouth
vic – no aunty.
Ish – ok anyway..u go and check the godown and cme
vic – ok aunty..
(dev hears them and smiles..)

In sona’s house,
bej – sonu..i heared tat tmrw is dev’s engagement..is tat true..y u didnt said anythng
Son – s pa
bej – sonu.finaly what i feard for nly happend..y dev do tis..hw r u bearing tis..
Son – pa..tat engagement wnt happen..dev wil nt let it happen..
Ash – sona wat r u saying.. we r realy worried..atleast u inform saurav all these.
Son – ma pa plz dont get worried..trust dev..
Bej and asha looks on..
(sona thinks i cant say anything nw please forgive me…but tmrw my dev wil make everything fine)

At nyt,same like before day ..
After vicky sleeps dev came to godown..searches everywhere..and in a room he finds saurav tied..saurav gets happy to see dev..dev unties him..both smiled and hugged.
Sau – dev
dev – saurav.r u okay
sau – i am ok da.finaly u came
dev – i was worried
sau – but i was not worried dev..i know u wont leave me like tis..u wil cme and save me
dev – o my dr saurav..(hugs him and cried)
sau – dnt cry like a child da..cme we can go frm here.
dev – sau u go home nw..and do wat i say(he tells smething)
sau – ok da..

When they start moving vicky comes in front of them holding pistol..
Vic – i have doubted u dev..and i am right..nw u cant escape.
(suddenly dev kicks him hard and he fals down..)
dev – let us c who cant escape
(dev sits above him and punched him again and again heavily.)
vic – (shouts)leave me.
Dev – already i brokd ur one hand..but its of no use..
(he broke the other hand also)
vicky shouts in pain..dev beats him again and again and destroyd him completely.
Then he takes the pistol in hand..

Saurav shouts and come to him.
Sau – no dev no
dev – no i wil kil him today.
Sau – no dev.he is already like a dead snake leave him..(he tried hard and gets the pistol frm dev’s hand)
sau – u go home..please
dev – hmm saurav.
Sau went and dev came back home..

Saurav came home..bejoy and asha shockd to see him..sona gets glad..
Bej – sau ..u here
sau – pa..i am here for sonu’s engagement..
Ash – wat?
Sona also shockd..
Saurav tels them everything..bej and asha shockd
Bej – saurav.. tis much happened and we dnt know anything..
Sona..u also didnt tel us..
Son – i am sorry pa..u wil be hurt.so
Ash – sonu.enough of everything..even though we dnt have money,we have lived a peaceful life til nw.but see nw wat happend..we dnt want any more pblms..leave al tis.
(sona’s eyes filled in tears )
Sau – ma..wat wrong she does..is it a crime love some one if we are born poor..
Bej – but u nly sufferd saurav
sau – no pa..i am not..dev nly sufferd..to save his friend..to save his love..nly because he loves not nly sona but also our family..tat u already know..
Ash – we know saurav.but we are worried abt his mother..what may happen tmrw..
Sau – u dnt worry ma ..my friend wil make everything fine like hw he savd me..
(he comes to sona..wiped her tears.)
sonu..here after u wont cry.. I am sure dev wil take care of you more than us..please smile..(sona smiles)
bej ,ash stil worried..
Son – ma pa please.. dnt get worried about me..
Sau – s pa.. tmrw we have to do as dev said..

Next day,
day of dev’s engagement..
Isw comes to dev’s room..
Isw – gud mrng dev.wear tis dres and get ready for engagement
dev – ok mom..
Isw – wat? u said ok..
Dev – (smiles)s mom..u can leave saurav anytime..but i am ok nw..today engagement wil happen fine..
Isw – i cant believe it..but i am very happy dev….
Where is vicky?
Dev – in bathroom
isw – ok dev..come soon(she smiled and went)
(dev thinks mom u showd me who u are..today i wil show u who ur son is)

guests startd coming to palace.
Ish is happily inviting guests..dev gets ready and came down…he is so handsome like always.
His dress..


Ish – dev..you look great today..
Dev – thanku mom.

Ish thinks time is going everyone came but y ranveer’s family didnt came til now..
Dev – what mom r u searching for someone..they wont come today..
Ish – what r u telling dev?
Dev – but dnt wory mom the engagement wil surely happen.

Dev smiles and goes to the centre of the hall..
‘Helo everyone gathered here..
today i have to u tel u about a mother who never thought of son’s happy life ,tortured her own son by keeping him in home jail,kidnaped her son’s best friend and blackmailed him to sacrifice his love..’
iswari is shockd..
Ish – (shouts) dev what r u doing here.
Dev didnt listen to her..he continues..
‘you may think whether such a mother is there in tis world..s she is there..and is none other than the queen of tis palace and my proud mother iswari dixit’

iswari hell shockd..
Dev to her..
dev – what mom r u shockd?..tis is nt finishd.i wil giv u more.
Ish – (in anger)dev..what u done..u have made me lost my respect in front of all
dev – the same like u made me lost..
Ish – ha..dev..did u forgot abt saurav..u wont see him anymore..
Vicky(she calls loud)
dev – he wont come mom(he laughs..)

To be continued..

Precap – devakshi engagement.

Thankyou for reading friends..hope you like tis..but sory for no devakshi scenes…please send ur views in comments dears..

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