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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 17

Thankyou my dear friends u r so kind leaving comments to encourage me..some of you are feeling sad hope tis epi wil make u relaxd and tried to update it somewhat early..so here is epi 17..read it soon dears..

Vicky irritates dev..dev is angry
Vic – what bro u r getting angry? But u cant do anything nw..u dont wory that sona is alone i am there to take care of her..
(dev angrily catches his collar and punched his mouth)
dev – u bledy..once i got saurav..u r dead.
vic – (laughs again wiping the blood) but u cant get him..even if u search the whole mumbai also u cant find him..but that also not possible.u cant even go out of this palace..and nw r u going to leave me or else..
(Dev leaves him..)
vic – thats my gud bro..


(dev thinks ‘i feel desperate to see my dear sona..but hw i can go..i should also save saurav..hw much he wil be suffering nw..’
he remembers hw saurav savd him in the river..tears in his eyes..
‘i wil save you saurav..its my duty. but hw i wil go to mumbai..god please show me some way’)

in sona’s house..
Sona comes to home..
She takes mobile and cals dev..but mobile switched off..she worried more for dev..
Ash – sona did u cried..y ur face is like this..
Son – nothing mom..no pblm..i have to be alone for sometime..i wil go to river and come later..

She went to river and Sits in the sand..
She remembers al the sweet moments there with dev..his proposal,his hugs,his naughty talks,his kisses..tears in eyes..
‘my dev..everytime i used to run from you..but nw i want to come to u close..but i cant..you wil be suffering more than me..u cant even tolerate a simple pain..god please dont make my dev suffer instead u give al pain to me..i want to c him..’

At nyt,
in palace,
Dev too is fuly in the thoughts of sona ..
‘ god please save my sona from the pain i gave her..please give her hope that i wil come to her today..s today itself..but hw..s in night i can go and c her..hw long this b***c wil watch and c me’

ish comes to him with food..
Isw – Dev have this..
Dev – i dont want..
Isw – ok then..today saurav also wont get food..
Dev – mom please i wil bear al the tortures but what wrong he does other than being my frnd..what u want.i have to eat this..thats it..give me
isw – tats my gud boy..drinks this milk too..
(she went smiling cunningly as she mixed sleeping pil in the milk..)

vic – r u not eating..
Dev is silent..
Vic – ok whether u eat or not drink the milk soon..u wil have good sleep..
(he takes the milk and gives to dev)

(dev thinks whether they have mixed something in this)

(vicky went to lock the door..dev used this chance and pours the milk into nearby flower pot and acts like drinking milk)

vic – so u drank it
dev – s my head is paining..i am going to sleep
(he lies down and acts like sleeping..vicky smiles)
he lies behind him..

At nyt nearly 12,
dev gets up..sees vicky sleeping wel..thinks nw i can go out.
He opens the window door and jumps outside..

In sona’s home,
sona lying thinks i have to meet dev..tis is the right time..she wents and checks bej ,asha sleeping..opens door and comes out..

Sona is walking in the way towards palace..she saw dev coming opposite..dev also sees sona..smile and tears on both their faces..
Dev came running to her..she too..came closer..
Dev – sona
son – dev
both hug each other at same time..the hug was very tight ful of tears..ful of emotions..ful of love..they dont want to seperate the hug..hw they wil seperate as both of them dont want to leave each other..
They left when the shoulders are wet with each others tears…dev cuped sona’s face..sona too..
Dev – (wiping her tears)i missed you sona
son – i missed you even more
(suddenly she kissed both his cheeks,fore head,lips everywhere quickly and dev too kissed back)
dev – love you sona
son – love you dev.

Dev – i am sorry sona..i hurt you
son – no dev..hw can you hurt me..u only got hurt more
dev – sona..u dnt even have little anger with me..
Son – no dev..what mistake u done..i know dev what u said are not ur words..
Dev – thanku sona no one can understand me other than you
son – s dev..i should say sorry for not comforting u at that time..nw i felt relieved that i can know ur pblm
dev – o my sona..hw can i say u that..it wil give u more pain
son – wat dev..u have to tel me.
Dev – no sona..
Son – u shouldnt hide anything from me dev..its a promise..(she takes his hand and kept in her head)
dev – ok.i wil tel u sona
(he tels everything..sona is shockd and tears in eyes)

dev – sona please dnt cry..have the same belief nw you are having in me..i wil save saurav..i wont let anything happen to my dear friend who gave my life back..
Son – i believe u dev..u wil save my brother..no ur friend surely.
Dev – thanks sona..i wil even give my life to save him.
Son – no dev..nothing wil happen to you because ur life is with me..
(dev hugs her)
dev – but ur life is with me sona..and no one can take it from me..i never thought sona my mom wil do this much..and that vicky i wil kil him.
Son – o my dev..hw r u bearing his torture
Dev – no sona..tis torture and al doesnt matter to me..i can bear anything for you..
son – (tears)
dev – ok sona..u go home nw..its already late..(kisses her forehead) and tis tym i am telling u nw dnt say anything to uncle and aunt..they cant bear tis..
Son – hmm dev..

Dev – i dnt want to leave you sona but i have to find saurav..and i promise u sona i wil find him within tmrw..and then i wil take u dear after that i wnt leave u.
(son hugs him)
son – (smiles)i trust u dev..nw u are realy a hero…
Dev – (smiles)take care sona..
Son – u too..love u dev.
Dev – love you sona..

They left to each other homes..

Dev came to palace..he goes to iswari rum..she is sleeping..he takes her mobile and laptop ..there were no numbers in dialed..he opend the laptop and again saw the video..he got some clue..

To be continued..
Precap – dev saves saurav..

Thanku for reading dears..hope you like this..please send ur views in comments..

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