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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 16

Thankyou dear friends for commenting and liking my track..i wil repeat the lines..true love wil face many obstacles..hope you understand..dont want to make you wait..here is epi 16.read it soon dears..

Continued in palace..
In iswari’s room..
Dev – what are u going to say mom..u cant stop me
isw – i know dev u wont hear me but see this
(she switch on the laptop..and opens a video..dev is shockd to see that)
(In that video, a dark room is seen..only a small light..
saurav is tied in chair and someone is holding pistol in his hand pointing to saurav’s head..that person’s hand only shown..)
dev – mom.this this
isw – s dev..now what you want to say..
Dev – (tears in eyes..shouts) mom..how can you do this.
Isw – dont shout dev..u also should not have done this..
Dev – i never thought u r this much cruel..
Isw – u can say anything dev..but now u should obey me
dev – please mom..stop this..he is innocent
isw – if i have to stop this u must act according to what i say..
Dev – what i have to do..
Isw – you go outside and say that you agree to this marriage..
Dev – mom please ..i love sona
isw – then dont you love your friend..
Dev – mom..i love him more..please dont tis to him…
Isw – for that only dev i do this..u said u wont sacrifice ur love for anything and wil u sacrifice ur best friend for ur love
(dev sits down and cries)
dev – i beg u please leave him
isw – dev dont cry..its of no use..come out and say what i told u..else u wil see the other side of ur mom
dev – mom how can i say ..hw wil i cheat sona..
Isw – sona .sona dnt talk about her to me..nw come wit me
Dev – i cant
isw – ok then
(she takes the phone and calls a number)
ish – here the prince is not okay..so u finish him off..
Dev -(shouts)no mom no..please i wil do it..
Ish – gud..
Then in phone – leave him now.go dev wash ur face and come..also remember one thing u should not talk with that sona..


Dev cant speak after that..he is already completely shattered..

here everyone is waiting outside..
Dev and ish comes out..
Dev looks sadly at sona..sona looks at him tensd.
Isw – sorry for making u wait….nw dev wil tel his wish..tel dev
dev – (his voice shakens)i agree with tis marriage..
Everyone smiled..
But our poor sona she cant believe her ears..shockd..puts the plate of glasses in her hand down..her eyes filled in tears..
Dev seeing this turns to move to her..but isw catches his hand tight..
Ran – ok aunty..we are happy that dev accept this…
Isw – (giving a looking at sona)s..he wont go against my wish anytime..
(natasha comes to isw and takes her blessings..she looks at dev but he was looking at sona…she thinks cant he give a look to his fiancee..)
Ran dad – ok..then we are leaving..
Isw – ok..
Ran & nat – bye aunty..
They al went..

Isw – u go dev..
and sona
(sona came to senses)
son – mam
isw – y r u standing like this.pick up the glasses..

sona sits down and picks the broken glasses…one glass piece scratches her finger..
Dev saw this runs to her leaving ish hand..his eyes also ful of tears..sits near her..
Dev – o sona..u r hurt..
Dev takes her hand and kept the finger in his mouth..sona shockd but takes her finger back..
Dev – sona..please dont cry..i wil tel u.
(ish gets anger..came to them)
ish – (shouts)dev..
Dev -ma (his eyes r pleasing)
ish – i told u to go..get up..

Dev gets up and moves seeing sona again and again turning back with ful of tears..

Then ish to sona.
Sona – sona..u have already done lot..so u can take rest now..
Sona looks on..
Ish – what cant understand..i know everything sona..but now you might have understand ur position..you should not have dreamed to become the queen of this palace..but whatever you have done to get him finaly he provd he is my son..u can go home sona..and hereafter u no need to come for work here..
(she tells and goes)

(sona with tears walks out…)
elena comes running to her from behind..she comes and hugs her with tears..
Ele – sona..
Son – ha elena wat
ele – i am sorry sona..i am also responsible for ur condition..i gave faith in u about the prince..but wat u said was only correct everyone are same in this palace..i never thought he wil change like this..he is same that of that vicky..
Son – no elena no..dont talk about him like that..he is my dev.
Ele – sona..what..r u supporting him
son – elena i trust him …
Ele – what trust is left sona?
son -(with tears)elena..first i was shockd..when i see his eyes..it was ful of tears..ful of pain..and ful of love for me..
Ele – may be he loves you but he cant even speak before his mom…he is just his mom’s puppet
son – (shouts) elena please no more words about him..dont know what pblm he is in but my dev wil surely come to me..
ele – ok then u trust him more..then y r u shattered like this..
Son – its because i cant see him like this..i cant see him in pain..hw much he wil be hurted..he cant even talk…my poor dev(she cries more)
Ele – sona please dont cry(hugs her again)
son – elena u r here to comfort me..even in my home ma and pa wil comfort me..but think of my dev there is no one there to comfort him even his mother..hw he wil bear the pain..he wil need me..he wil need my shoulders to cry..need my hands to wipe his tears..but i cant go to him..what can i do now..
Ele – sona..u love him this much..
Son – and dev love me more than that elena..
Ele – sorry sona.i didnt understand this..
Son – no one can understand our love elena..our love is pure like god’s..i have full faith in our love..i wil wait for his return..
(she tells and moves)
elena stands and looks at her in tears..

In dev’s room,
he sits down and cries..he tells himself..’sona..my dear..what i have done to u..hw wil u bear this..i shattered u..i made u lost..i have killed ur belief and our love.. what i wil do now..i have to tel u everything..’
he takes his phone quickly..

Iswari comes there..and gets the phone from his hand..
Isw – whom r u calling dev?..that maid
dev – mom..y u do this to her..u are also a woman..dont u know hw she wil bear this pain..
Isw – dev..her pain is nt important to me
dev – ok..nw r u happy..u have shattered ur son..u have killed my love…
Isw – shut up dev..i know what is good for you..i am always giving u the best
Dev – i dont want the best..for me everything is sona.. Please give her to me..
isw – dev (shouts)

vicky comes there..his hand has bandaid..
Dev is shockd to see vicky.vicky smiles at him.
Dev – u bledy.u r here
(he wents in anger to him and punched him)
isw – (shouts)stop dev..hw long u wil beat him for that maid..
Dev – mom..did u bring him..u forgot what he done
isw – what u done dev..more than him
dev – mom
isw – dont shout dev..u should not do anything..from today til ur marriage he wil be like bodyguard for you..he wil always look after you..u cant go out til ur marg and meet anyone..if you cant agree to this i dont know what wil happen to saurav..you wil never see ur friend after that..
Dev – mom..no
isw – dont wory dev..if everything went smoothly according to my wish..i wil leave him safe..
nw do u have any words to say.
Dev – nothing..u have already killed me..nw u r keeping me in jail..i dont know what u wil get by doing this..do you think after marg everything wil be ok
isw- u wil be ok dev..after ur marg she wont come to u..u also cant go to her else ur sona cant live peacefuly..(she smiles cunningly)..
Vicky.u watch him
(she went)

vic – bro..i am realy sorry for you..what to do nw..u cant even beat me..u have to act according to my words..else i dont what aunty wil do to saurav..(he laughs)
dev looks at him in anger..

to be continued..

Precap – dev meets sona

thankyou for reading friends..sorry dears..i did nt mean to hurt you.. believe me even i have tears while writing this..hope the precap wil comfort you..please send ur views in comments dears.

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