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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 15

Hai my dear friends..thankyou for very much for ur love and support which makes my words improved..and happy that most of u accept me as ur friend..love you all..and no more wait..here is epi 15..read it soon dears..

Continued in palace..
Sona comes to kitchen..
Elena – hai sona.you are so pretty today..is this a love gift
son – (smiles)s elena
ele – and sona i am sorry for what happend to you..i know it only today but i am also happy that prince saved you..
Son – s elena..everything was fine now..


Isw comes there..
Isw – sona
son – mam
isw – it seems like u might have spend more than 3 months salary of urs to buy this dress..
Sona is quiet..
Dev comes there.. hears it..
Dev – but mom.i only bought that dress for her
isw – (smiles)o is it..then ok dev
(she turns and went in anger)
ele -ok sona u carry on(she goes)
son – dev y u said that?
Dev – let mom know sona..but i am wondering y she didnt ask anything after seeing our closeness..but anyway i wil tel mom everything.
Son – dev..i am realy worried whether she wil accept me..
Dev – surely she wil acept sona..i wil make her acept.. happy.
Son – (smiles) ha dev..and today y r u following me every where..
Dev – what to do sona..today i cant take my eyes from you..your eyes are pulling me towards you like magnet..(he touches her cheeks)
Son – o dev..tis is kitchen
dev – so what ..is there any rule not to do romance in kitchen.and u are also looking hot today.so..
Son – ok my romantic hero.. U sit here and do romance with the stove..it is very hot than me..i have work..i am going..(she laughs and went)
dev smiles..

Ranveer came with his family..dev and ish welcome them..Natasha looks at dev and smiles..
after some formal talks
The engagement ceremony startd..neha came beautifully dressed in a pink and golden lehenga..ranveer smiles at her..she too..
Both of them exchangd the rings..everyone clapped..and everything went fine.

After some time,
natasha comes to dev..
nat- hai dev
dev- hai
nat – y u didnt cal me
dev – i was little busy and excuse me i wil come.. (he leaves)
Natasha thinks He is growing more and more handsome in my eyes..y he is not even looking at me..but he is something special for me..
ish comes to natasha..
ish – hai natasha
nat -hai aunty
ish – u r looking beautiful ..
nat – tanku aunty..u too
ish – ha ha..shal i ask you one thing openly
nat -sure aunty
ish – do u like my son dev (natash is shockd)
nat – aunty..that is
ish – i have seen u natasha..i hope my guess is correct.. (ranveer comes there)
ran – natasha..dont be shockd..already aunty talkd with us about this..and we al okay with this..you can tel ur wish.. Nat – (smiles) s aunty i like him but whether he likes me..
ish – s dear..he wil like you..you are perfect match for him..he wil always accept my words..
ran – ok then everything is fine.
( ran’s mom and dad came there..)
Ran’s mom- shal we also join ur talks..
Ish – o sure..
(they al laughd)

Here dev is sincerely sighting sona while she is busy in serving juices to the guests..she also sights him..both of them talked with their eyes..
Dev comes to her..
Dev – next is ours sona..
Son – then i wil be yours dev..
(both smiled)

Iswari comes in centre of the hall..she says ‘thanku everyone who came here and blesed my daughter..i am very glad to make an important annoucement here..its regarding the only prince of this palace and my dear son dev…after two days i have planned to do his engagement also..’
(dev is surprisd..he thinks what mom is talking about..whether she knows)
ish continues.. ‘and his marriage wil take place along with neha’s marriage after 3 days of the engagement and the lucky princess to marry my son is none other than princess natasha’..
Everyone smiled and clapped..
Here dev and sona both are very shockd..they look at each other..

Ish – so there wil celebrations throughout the palace and i invite you al again..now both of them wil come in front of us
(natasha came smiling)
ish – come dev..
(dev went near her and he shouts ‘mom this wont happen’ )
Everyone is shockd..ranveer’s family more..
Ish smiled and said, ‘actualy my son is shockd as i gave him surprise,…so everyone can go now..’
guests startd moving..

dev – (in anger) mom what r u telling here.
Ranveer came to ishwari..
Ran – aunty..we think that dev was not happy with the alliance..
Ish – no ranveer..you dont take it wrong..i wil talk to him alone..please wait for sometime..
Come with me dev..
(she catches dev’s hand and takes him to her room)
she locks the door..

Elena comes to sona..
Ele – sona dont worry..prince wil tel mam..
Son – s elena..(her face was tensd)
neha,nikki,ria also looks at her worried..

In the room,
ish – dev..y r u creating a scene
dev – mom..hw can u do tis..
Ish – y dev .did i do anything wrong
dev – tats not mom..u didnt askd me anything about this.
ish – (smiled)so what dev..u thought of giving shock to me but i gave that in front..
Dev – mom what r u talking about?
Ish – (shouts)did u think that i dont know about ur relation with that sona..
(dev shockd)
dev – mom..then u know my love with sona..and then y mom u do tis
ish – what dev r u joking..hw u thought that i wil accept her..
Dev – y wont u accept her mom
ish – dev..i am selecting a princess for u..not a maid.
Dev – mom..i never thought u wil think like this..she may be a maid but after marrying me she wil become princess..she is more beautiful than a princess..she wil took care of me and our family well..
Ish – dev..u might fall in her since she is beautiful..but she is not worthy to marry you..
Dev – mom.i love her and she loves me and its enough for us to marry..
Ish – (shouts)dev.i wont agree with this.
Dev – mom.i respect you more and til nw speaking with that respect after you done this much..i have never said no to any of ur decisions..i have went to london only for ur happiness eventhough i didnt like it..but this is my life ma and i only wil decide it..i cant sacrifice my love for anything..
Ish – so you have decided..
Dev – s mom..and now i am going to say that i love sona in front of everyone..
(he moves)
ish – dev wait..i know you wil tel like this only..before going hear me once..
(she tels and smiles cunningly)

to be continued..

Precap – ish and vicky tortures dev..

Thankyou for reading dears..hope you didnt like it even the precap also..but sorry dears the story has to move in its track..and trust me soon everything wil be fine..please send your views in comments friends.

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