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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 14

Thankyou so much dears ..you are making me more happy with ur lovable comments..so writing every episode with joy..i feel some of u are tensed..so here is a cool epi 14..read it soon dears..

Continued in palace..
Dev went ..
(Ishwari thinks dev enjoy as much as you can today because tomorow you cant)


dev comes to sona’s house..
Ash – hai dev..come
dev – hai aunty..where is sona..
Ash – ha she waiting for you from morning dev..now she was lying in her room.u go and see dev
(sona was lying in cot with eyes closed.. dev comes inside and sits near her )
dev tells himself o my dear sona u must be realy tired of waiting for me..
U are sleeping like a baby i shouldnt wake u..
He went near her legs and touches it..suddenly sona gets up..

Son – dev..
Dev – sorry sona..i wake up u..i was seeing the wounds
son – (smiles)no dev.i was just lying..i am alright now.it is only a smal wound
dev – sorry i made u wait long
son – its ok dev..and what is that..

dev – its for u dear..please accept my smal gift
son – what is in tis dev
dev – i bought a beautiful short gown for you dear to wear for neha’s engagement..
Son – what?(shocks)
dev – why sona u wont wear it..i bought it with so much happiness..
Son – dev..i havent weard such type of dress

dev – ok now u wear it for me dear..u wil be looking very hot in this..
Son – please dev..i dont want to
dev – ok sona..then u wont even satisfy my small wish also.
Son – dev(her eyes are pleasing)
dev – ok dear..u see it if u like u wear it..else no need.(smiles)
Son – hmm.ok dev.
Dev – ok sona..tmrw i wil be waiting for you..(he gets up)
Son – (holds his hand)dev., i wil do anything for you ..so i wil wear tis and come..
Dev – realy..thanku sona..
Son – ok dev..nw u go.

Dev – hmm ok sona.take care..love you
son – love you dev..
(he went)

After sometime sona opend the box hesitantly..and surprisd..it has a beautiful lehenga in it..and in the top was her anklets with a note, ‘this is for my beautiful sona with our symbol of love ur anklets’..
She smiles and calls dev..

Son – dev..
Dev – hai sona
son – its beautiful..
Dev – o thanku dear..how u know i am in towel..did u kept any camera in my room.
Son – u naughty..i am talking about the lehanga and not you and dont you have any other dress other than that towel..
Dev – actualy i wont wear this towel also dear after marriage..(laughs)
Son – go dev..i am keeping the phone
dev – wait wait sona..did you realy like the dress
son – (smiles)s dev..but i dont know it wil suit me or not
dev – sona..you even dont know ur beauty..everything wil suit u..even bikini also that i see in my dreams..

Son – o my god..when r u going to leave this bad dreams.
Dev – its when u come in real like that but it was so good
son – (smiles)ha.k k.let us see..
and dev thanks for repairing the anklets too..i am so happy that i got it back..i am keeping it for long time..my dad bought it for me with so much love ..but y u added golden beads in it
Dev – because now my love also added in it..so that u have to keep it wit more love
son – ha ha.ok dev..
Dev – love you sona

son – love you dev..bye
dev – gud nyt
(both smiled and slept)

next day..
Day of neha’s engagement..
Guests are coming and ish family is busy in inviting them..

Dev gets ready in a beautiful sherwani matching sona..
His dress link..


he thinks ‘o my sona when u wil come very excited to see you’..

Sona comes to palace..she was so so pretty in the lehenga..she was just covering the forehead with the veil..

Her dress link.


She thinks ‘god what everyone wil think about me..i havent weared this like costly dress’..
She came through backdoor..
and went near the stairs..
She thinks ‘whether i should go to dev’s room’..she hesitantly moves upstairs.
There dev coming downstairs.
Both see each other..

Dev was mesmerizd,stunned,dont take his eyes..moves towards her..
here our sona too seeing him without eyes closd..moves upwards..
When They came near..sona slips..and dev holds her..both r looking into each other eyes without noticing anyone..they also didnt notice them as al r busy in chating..
Now dev holding sona her in hip and brings his face near her..sona comes to senses ,slightly pushes him and runs upstairs..
Now dev came into senses and runs behind her..
He catches her in hand near his room and pulls her inside towards him and holds her..they again look into each other’s eyes..sona closes dev’s eyes with her hand..
dev – y sona
son – dev dont at me like this..
Dev – y cant i look at you

son – ur look is very diferent today
(he removes her hand from his eyes)
dev – whether it is hot
(sona smiles)
son – i am losing myself in ur look..
Dev – i also want to get lost in you sona..u r very very beautiful today..
Son – u r too handsome dev..
Dev – realy..tis is first time u r telling me

son – i thought of telling u everyday dev..but
Dev – but..u r shy..thats it
(she smiles and leaves herself)
she went near the window and looks out..gentle breeze falls on her face..dev came back of her near window..
Dev removes her veil in forehead..sona’s hair flies smoothly in wind..dev removes the hair from her neck and kissd in her neck.
(sona turns)
Son – dev..u r very romantic today..
Dev – sona..i am always romantic when seeing you..

Son – (smiles)ok ur romance is enough i am going..
(she moves)
Dev – aah
son – what dev
dev – something falls in my eyes..(closing his eye with hand..)
son – dev..dont act..u cant cheat me again
dev – no sona..realy believe me..its paining..blow it please
Son – dev..i am sorry..show me..

(she brings her lips near to his eyes and opened his eyes lids with her finger..)
son – s something is there
(suddenly she licks it with her tongue)
dev didnt expectd this and gets shockd and surprisd..
Son – (smiles)now is it paining dev
dev – s now here in my lips..
(he cups her face quickly and kissd in her lips very deeply..sona too..they left after they cant breathe)
dev again pulls her and hugs her..both smiles.
Dev – love you sona.. what magic you are doing..you r removing fear,pain everything easily.
Son – love you dev

Suddenly ria and nikki come in shockd to see them..
Ria – bro
(dev and sona left each other in shock..sona shies and covers her head with veil)
nikki – sona bhabhi..you too..
(sona surprisd to hear her calling bhabhi)
ria – what r u surprisd..we know everything as bro said us.
(sona smiles)

nikki – bhabhi..we know our brother dont have brain..but u can tel him no to do romance by closing the door..
Dev – ha ok dears.what u r doing here.go and help neha in getting reading..
Ria – ok ok bro..we wil go..we wont disturb u..
Dev – u have already disturbed us dears
nikki – hmm bro..mom called u so finish ur romance and go quick.
(they laughd and went)
son – i am also going dev..
Dev – sona please.(holds her hand)
Son – i know what u wil do if i am here for some more time..u come down soon.
(she left his hand and went smiling)
dev too stands smiling..he thinks sona today i wil tel about us to mom after that u wont run like this..

to be continued..

Precap – neha’s engagement continuatn,isw talks wit natasha

Thankyou for reading dears..hope you like it..please send your views in comments dears..love to read it.

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