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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 12

Thankyou so much friends for your love and support for my ff and wait for my ff..very happy to see many new comments..love you all..and also sorry if tis hurts..i have satisfied some of your wishes that you told me in tis episode..so i dont want to make you wait..read epi 12 soon dears..

Ish with family going to the city in car..car reachd nearly 2 km frm palace.
Dev in front seat..
(he thinks of sona.. today y i feel like a pain in my heart..i didnt even talkd to sona today..whether something was wrong..did she went to home safely..god what is happening..i cant wait anymore..is tis pain a signal from you..i want to see sona soon)
dev – driver..stop the car soon..
(car stoped)
Ish – what dev?
Dev – ma..sorry i am going to palace.you go for purchase and come..
Ish – but dev what happened?
Dev – please mom..i wil tel later..
Ish – ok dev..
(dev gets down of car and runs to palace)
(ish thinks when he is going to behave like a prince..whether he is going to see that sona..she fumes)


here at the same time In palace,
sona keeps the book in store room and comes..she is shockd to see the door closed..she knocks the door..
Son – anyone there..plz open the door.
(in that store room no sound wil be heared outside)
(sona thinks god y tis is not opening..whether tis is tat vicky’s plan..what i wil do now..her face is ful of fear..she sees a knife there and takes it in hand)

vicky calls servant ramu..
Vic – ramu ask al the maids to go home and you too..come in the eveng.
Ramu – ok sir.
(everyone went)

vicky comes to store room and opens the door..
Sona tries to go out..vicky holds her
Vic – o dear sona..where r u going..
Son – sir.please leave me
vic – ha..sona you thought i wil leave you..do you know how long i have been waiting for tis day..u cant escape today.
(he removes her veil)
sona..you are so beautiful..and those lips..(he tries to kiss her)

now sona takes the knife nicely and tries to attack him..but he catches the knife in hand.it hurts his hand..
Vic -aaah (shouts)
(sona pulls him wit al her efforts and run)
vic – sona dont run
(he runs behind her..sona comes to hall and vicky catches her in hand)
sona shouts dev..
Vic – wat dev..so that much close you r to the prince to cal him by his name…but its of no use sona..he wont came now
son – please leave me..i am begging you..
Vic – first i thought of handling u soft sona..but u r too much..u tried to kil me and running..so you have to suffer..
(he slaps her hard in cheeks..sona faints and falls down..he takes her in shoulder and move to his room)

dev comes running to palace..
(he thinks y there is no one..may be sona too went home)he cals vicky..but no reply..
Dev – (tells himself)may be he slept..ok let me go to sona’s home..
(suddenly he saw some beads in the hall)
dev – tis beads..tis is from sona’s anklets..whether her anklets are broken..
He takes the beads and follows the beads…it goes upstairs to vicky’s room.

In vicky’s room at same time..vicky makes sona lie on bed and removes her saree..he went close to her..
Suddenly a hand falls on his shoulder..he turns back and shockd..
Dev – how dare u..(his eyes are red ful of anger..gives him a strong punch..vicky rolls over and fals down)
dev comes near sona..
Dev – sona ..sona wake up..(tears filled his eyes..tries to wake her..then removes his coat and covers her)
vicky stands up..
Vic – dev..leave her and go..dont involve in tis..
(Dev again came to him..both anger and tears in eyes..catches his neck over the wall.)
Dev – what you done to sona..
Vic – dev leave me..she is coming to you now nly..til then she was with me..
Dev – you bledy cheap(again punches him strong in face ..then puls him and takes him outside)
vicky shouts leave me dev..
Dev – how dare you talk of sona..
(punched him again and again heavily)
vicky is shouting in pain..
Vic – you are beating your brother for a maid..
Dev – you bustard being a maid you thought you can do anything wit her..she is my girl
(beats and rols him down the stairs..dev comes down)
dev – here after u wont touch any girl.
(he catches his right hand and breaks it)
vic cant bear the pain..shouts very much..
(Dev beats him again and again til vicky falls unconsious)

then dev comes to sona..ful of tears in eyes..
Dev -(touching her face)sona please get up..sona
sona didnt wake..he immediately he takes the water jar and sprinkles some water in her face..
Sona opens her eyes lightly..
Now a little smile comes in dev’s face..
Dev – sona..(sits besides her..holding her hands)
son – dev.(she cries)
dev -(wipes her tears)dont cry sona..i came no dont cry
son -dev(she gets up and hugs him..again cries)..dev i was afraid..
dev hugs and caresses her head..both cries..
Dev – dont cry sona..i am so sorry..i didnt take care of you..
wait ..i wil cal doctor
son – no dev..no need
dev – but sona you are hurt..
Son – please dev
dev – ok sona..drink tis water..i wil come now..
(he went and take oinment and come and applies it near her lips.sona was looking at him.)
dev – sona tel me where else is it paining..
Son – no dev..
Dev – ok i wil see then
(he goes near her feet..the anklet is broken and her legs are bleeding..he sees it and cries..then applies the oinment)
son – dev..u dont cry.i am ok..
dev comes near her and careses her face..
Dev – is it paining
son – no dev.aftr seeing u al my pains went..(she again hugs him)
then she tries to stand..
Dev – where r u going?
Son – dev..i wil go home..
Dev – in this condition..u take rest..can go later..
Son – dev
dev – i said u to lie down
(she lies in bed)
dev sitting beside her and seeing her..

Later in the afternoon..
Everyone came back..
And are shockd to see vicky in very bad condition lying down..
Vicky murmers water ..water..
Radha runs to him.
Ish – what happend here..y there is no one..where is dev..dev dev(she cals)

dev hears it and gets up..sona also wakes..
Son – dev wait..i am also coming..(she tries to stand but her leg pains..dev holds her..he made her wear his coat)
dev – u cant walk sona..(he carried her in his arms)
son – dev..i can come
dev – plz be quiet sona
(he comes down with her in arms..everyone shockd..ish more and more..he makes her sit in sofa)

ish – dev..what is tis?..y vicky is like this..
Dev – (in anger)mom..see sona also..today what tis bledy vicky done u know..he misbehaves wit sona.
(everyone again shockd)
ish – dev..what r u telling
dev – s mom..he is so cheap.he plannd and done tis..
(neha,ria nikki comes to sona)
neha – (with care)sona r u ok now
sona – yes mam
(Vicky wakes now)
radh – (to dev)so..did u beat ur brother for tis maid
dev – he is not my brother..i wont leave him(again comes to vicky in angry)
ish – wait dev..(she comes in between..)
she now turns and slaps vicky..
Ish – how dare you vicky to do tis in tis palace..go from here.
(suddenly police comes)
ish – who caled you?
Dev – i only mom..
Inspector arrest tis felow..
Rad – dev..please dont do tis
ish – inspector..wait once..
(comes to dev)
dev..leave him tis time..no need police case
dev – (in anger)mom..hw u say that..she tried to rape a girl..he is a criminal..he should be punishd severely..
Ish – dev..ur anger is correct..but it is also relatd to our family’s pride..
Dev – mom..she is a girl..her pride is also more important..wil u say tis if the same happend to my sisters..
Ish – dev..i understood u ..but please think day after tmrw its neha’s engagemt.in tis time we should be calm..
dev – no mom..what ever u say i cant leave him..
(radha comes to sona)
rad – (acts with tears)sona ..what my son done was wrong only..but please dont put him in jail..i beg you
Son – dev (suddenly stops)..sir..what mam said was correct only..leave him tis time..
Dev – sona ..after he done tis much to you..hw can you talk like tis..
Son -please sir..i dont want more issue..
Ish – inspector..you can go..we wil look after this..
(they went)
dev comes to sona..
Dev – y u did tis sona..
Son – please sir..i want to go home..
Dev – ok then come..(he again take her in arms..sona looks at iswari)
mom..i wil leave sona in home and come..
Ish – (seeing tis fumes in anger)ok dev..
dev -(to radha)aunty remember one thing..no body can stop his death,if he comes in front of me again..
(he tels in anger and went)

radha comes to ishwari..
Rad – iswari..today u also beat my son for that maid..i already told u about her
Isw – u just shut up radha..already i am in anger..cant you grow your only son properly..if i didnt come and slap him,dev might have killed him
rad – but see.how dev is talking for her.
Isw – s i have seen..first i didnt thought it more serious..but i wont leave this here after..i know what to do..
(now smiles cunningly)

to be continued..

No precap..

Thankyou for reading dears..hope you like tis…if any of you feel hurt i am so sorry..please send your views(negative or positive) in comments friends.

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