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Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART) – Episode 1

ai friends.i am a silent reader of the fan fictions only krpkab.seeing al the ff’s i also got interested to write a small ff as i am also devakshi fan especially shakeer’s fan.It is my first writing so please forgive the mistakes.

A cute village and in the middle beautiful palace is shown..It is fully decorated..every maid is busy in their work..
Mrs.Iswari- Owner of the palace..She was married to the royal family of raja dixit..Her husband died after 10 years of their marriage.Along with her husband her brother also died in an accident..she has 4 children. 3 daughters.
Neha,Ria,Nikki- doing their 3rd,2nd and 1st year respectively in a No.1 women’s college in the nearby city.
Dev dixit – Only prince of the palace who went to london at his age 12 to do his studies now completed his post graduation..
Radha rani-Sister in law of iswari.Her husband died .Now staying with Iswari
Vicky – son of radha rani whose only job is running behind girls.
Bejoy – A Poor farmer in the village.
Asha- Bejoy’s wife helping her husband in farm work
Sonakshi- their beautiful daughter aged 21 .she was working as a maid in iswari’s palace
Saurav- sonakshi’s brother doing his graduation in the city.whole family is working for his studies
Now coming back to the story.Why the palace is decorated.Today the prince DEV is coming back from london..Everyone is excited to see him and waiting for his arrival..Iswari is giving works to the maids..All the maids are wearing a veil in the forehead to cover their face that is a rule to work in palace.


Iswari- Ramu Ramu (a honest servant working for long time in the palace)
Ramu – s madam any work
Iswari- have you send the car to airport?
Ramu- s madam.vicky sir went already to pick dev
Iswari-ok .go and do other works
Neha,nikki and ria comes from upstairs wearing beautiful dresses.
Iswari -come my dears..you al are looking very pretty today
Neha-mom we are very happy to meet dev bro
Isw- me too dear.(hugs them)
ok dears i wil go and check arrangements.
Ishwari goes to kitchen and calls sona
Elena(another maid)-mam do you need anything?
Ish- where is sona?
Elena-mam she has not came yet.
Ish -what till now.what she is thinking in her mind
…to be continued

precap: ish insults sona.dev’s arrival

Friends forgive if any mistakes..please post your comments so that i can improve.

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