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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Promo Updates – Devdas Dev

Esme here with Devdas Dev i mean the brand new promo with link to watch it.

Dev’s car stops at the venue of Sona’s engagement. He breaks a glass filled with drink on road and comes out.
Dev’s background voice -itihaas ne Devdas…..toh bahot dekhe hain.. (he wipes his tears)..par Dev Dixit nahi.**English-History has seen many Devdas… (wipes his tears )….but not Dev Dixit. **
He is totally devastated and walks like a villain (sorry for using this term).


He enters the venue…shoes shown…obviously walking like a Romeo.
Dev’s background voice – aaj mera pyar kisi aur ka hone ja raha hai…**Today my love is going to be somebody else’s love**
A glass is shown (zoomed in view)..Sona and Ritwik are also shown. Dev has that glass in his hand.

Dev-i promise (Ritwik puts the ring in Sona’s finger)…kuch galat nahi karunga.**…I promise I won’t do anything wrong. **
He breaks the glass in his hand. Sona is about about to put the ring in Ritwik’s finger.
Dev shouts-Miss Bose!!!
His voice echoes and then he starts clapping. Sona and Ritwik looks in the direction of voice.Both their families are present.

All of them look at him shocked.Promo ends on Dev’s face. There are tears in his eyes…intense eyes…

A background male voice-Dekhiye Sonakshi ki engagement mein Dev ki deewangi ka maha episode.Barah September raat sadhe nau baje sirf sony par.**Watch maha episode…Dev’s craziness in Sonakshi’s engagement. 12 September 9:30pm only on sony tv.

Link to watch this promo – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h2gwC9j3jy0

Now please read this. It will help Devdas Dev okay.
Bacchi par daya kar ke comment box mein kuch daal dena log nahi toh katti…katti…katti…

Now shoot down all your feelings…anger, frustration, sadness etc etc in the comment box. Chaho toh do char gali muje bhi de sakte ho. I won’t mind….kasam se…



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