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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( Misunderstandings)#15

This is the last chapter.

RECAP-Sona keeps disturbing Dev.



Sona enters the room with a bowl in her hand. Dev pretends talking to someone on phone.
Dev-Yeah yeah..
His phone rings!!!
He rubs his ear.Sona chuckles.
Sona – No need to be angry. Now come… (points the bowl)..halwa for you.
Dev -No I don’t wanna eat it.
Sona – Why??
Dev-I need more sweetness. Halwa’s sweetness is not enough.
Sona – You want Diabetes!!!
Dev*pulls Sona * – More than that…you…Now come on add some love in it.
Sona feeds him halwa. He too does the same.

Natasha is again talking to Ritwik on phone.
Natasha-ok…I agree. We shouldn’t wait. I will inform dad tomorrow.
Ritwik-yep…that would be good.

Mr. Gujaral is arranging some papers for tomorrow.

—Next Day—

Mr. Gujaral leaves for Ishwari Villa. Natasha doesn’t know anything about this.

All are in their respective rooms except Ishwari and Dev who are in the hall talking. Mr. Gujaral comes there. Both welcome him.

Natasha is pacing back and forth in the hall.
Natasha- Dad…where are you??? Your phone is switched off. I need to tell you before it’s too late.

Here in the Ishwari Villa. The three talk about some random things. Mr. Gujaral thinks…it’s time.
Mr. Gujaral-Dev…
Mr. Gujaral- Marry my daughter.
Mr. Gujaral-Divorce Sonakshi.
Ishwari – How dare you??
Mr. Gujaral-You are the reason for everything. You broke my Natasha’s heart. You are the reason for her tears. It was not college love. She still loves you. Do you remember she was given the nickname Tortoise and do you remember that story in which Tortoise was the winner and not Rabbit. I want my daughter’s happiness.
He threatens Dev to do as he says else he will destroy him and leaves from there.

Ishwari – I can’t believe my eyes.
Dev – This father daughter duet is very clever.
Ishwari -What does he think of himself?? How can he stoop so low?? We aren’t hungry for money. I just want all my child to be happy.

Dev goes into flashback.

Convocation Day…

Dev is standing in the ground. Natasha comes there.
Natasha – Dev..
Dev-Yes Natasha..
Natasha – Actually I wanna tell you something…
Dev-Haan bolo..
Natasha – I..I…I love you.
Dev – What??
Natasha-I love you.
He angrily looks at the ground.
Natasha – Dev…Can you hear me??
Dev shouts-What do you think of yourself?? What do you think I will say the same thing?? You called me your friend. Let it be the same. I don’t have time for these rubbish things.
Natasha – Fine…I will get lost from your life but remember you will surely and definitely fall in love.

–Another flashback–
Dev signs someone’s joining letter without looking at the name.
Dev-Here you go.
Tina-Thank you sir.
Dev – Tell him to be on time.
Tina-Correction sir…her.
Dev checks the file and gets shocked seeing Natasha’s picture but decides not to mix personal and professional life.


Dev tells the whole mr. Gujaral incident to everyone.
Sona – Natasha can’t do this.
Nikki-Yes..She is really very sweet.
Ishwari – I think the same.
Riya-Me too.
Bunty-Natasha loved you in college days. It doesn’t mean she still loves you. I think mr. Gujaral is missing something.
Dev – I consider her my friend but this is….very serious. I think I should tell her everything.
All agree.

Dev calls Natasha and..
Natasha – What rubbish is this??? I don’t have any love shove feelings for you. Dad…
Dev-Then why you didn’t tie Rakhi on my wrist??
Natasha – Bcoz friendship is a relation and no need to change it. A girl and a boy can be friend. I trust my three friends.
Dev – But why you tied Rakhi on Bunty’s wrist in college.
Natasha laughs.
Natasha -At that time I was a first love striken puppy and nothing more than that.

Sona – I told you na. I know my friend.

—Mr. Gujaral’s place—

Mr. Gujaral enters and Natasha…

Natasha – Dad what is this??
Mr. Gujaral-What??
Natasha – Don’t act. Dev told me everything. What was the need of all these??
Mr. Gujaral-You love Dev right.
Natasha – Who told you?
Mr. Gujaral- Your diary.
Natasha – Oh so you read my diary.
Mr. Gujaral-that too half…
Natasha – Oh..I see…a misunderstanding. I wrote it in the starting college days. I was a love striken puppy.. now look at me…I am changed. It seems you haven’t read the current diary entries.
Mr. Gujaral – You don’t love Dev.
Natasha – I loved Dev now.. (starts leaving)
Mr. Gujaral – You are lying. You were staring Dev with your big big eyes.
Natasha – Oh again a misunderstanding. Dad Ritwik was there. I was tading him not Dev.
Mr. Gujaral reminisces Natasha talking to Ritwik on phone the previous night.
Mr. Gujaral – How could you?? You never told me about him.
Natasha – Dad…You don’t have any problem.
Mr. Gujaral – What problem?
Natasha – He belongs to a middle clasa family.
Mr. Gujaral – Chup kar pagli. Now call him. I wanna talk to him now.
She hugs him in happiness.
Natasha – Hi Ritwik…love you yaar…dad wants to talk to you.
Mr. Gujaral – Now Ritwik…get ready to be Natasha’s husband and this is an order. Got it.
Mr. Gujaral leaves and Natasha continues talking to Ritwik.
Ritwik-Duniya mein do tarah ke log hote hain…
Natasha – apna sada hua dialogue band kar.
Ritwik-Aage sun lo…ek meri tarah aur ek tumhari tarah…
Natasha – Accha hua tune do tarah ke log bol kar teen tarah ke nahi bataye. When are you going to propose me after 2 kids..haan..??
Ritwik-There are two type of people in this world. Will you help me in bringing third kind of people to this world??
Natasha – First learn how to propose.
They laugh.

Sona is sitting in her room with Elena. Natasha comes there with a big portrait of Devakshi. Sona gets happy.
Sona – Hey when you and Ritwik….
Natasha – After he called off engagement with you.
Elena – Come guys…let’s have a selfie.
Dev * standing at the door*-ahem ahem…Why am I not in your selfies??
Elena – Bcoz this is girly time.
The four laugh.
Dev – I am sorry Natasha for that college thing.
Natasha – it’s okay.
Dev – btw…Thanks for the pic.

Natasha and Ritwik get married with Elena and Vicky.

—First day after wedding—
Vicky sees Ritwik romantically talking to Natasha. He interrupts them.Natasha leaves and meanwhile meets Dev. She signals him ‘Save Ritwik’
Dev goes there.
Vicky-See Ritwik you are new at this BBB feeling.
Ritwik-Duniya mein do tarah ke log hote hain. Pehle wo jo BBB bolte hain…dusre wo jo BBB sunte hain…teesre wo jo BBB ka meaning puchte hain…what do you mean by BBB??

Vicky-Biwi Bani Bhootni !!!
Ritwik- What rubbish…my Natasha is not like that.
Vicky-Ignore her for sometime. (He winks at Ritwik. )
Dev – Yaar..plz don’t disturb Ritwik. You go to Elena else…
Elena comes there.
Elena*pulls Vicky’s ear*- Vicky ke bacche…kabse wait kar rahi hoon. Aaja teri khabar leti hoon.
Takes him with her.

Dev – Hoon…only principal can pull love guru’s ear. You go to Natasha.
Natasha comes there and Dev leaves.
Natasha – Vicky jaisi harkat ki na kasam se mai bhootni ban jaongi…just kidding. I trust you.

After 8 months,Sona gives birth to a tiny Mr. Obodro.

One day…..

Sona is teaching her son hindi.
Sona – Bolo beta k se kya hota hai…
Devakshi son- K se Kabootar…
Sona – Kha se…
Juat then Dev enters.
Dev *teases Sona n gives the ans too*- KHARGOSH
Devakshi son-Hi daiddy..accha mumma I am going to play with Nikki aunty.
Sona – okay beta..love you.
Their son hug Dev and then leaves.

Sona turns and finds Dev romantically looking at her.
Sona – Tum nahi sudhroge. Ye kya tarika tha?? Kaun apne bacche ke samne apni biwi ko Khargosh bolta hai.
Dev – Kaun?? Me Dev Dixit… keep doing these things. By the way I was just giving the answer of your question.
Sona – But dear the question was not for you.
Grabs him by his collar and then removes his blazer.
He grabs her by her waist.
Sona – Don’t try to flirt with me. See I am married with a kid.
Dev – So am I.
Both chuckle.
Sonakshi loopens her arms around him and then they share a kiss.

—FF started with Dev and Sona so it should end with Dev and Sona.—

So…the last part. My next FF –It’s Twilight…coming soon on TU.Actually I am busy in rehearsals.
Oh my god so much love and appreciation. I will always cherish this love. Thanks to everyone. Special thanks to PRIYA, AARU,SHALINI, AZZUU, HANIYA aka PINKY, CHANPREET.



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