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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (I am HUNGRY.)#13

Esme here. Time-1:38AM

RECAP :- Sona is pregnant. Memorable moments.



Dev and Sona are sitting on the bed with Sona’s head resting on the wall and Dev sitting on her right side.
Dev winks at her- Baby is just an excuse. Actually I have found a new way to touch you !!!
Smiles evily (not at all).
Dev – you can’t escape dear.
He winks at her and wraps his arms around her.
Sona – Now sleep okay. 8 hours…
Dev – necessary….necessary…compulsory….compulsory.Fine.
Makes face and lies down with a ‘DUMMM’ noise. Closes his eyes. Now Sona is staring him.After a few seconds, he opens his eyes and Sona…still..
Dev – wow…Miss khargosh. You are ‘tading’ me with your eyes wide open and stopping me from ‘tading’ you….huh….your birthright…hoon….not mine….is it so??
Sona still looking at him.
Dev – I won’t be able to sleep with your ‘chudail’ type eyes tading me.
Sona irritatingly-Fine. I am going to sleep. (Pulls his cheeks.)
She sleeps and Dev caresses her hair and kisses her forehead. Seconds changes into minutes…..he too sleeps. Both of them…in the lap of Dreams…

Sona wakes up and looks around ….Dev has already left the bed….she hears the water sound from the wash room.Sona gets up and looks in the mirror.
Sona-offo…these…love bites…no change..Hadh hai !!!
Dev comes out only in his track pants water dripping from his hair…messy hair….Sona gives him a look and quickly averts her gaze…
Sona-You just need a smaaaaall reason to expose.
Dev naughtily smiles at her embarrassed face….he takes time in wiping his body.
Sona is blushing heavily.
Sona starts throwing tantrums and weird gestures hoping Dev to notice her frustration but he keeps having fun seeing her that way….completely making her frown…
He smiles at her baby tantrums….goes closer and pins her to the table with his arms resting on her both side….still wearing track pants only…shirtless….bare upper body.
Dev – Why the hell I smell danger in the air ??
Sona looks here and there. Can’t escape.
Sona cutely- Plz let me go.
Dev – Fine go.
Sona – How??
Dev – How do I know?? You may leave if you want. I told you na you can’t escape.
She hits his foot with her foot.
Dev – ooouchhh…
Sona runs away and jumps on the bed….then runs in the whole room with him trying to catch her. She finally reaches the safest place to hide. WASHROOM !!!
Sona-Dev !!!
And closes the door.
Dev – Hoon Safest place but..KABHI NA KABHI TOH BAHAR AAOGI HI….n I m waiting…standing at the door dear.

Sona – yaar. I can’t change. My clothes r in the wardrobe n he is standing at the door.

She Opens the door n Peeps in the bedroom.

Sona – Plz handover me my clothes. Sun raha hai na tu..ro rahi hoon mai..

But Dev is smart. He puts his foot between the door and the wall thus manages to enter the washroom.
Sona – Accha..So Mr. Stalker is inside.
He closes the door n pins her to the wall.
Dev bends down…
Sona closes her eyes…
He comes closer…
She can feel the breath…

He opens the shower.
Sona – aaahh Devrath… Grrr…You are gone today.
Dev smirks – Chalo. Aaj mai tumhe nehla doon.
She hits him.
Dev – So you take shower n I am going to wipe my body…so wet n my heart wet bcoz of your luuuuuuuv. Bye.
No reply bcoz she is giggling.
Dev – I think I should stay here. No reply. What say ??? Ruk jaon kyyyya ??
Sona – Get lost.
He comes out laughing.

**At Breakfast Table**

Nikki n Ria are done with their breakfast so they left.

Dev to Sona – I think we should tell maa about her grandchild.
Sona – No not now…..
Ishwari – What happened??
Sona – Nothing maa.
Ishwari – Let me serve both of you.
Her phone rings.
Ishwari – Oh my childhood frnd !! I need to talk to her. Sorry…
Sona – It’s okay maa.
Ishwari – Dev…sun le meri sona ko tang kiya na bahot pitungi tujhe. Samjha.
Dev – haan maa.

Ishwari goes to attend the call.

Dev holds sona’s hand.
Sona – hey what r u doing? Leave my hand.
He comes closer and loopens his arms around her waist.
Dev – I am feeling hungry.
Sona – come. I will serve you.

Everyone done with their breakfast.
Sona enters kitchen to put her plate in the basin. Dev follows her. She puts plate in the basin then washes her hand and goes here and there doing some work. Dev is still following her…exactly standing behind her. She stops near the counter so he locks her arms to front holding her tightly from behind.
Sona – Ab kya hua ??
Dev – I am feeling hungry.
She turns, touches his forehead.
Sona – Are you okay?? You are done with the breakfast….still hungry!!!
Dev pulls Sona close to him and wrapps her arms around his neck holding her waist.
Dev-You know na what effect you have on me after that ‘S’ thing.
Sona looks in the opposite direction….blushing.
Dev-Today you are looking like a chocolate flavoured ice cream with gems toppings and your lips looking like a dark chocolate. I love sweet things thus Miss Khargosh….I am hungry.

Sona…red cheeks ….totally tomato .She gently pushes him.
Sona – Shameless…Avi ye haal hai jab ye baccha bahar aayega tab bhi aisi harkatein hi karoge kya ???
Dev – Only this child !!!! Before and After each child !!!
Sona-Each child. What do you mean ??
Dev chuckles- I told you na I want a whole cricket team.
Sona – Stop calling me khargosh n don’t dare to call me khargosh in front of our child else the baby may shout…ka se kabootar…kha se khargosh mummy.
Dev – Mummy !!! Daiddy aapko Khargosh bulate hai na….kyon bulate hain ??
Sona – Daiddy !!! Aap Mummy ko khargosh kyu bulate hain.

Kichu comes there.
Kichu- Bhaiya.. Didi..wo aapke maa baba aaye hain.
Sona -yipee…(runs from there)
Dev – Garibi mein aata gila !!! Sikh le Dev sikh le. Tera baccha bhi in logo ke upar hi toh jaane vaala hai. Aage bahot kaam degi ye sahansakti.

Sona and Dev goes and takes blessings from elders.
Dev signals Sona.
Sona – Somebody is joining us.
Elena -Who is joining us ??
Dev – After 9 months.
Elena – oh my God. Oh my god.
All gather around Sona. One by one touches her tummy. Sona this Sona that.
“Sona tu bacche ka kya naam rakhegi.”-This is Sourav.
“Sona bacche ko naye kapde mat pahnana….rashes padh jayenge.”-This is Asha.
“Baccha tere jaisa hoga ya mere jaisa.”-This is Elena.
Bejoy-“Baccha jab badha hoga toh mera saath cricket dekhega.”
Asha-Aap aur aapka cricket…kam se kam mere grandchild ko toh chod dijiye.
Daadi-Baccha bilkul meri Sona par jayega.
Ishwari – Arre sabki acchi baatein bacche mein aayengi. Khush.

Funny music.

All keep talking except you know who. So he is sitting on a cornered sofa…jealous….Ab royega….Ab royega.
Dev’s POV – Hadh hai. Pregnant maine kiya. Meri toh kuch izzat hi nahi hai…(looks at Sona who is busy talking. )..Sona kar lo kar lo baatein…vo bhi khoob saari…mai bhi Devdas hoon Devdas…Dev naam hai mera…jitna ignore karna hai kar lo…badla toh mai le kar hi rahunga. Arre hadh hai mujhe bhi bacche se baat karni hai. Chalo koi nahi. Maaf kiya.

Elena notices Dev.
Funny music.
Elena’s POV-Let’s torture jiju.
Elena – Jiju !!!
Elena – Why are you sitting there ?? Go get some work dood !!!
Dev….badly frustrated.
Dev in mind – okay Fine. I am not in a mood to do fighting. Kar lo log …kar lo masti mujhe torture karke.

He leaves from there. Sona sees him leaving without talking to her ‘”””personally””‘.She stands up.
Elena innocent tone – Sona !! What happened ??
Sona – Kichu bhaiya …. He wanted to learn the recipe of low calorie bitter gourd juice.
She comes outside but Dev’s car is gone.
She feels like crying.(Mood swing !!!People weep at small things. Same here.)
Comes inside totally lost.
Elena jokes-Kichu bhaiya is in the kitchen. Who was outside?You wanted to meet Kichu bhaiya or Dev bhaiya ??
Asha-Stop teasing my Sona.

**MR. Gujaral’s Place**

A man gives some files to Mr. Gujaral.
Mr. Gujaral – Nothing should be out. Not even in front of my daughter. Got it. (Man nods in yes)Good job. Here is your cheque.
Man-Thanks sir.
He leaves. Mr. Gujaral checks the files.

**Ishwari Communications**

Funny music…

Dev is restless. He is pacing here and there.

PRECAP : Cute fight….



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