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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( A small part of you is inside me)#12

Esme here…
So I have found Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak!!! Just kidding…
Actually I have big responsibility on my shoulders. The Drama Department!!! I am working hard (really!!! Can’t say). Less you can say no time to read FF or comment still I am trying. Also my tests are lined up in the next week and after that some events.
Guys keep it up….your good, cool and awesome work!!!
Sorry for this short chapter and also if it is boring and not heart touching.

RECAP :- DEV and Sonakshi


Sona is crying ….hugging Dev. He wraps her in a protective cover using his arms.
Dev – Sonakshi… what happened dear??
Sona still …crying then breaks the hug. He wipes the pearls from her beautiful eyes, cups her face and gives a questioning glance.
She bites her lips. Dev again gives a questioning glance.

Sona – You love me as a man loves a woman…right.
Dev – yes
Sona – But I love somebody else….
Dev – sona…are you okay??
Sona – This… (moves her hand on her belly)…a small Bunny….
Dev (confused ) – what?
Sona – A small khargosh….bunny is inside me.
He lifts her in happiness. Starts hugging and kissing her….his eyes brimming with happy tears. He holds her in a tight embrace.
They break the hug. Dev slides his hand on sona’s belly who is in saree.
Dev – so thatz why you are wearing a saree. I see.
Sona – Do you remember I asked you a question?
Dev – yeah yeah I remember.
Sona – So Dev of Devakshi is inside me. A small part of you is inside me. (Grabs his collar with a naughty smirk)..My mr. Obodro and next will come soon.
Dev -Maine bataya tha na phir se bata raha hoon…mujhe tumse ek choti sona chahiye. ( I told you na and now I am telling you again I want a small Sona from you.)
Sona-nahi mujhe toh chota mr. Obodro chahiye. ( No I want a small mr. Obodro)
Dev – choti sona. (Little sona)
Sona – nahi chota mr. Obodro. (No Little mr. Obodro)
Dev – bola na choti sona.
Sona – maine bhi bola na chota mr. Obodro.


Both laugh.

Dev – no pressure on you babes. Don’t worry. Girl or boy both are same.
Sona – I think twins. Good idea. One boy and one girl.

Dev reminiscences something-But sona …why were you crying?
Sona*makes a puppy face and speaks in childish tone*-I was missing you and I was worried. I even called you but I wanted to talk to you face to face and my mood swings…yes I am craving for something.
Dev – Tell me what is it. (Moves his hand) Moon, stars anything. Now I take the responsibility of fulfilling your cravings.
Sona *puppy face*-I wanna KISS you.
Dev – sona where are you?

Walks to the door. Makes face as he is finding sona. Peeps in the washroom.
Dev – sona!!!
Sona is angrily staring at him.
Then sits on the floor and looks under the bed!!!
Dev – sona!!! The khargosh is not here under the bed… eating carrot. Must be in the meadow…eating carrot !!!

Notices angry sona standing in the middle of bedroom.

Dev to irritate sona- Have you kidnapped my wife???
She closes her eyes in frustration……
He comes near.She opens her eyes.
Dev winks at her and gently moves his palm from her shoulder towards her bare waist.
Dev- Oh the baby girl is desperately waiting for a kiss from her boring husband…please let me touch her…Once?
With an evil smirk… he gently moves his palm from her shoulder towards her bare waist.

Sona angrily pushes him.
Sona – What do you think of yourself?
Dev *cutie pie*-The luckiest person.
Sona – I don’t wanna talk to you. Kiss her when in mood. Crack jokes when in mood.Have s*x when in mood. Everything goes as per your mood. Can’t I …..just forget it.Get lost.
Dev – Ok …(speaks in a robot voice)…Command Accepted!!!
Starts leaving but she holds his hand and grabs him by his collar.
Sona-I was creating all romantic mood….but you…i used to call you mr. Obodro. You… (spells)…K U double T A. That too jhabra.
Dev mischievously-That was too hard to believe…you in such wooo hoooo romaaaaantic mood.
Sona gives Dev one mock glare and starts hitting him….Dev tries saving himself.He turns her around and locks her arms to front holding her tightly from behind.
Dev-look at me khargosh….Mr. Dixit…. Mr. Obodro …Mr. Rude who scares people is being thrashed by his beloved wife.
Sona giggles leaning herself on Dev.He moves his finger from her neck down to her waist….he smiles when she shivers…Dev turns her around to face her….he watches her face and kisses the love bite on her neck.
Sona loopens her arms around his neck pulling him in a tight embrace.
He makes her sit on the bed then sits on his knee and touches her tummy.
Dev -Sign of our love.
He kisses sona’s tummy and looks at her lovingly.
Sona – Aise kya dekh rahe ho.
Dev – chand toh obviously nahi dekh raha. Duniya mein sabse khoobsurat….apni wife ko tadh raha hoon.

She smiles and kisses him…drowning in the endless sea of love.

A theory-If you are sitting with your enemy….nanoseconds feel like centuries and if you are with your love even centuries feel like nanoseconds.

Nanoseconds turn into seonds….seconds into minutes and minutes may turn into hours if……if there is no one to disturb.
So disturbing elements are here too.

They separate….still looking into each others eyes. Dev’s phone rings.
Dev – From the next time I am going to put this phone in flight mode. Keeps disturbing me whenever I am with my wife. Oh elena here.*attends the call n puts it on loudspeaker* Hallo ..
Elena – Jiju Pranam aapke charnon mein gir kar….*giggles *
Dev – khush raho….mere joote mein ghush raho.
Sona starts laughing.
Elena – so you have learnt to crack jokes. Welcome to our group.
Sona – o hello. …he is already a part of it.
Elena – How?
Sona – Because I am a part of it.
Elena – oh ek pe ek free…
Sona – oh not free. He is my HUSBAND.
Dev romantically eyes Sona.
Elena – Leave all these. Mashi was remembering you all. So we are coming to visit you.
Dev – oh that’s great.
Elena – ok bye .I have work. See both of you soon.
Dev and sona- Yeah bye.

Dev throws the phone on bed and gently pulls sona closer.
Dev – Who calls at this time ??
Sona – whott…
Dev – o hello….take a look at the watch. 11:00pm. This is the personal time of couples.
Sona – of course….Sisters disturb each other. Don’t worry. When elena will get married na then I will disturb her the same way. Hey Gimme a hi fi.
Dev – yeah whatever…but my mood spoiled….(slides his palm on her back)…toh hum kahan the…where were we???

Sona-Oh no ..They are coming tomorrow. What if they…. (points her neck …love bite)
Dev – chill…
Sona – They will shoot burden of questions at me.
Dev – chill…
Sona – They will think that I am characterless.
Dev (irritatingly ) – chill….kuch bhi…
Sona – he bhagwaan….ab mera kya hoga….(angrily looks at Dev)…it’s all your fault….(Shouts )….tumne mujhe Pregnant kyon kiya….Q Q
Dev in #dumbo look.She realises the sentence.
Sona – Sorry ….sorry …actually I don’t know. I am speaking and doing anything rubbish after pregnancy….Mood Swings!!!! Aaahhhhhh…
Dev – look I am here na. No need to worry and you are thinking too much. I think we should tell about your pregnancy to everyone. Now yeah it’s a bit late …but still.Come.
Sona – No I want some time with my boring husband.
Dev – ok …so now I am boring….huh…What about this.

He lifts her in his arms and gently places her on the bed.
Dev – My sona …mine only.
Sona – hamesha ke liye…Forever.
Dev – Let me talk to the baby.
Sona – you can’t bcoz baby isn’t that grown up baby.
Dev winks at her- Baby is just an excuse. Actually I have found a new way to touch you !!!



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