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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Doctor informs Dev that Sonakshi’s chances of conceiving are only 7%. Dev panicks and says how can it be, Sona is very fit and takes care of herself well. Doc says Sona is having problem since childhood. He has to be courageous and think of surrogacy, adoption, or some other option. Bejoy asks Asha if Dev called and informed about Sona’s lab reports. She says he must have forgotten. Bejoy starts yelling on Dev, calls him and asks if he collected reports. Dev says yes and everything is normal. Bejoy asks then why did Sona got ill. Dev says it is due to stress and she has to take care of food and rest. Bejoy says yes, she is undergoing a lot of stress and disconnnects call. Dev cries sitting in his car.

In the morning, Sona receives her dress ordered

via online and gets dissapointed that it is not like it was looking online. Elena and Sourav bring new dress and ask how is it looking. Sona says pretty. Elena says they knew she would not like online dress, so they got this one for her. Sona happily hugs Elena and then says they are not that good as they did not stop her from ordering dress online. Elena says it was Sourav’s idea. Sourva says Elena’s. They all 3 hug each other.

Ishwari asks Bhola to clean house well as her bua saas/relative mother-in-law is coming. Radha says she is acting as if she is a new bride. Ishwari says her saas is very strict and these rituals keep them going. Bua saas gets out of car and gets into home. Ishwari tries to touch her feet. Bua stops her and says it was rahu kaal and she will not enter for sometime. She asks to touch feet now. Ishwari touches feet. Bua asks Radha if she has backache. Radha says no, then why she is not touching her feet. Radha touches feet. Ishwari does aarti. Bua scolds her where is kapur/camphor. Ishwari adds camphor and does aarti. Bua blesses and introduceses her bahu. Bahu touches Ishwari and Radha’s feet. Radha thinks bua has gone out of mind, she has to stay away from her.

Dev panics sitting in his cabin thinking how to inform about Sona’s ilness. Sona sends pic of her dress, calls and asks how is it looking. He says good. She says he does not have to be so excited, he has to say she will look pretty in this dress and he will not forget this day. Dev sadly says he will not forget his day and hopes they get happiness each day. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She asks what about her reports. He disonnects call and thinks he cannot lie to her.

Ishwari serves water to Bua in water glass. Bua says she drinks water in steel glass. Ishwari says she will bring steel glass. Bua says she is same even after so many years and Radha arrogant. Radha fumes. Rhea and Nikki come wishing bua. Ishwari asks Rhea and Nikki to touch daadi bua’s feet. They touch. Bua asks what they read. Nikki says harry potter. She says she meansgeeta, ramayan. Baldev mamaji comes and touches feet and bua blesses him.

Dev imagines informing Sona that she cannot get pregnant. She panics and says they cannot unite as she cannot bear children for him. He comes out of imagination and then imagines Ishwari scolding that she had high wish that he will get her grandchildren, but he dissappointed her. He thinks what to tell Sona and mom.

Radha informs Bua that Sona is a nutritionist and cannot cook at all. Bua’s bahu jokes. Bua complains Ishwari that Sona is spoiling her bahu before marriage itself. Ishwari tells Sona takes care of nutritional needs and keep people healthy, she is healthy because of Sona. Bua says bahus are to obey and not to order. Bua asks if she knows to cook or not. Radha says she does not know anything and just knows to read English books. Bua starts yelling. Mamaji enters and scolds Radha and says Dev has selected a beautiful bahu who can walk with him with pride.

Rhea selects sari and asks Nikki how is this sari looking on her. Nikki says bad and says she will wear it. Rhea says it is her old trick. Ishwari comes and says this sari is for Sona. Nikki asks what about this chain. Ishwari says even this is for Sona’s child. Dev comes and gets sad hearing this. Nikki asks what about another child. Ishwari says it is for Neha’s child. Nikki complains Dev that maa does not value them at all. Ishwari says interest is dearer than principal, when her principal/Dev is so good, her interest/granchildren will be much better. Dev reminisces Ishwari selling her bangles for his school fees and telling once he stuudies well and becomes rich, he can get him lots of jewelry. Dev says she should have sold silver toy. Ishwari says it is for his children. She continues that once he grows up, he become rich and then after marriage will give her grandchildren. Dev thinks how to tell he cannot give her grandchildren.

Precap: Dev and Sona dance during sangeet on Tere bin yaaraaa….song..

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