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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Dev’s lawyer comes to meet him and says he is being pad to look after his and his company’s betterment, so he suggests him to sign a prenuptual agreement before marriage and gives him papers. Dev angrily throws papers in dustbin and and asks him to get out, his wealth is immaterial without Sona, so he will never think about it and warns him not to discuss about prenuptual agreement with anyone else. Lawyer leaves.

Bejoy tells Ishwari, mamaji, and Radha that they will perform Dev and Sona’s marriage in a simple way and he does not like their culture. Radha asks what does he mean, they are reputed family and if they don’t celebrate marriage lavishly, people will think something is wrong. Bejoy starts yelling they are so arrogant, they came begging

for this alliance. Mamaji asks Radha to sit quietly and Asha controls Bejoy. Mamaji says they should peform their rituals in their homes individually. Radha shouts why…Mamaji asks her to shut up. Asha says Mamaji is right.

Dev and Sona meet at a restaurant for lunch and discuss how their families must be finalizing about marriage. Dev says by now mamaji must have befriended her papa. She asks waht about both moms. She then asks if he knows about prenuptual agreement. He asks what..She says she read about it in today’s newspaper and says how cheap a person is to think about all this, it proves a person does not love his partner at all. Dev says yes. They continue enjoying dinner.

Ishwari and Radha reach home. Radha starts badmouthing Sona’s family and says she will go and take bath as she is stinking with bengalis smell. Dev’s lawyer comes to meet Ishwari and informs her about prenuptual agreement and says if by chance Dev divorces, he has to give 50% of his company share to Sona. Ishwari says Dev built his company with so much hard work and it belongs to him and even his sisters have share in it, she will talk to Dev and asks lawyer to prepare prenuptual agreement.

Sona rushes to Dev’s office and asks why did he call her in a hurry, if he is fine. He says he cannot stay without her for a minute, they should marrry right now. She says they should go to temple for that. He says she knows he does not believe in god. She says they have to follow rituals. He says let us go to temple and marry right now then. They order pizza and enjoy.

Ishwari calls Bejoy and says she needs to talk and settle down something. He says he will and reaches her home. She says she is worried about her 4 children’s future and now Sona is also her daughter and she is worried about her future too, so she wants Sona and Dev to sign prenuptual agreement. Bejoy is shocked and says she was acting so well yesterday and today showed her cheap mentality. She says she is just worried about her children’s future and nothing else. Bejoy says she knows a lot, takes agreemet and leaves. Ishwari calls Dev and asks if he met Sona. He says she is with him and they having pizza. She asks him to finish food and disconnects call.

Bejoy reaches home and tells Asha about prenuptual agreement. Asha says she does not know anything about these kind of agreements. Bejoy says he met his lawyer who told everything is against Sona in these papers, she has to take care of her children after divorce. He returns back to Ishwari and says everything is against Sona in these papers and she is very intelligent, if she wanted all this, they why did she agree for Dev’s marriage. He returns her papers and walks towards door. Dev enters and is shocked to hear their conversation. He takes papers from Ishwari and throws them on floor and says his and Sona’s relationship does not need all this. He tells Bejoy that he does know about this and all these and he will not sign papers.

Bejoy reaches home and fumes in front of Asha. She asks him to lower his tone as Sona is at home. He hears car horn sound and shouts some uncultured person is creating havoc. Sona realizes it is Dev and runs out to meet him. Asha says Bejoy that Dev cannot stay away from Sona even for a day. Sona meets Dev. He hugs her and their chat starts. He says soon he may not love her so much and will love someone else who will be smaller. She says then he should marry her. He says let her come in this world and says he is talking about their daughter. She says what if they get a boy. He says they will get girl next.

Ishwari reminisces lawyer’s words and thinks how to get sign from Dev. Mamaji comes and says the way she spoke to Sona’s family, he is proud of her. She says she just needs her children’s happiness. He says Kichhu told lawyer came to meet her. She stammers and says lawyer came to meet Dev and she sent lawyer to Dev’s office. Mamaji says is stammering like she used in front of gardener while stealing mangoes. She says she is not..

Dev comes home at night. Ishwari chats with him a bit and says Tina sent some papers and he needs to sign them. He says he will in the morning. She insists. He starts signing papers. She diverts his attention saying she prepared palak paneer today. He signs prenuptual agreement without noticing. Ishwari takes papers silently and thinks she is worried about all 4 children’s future and wants to distribute company between them equally.

Precap: Sona gets severe stomachache. Family rushes her to hospital. Dev asks doc if Sona’s reports are normal. Doc says he should call Sona’s parents. Dev says he is Sona’s would be husband and he call tell him.

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