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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sona confronts Radha that if youngsters make mistake, elders need to correct them, pointing at Vicky. Radha leaves angrily with Vicky. Ria starts chatting with Sona. Neha goes to Ishwari’s room and says she made a mistake by marrying Ranveer, his family is so poor that they spend each penny very carefully. Sona enters and says she is leaving and thanks Ishwari that because of her, she and Dev are together. Ishwari says wants Dev’s happiness and his happiness is with Sona, so she wants Sona to be her bahu soon.


Sona reaches home and shows Ishwari’s gifted bangles to family. Asha, Dad, Sourav get happy. Asha then shows bangles to Bejoy. Bejoy reminisces Ishwari’s words that Sona came to her house as nutritionist and dreamt of becoming

bahu. He says Sona is precious and this jewelry is immaterial in front of her. He says he is still not convinced with Dev and Ishwari and will evaluate them well first, then will think of Sona and Dev’s marriage. Asha serves dinner to Sourav and tells Bejoy that Sourav wants to sponsor Sona’s wedding dinner. Bejoy says he will take care of his daughter’s wedding expenses and nobody should. Sourav gets sad. Asha says not to worry, Bejoy will agree.

Door bell rings. Bejoy opens door and sees Dev standing. Asha asks him to come in. Dev gives sweets to her and says he bought it on the way. Asha says no need for formality Dev babu. Dev says she should call him Dev and he will call her maa and Bejoy as baba. He says his pandit toldd they can select marriage dates soon. Bejoy says what is a hurry, both families need to know each other first and then they can think of marriage. Asha says Dev he can send his mom and elders for a dinner tomorrow. Sona says Dev let us go out and walks towards door. Elena says enjoy…. Bejoy fumes and Asha smiles.

Sona and Dev go out. Dev says he wants to become a perfect damad. Sona says that is why he brought bengali sweets for her family. Their romantic discussion continues.

Asha calls Ishwari and invites her tomorrow for dinner. Radha starts brainwashing Ishwari that bengalis are nonvegeterians and they are vegeterians, so how will they go and at Sona’s house, she should have called them here instead. Mamaji asks her to shut her mouth.

Asha and Daadi clean house and prepare dishes. Bejoy asks what are they doing, when they did not do any special arrangements for Ritwick’s family, why should they for Dev, their expectations will increase. Ishwari enters with Vicky, Mamaji and Radha. Asha serves them water. Radha starts her drama and says she does not drink outside water and is very keen about cleanliness. Mamaji taunts all germs love Radha. Asha asks them to have dinner. Radha says no. Ishwari also says no. Mamaji says pandit told marriage muhurath is after 1 week or after 6 months. Bejoy says let it be after 6 months, Sona needs to settle down first. Ishwari says she will speak to Dev and inform. Bejoy says Dev accepts only her decisions, then how will he decide.

Precap: Lawyer prepares prenuptial agreement for Dev. Dev refuses it. Lawyer informs Ishwari about prenuptial agreement and says if a couple divorces, half of property goes to partner. Ishwari says she will convince Dev to signs these papers.

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