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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Elena tells Sona that Dev is mad behind her. Sona says he is his mom’s puppet and just follows her orders, earlier he broke up because his mom wanted to and now wants to marry her as his mom wanted to. Asha enters and asks what is wrong in it, he values family, what if he had told let us break relationship with mom and leave her alone, if she would be happy. Sona says no… Asha says she gets adamant like her dad Bejoy. Sona asks she and papa were humiliated so much. Asha says they did not stop living after humiliation, they forgot the issue and moved ahead, says she is getting a second chance to marry Dev, will she let it go just like that. Sona says how will baba/Bejoy react. Asha asks her to speak to him once.

Sona goes to Bejoy’s room and says

baba..baba.. Bejoy asks what. She says nothing. Bejoy says he knows what she wants to ask, she wants to ask if she should accept Dev’s proposal or not. Bejoy says if he says no, will she sacrifice her happiness. She says baba but…. Bejoy says when she was child, she used to love him running behind butterfiles, his ego is not that big that he will ruin his daughter’s happiness. Sourav with Asha and Elena get happy hearing this, calls Dev and says baba accept his and Sona’s relaitonship, he should come and take his Paro from here. Bejoy says whoever is listening to their conversation can come in. They all enter and hug each other. Asha congratulates Sona.

Sona goes outside house and finds Dev waiting for her. They both get very happy seeing each other. Kch Rang Pyar ke Aise bhi….song…plays in the background. They hug each other. Dev walks a bit and turns. Sona runs and hugs him. He apologizes her and says let us go now. They both get into car and leave.

Asha thanks Bejoy for accepting Dev and Sona’s relationship. Bejoy says he is still feeling weird and is worried about Sona’s happiness. Asha says in olden days, boy and girl used to meet only after marriage, at least Sona and Dev know each other and love each other, so they will be very happy in the future.

Dev takes Sona to a restaurant. She asks where did they come. He says he was really Mr. Obodro before he met her. He realized that one cannot express heart’s feeling with words. He pinches his fingers. A man starts playing violin. A few children come holding thank you board. Dev thanks her for coming back in his life, kneels down with a rose bouquet and asks if she is ready to become Mrs. Oboro and ready to spend her whole life with him. She throws bouquet happily and says yes. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…..

Dev takes Sona home. Ishwari does their aarti and prays for Sona and Dev’s long life together. Nikki comes and hugs Sona happily. Ishwari gives Sona golden bangle and says it is her blessing and love for her. Radha makes weird faces. Mamaji blesses Sona and says now Ishwari also accepted her and gave her bangle as lifetime imprisonment. Sona touches his and Radha’s feet. Radha hopes even she have got lifetime imprisonment/bangle. Mamaji says she is garib ki beti, why she needs gold bangle. Radha fumes angrily.

Nikki takes Sona to her room and says she will leave her home and come here to stay, if she will play videogame with her properly. Sona asks if she plays so bad. Vicky enters and says yelling at Sona like his mother that she planned to get her name in this house’s ration card permanently and planned well to get Dev and this house. Sona says she will judge him well once she comes to stay in this house. Radha fumes hearing that and says banga…then says Sonakshi she is becoming bahu of this house and not a nutritionist now, so she should think of this house’s dignity and just nod yes for any question. Sona mimics and asks if she should nod her head like this and says after marrying Dev, she has right to slap her devar Vicky if he makes mistake. Vicky says he would love to get a slap from Sona..bhabhiji.

Precap: Dev tells Asha and Bejoy that he spoke to Pandit and Pandit told they can come anytime and fix marriage date. Bejoy says what is a hurry, they need some time to evaluate things first.

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