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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sona rushes to Dev as he falls down. She shouts for her brother to call the car. He complies. Ritvik’s father calls it embarrassing. How can Sona leave in between like this?


Ishwari ji is trying Dev’s number but he does not pick up. Her brother knows she is worried for her Devi. She lies to him making excuses. I will sleep once I see him. He gives up before her as she is a mother after all. I will go get him. She denies. I am not so weak to worry like this. He leaves. Ishwari ji thinks why I feel something is going wrong somewhere. Come home soon Dev. Your mother is waiting for you.

Ritvik’s sister reminds her brother of what she said to him earlier. I saw that ad in paper. How can that girl become yours? Sona’s mother apologizes on Sona’s behalf but Ritvik’s

sister talks ill about Sona. Elena asks her how she can say so. She goes quiet as there are people around. Ritvik says what happened isn’t right. What was going to happen was worse actually. Don’t blame yourself aunty. No one is at fault here, not even Sona. People do anything in and for love. Everyone stands around tensed. He picks the ring fallen on the floor. He tells Sona’s parents that he and Sona shouldn’t be together. this engagement cannot happen as Sona still cannot forget Dev. Sona’s father requests him not to say so. SOna made a mistake. There is nothing like that between them. Dev fell down and she helped him for humanity’s sake. She does not love Dev. You both have been united by God. Don’t try to break it. Ritvik says I don’t know about God. I wanted us to be happy though. We were proved wrong. It is good that we all were wrong. When one person is wrong then people mock you. It is good that we are all in this together. we will bear it together. Sona took Dev his home. It was not jsut for humanity. I would request you not to pressurise you. I would have considered myself lucky if Sona had chosen me but it wasn’t so. Sona couldn’t look away from Dev since he came here. I request you to end this matter here itself. Ritvik leaves with his family.

IShwari ji is walking in the balcony when she hears car’s horn. She is relieved but her smile disappears as soon as she notices Sona stepping out of the car. Sona helps Dev all the way inside. Ishwari ji is shocked. Dev apologizes to Sona in inebriated state as they come in together. She helps him lie down on the sofa. He holds her hand requesting her not to go anywhere. She is in tears too. I told you not to drink but you dint stop. He nods. She asks him if this is how he will take care of himself. She helps him lie nicely on the sofa and makes him drink water. He keeps crying. Please don’t go anywhere. She calms him down somehow. She gets up to go but he holds her hand again. Please don’t go away from me. Listen to me please. I only came to congratulate you and ruined everything. I hurt you very much. I am sorry. She tells him to sit but he keeps talking. Ishwari ji looks from upstairs. Dev says Ritvik was about to make you wear the ring. It hurt a lot. I felt like I will die. Why? You know everything. Why is this happening? Tell me why I felt this way? Sona says you know I cannot see you like this. I act strong before world but I cannot see you like this. Please stop it. He hits his face. I am very bad person. I have hurt you. But please don’t go away from me. I love you a lot. When you go away from me I feel like I will die. I cannot even die. I have a family and responsibilities. What should I do? Mama ji thinks to go there but Ishwari ji holds his hand. Sona tells Dev she will have to go. He requests her not to but Sourabh also calls out for Sona. Sona tries to free her hand. I left my Ma Baba and everything and came here with you. I will have to go. I ruined everything. Dev refuses to let go but Mama ji holds him. He makes Dev leave Sona’s hand with much difficulty. Sona leaves from there teary eyed. Dev continues to cry for Sona. Ishwari ji is pained to see him thus.

Sona rushes out of the house in tears. She trips and her sandal breaks. She tries to fix it and cries. Sourabh comforts her with a hug.

Everyone is waiting for Sona. Ritvik’s father asks Ritvik to come. There is nothing left to see or hear. Ritvik wants to meet Sona once. His father tries to make him understand but in vain.

Sona walks in with Sourabh. Her father scolds him for leaving her engagement for that mad man (Dev). Ritvik’s father says what the use of all this now is. You should have warned her earlier. Ritvik says I want to talk to Sona alone. Please be quiet till then. his father gives in reluctantly.

Ritvik gives water to Sona. She tells him to say anything he wants to. I am ready to hear it all. I have done a wrong thing after all. He replies that it is her turn to speak today. She thinks of his words earlier and cries. I am really very sorry. I did really wrong with all of you. I shouldn’t have left from there. I don’t know what happened to me. He asks her if she still does not know. Till when will you lie to yourself? You know why this happened? Open up. Tell me why.

Ishwari ji holds Dev who is unconscious. What are you doing to yourself son? You have to let go of what is over. Everything will be fine. Her brother asks her to look at Dev. You think your words will heal him? A mother’s aanchal covers her son but he still feels heat. What’s left in him now? You have finished everything. You have destroyed your son! She asks him what he is saying. He tells her this wont be any use. Everyone know you are the only one who isn’t looking at the truth. Look at Dev. Is he the same son who mattered to you so much once? What happened now? Dev mumbles he wont let Sona go anywhere. There is nothing left in him. His soul isn’t here. There is only body which follows your wishes, likes and dislikes and responsibilities. You have put so much pressure on him that he is finished.

Sona accepts her love for Dev. I am unable to forget our love. Ritvik nods. You were only acting till now. You got so late in telling this. She says I understand I did wrong. I am sorry. I have hurt everyone, especially you. I kept on blaming Dev when even I couldn’t move on. I did the same with you that Dev did to me. I kept on lying. I know what I did does not deserve an apology but forgive me if possible. She turns and notices that he has already left. Sona cries.

Precap: Dev tells his mother he knows she will never accept SOna or she wouldn’t have taken sleeping pills. You wanted to know who I love more? You got your answer? Why did you do this? His mother looks at him tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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