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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dev informs Ishwari that Sona has sent engagment invitation, if he can attend. Ishwari says Sona’s family must have sent it just like they invited any other person, so he should not go. Dev goes back to his room and looking at invitation thinks Sona wants to test him, so she sent invitation personally.


Sona cries on her bed reminiscing Dev. Elena says she should cheer up as it is her big day today and only good will happen hereon. She takes her for breakfast. Bejoy while having breakast sees Sourav running around take care of engagement arrangements and praises him. Ritwick comes and Asha asks him to have breakfast. Ritwick says he is getting late. She insists to have breakfast. He emotionally says in this world, there are 2 kind of lucky people, one

born with mother who see her love and other who have not seen mother in life as they will see mother’s love via mother like her.

Mamaji comes to Dev’s room and suggests him to attend Sona’s engagement. Dev goes and asks permission again as Sona herself has sent invitation with her own handwriting, but Ishwari denies. He gets ready and walks out. Nikki asks Ishwari why did she permit Dev when she did not permit her to attend Sona’s engagement. She says how can he go and checks his room. She asks Bhola where is Dev. Bhola says he left just now. She runs out and sees Dev leaving in car already.

Sona and Ritwick’s engagment ceremony starts in a hall. Sona looks at door for Dev. Dev reaches marriage hall and sees Sonakshi and Ritwick’s name on board. He walks in sadly. Sona eagerly waits for Devv. Ritwick introduces his friend to Sona, but she continues looking at door. Ritwick notices it. Dev enters. Sona’s family notices it and Bejoy angrily walks to stop him, but Asha stops him and says Sona has invited him and he will watch engagement and go. Bejoy does not listen and stops Dev and asks why did he come here after trying to defame Sona. He says he came to see Sona for the last time. Bejoy says if he has come, then he should watch and go that it is so easy for Sona to forget him. Asha takes him to meet guests. Sona sees Dev. Ritwick tells Sona that today there becoming one, he is very lucky, she is looking very beautiful, more beautiful than daadi. He continues chatting smilingly. Dev fumes in jealousy. Waiter asks him what he would like to have. Dev says scotch. Waiter says they don’t serve liquor, he can buy from hotel counter. Dev goes and starts gulping scotch glasses. Sona sees him and gets sad. Ritwick continues his commentary.

Mamaji comes to Ishwari’s room and sees her sitting in dark. He asks her not to sit in dark, else she may fall and injure her old bones. She says Dev went to Sona’s engagement even after she denied permission. He says Dev always obeys her and what is a big deal if he went to Sona’s engagement, he will return back and she need not worry. Rhea calls Neha home and informs her that Dev went to atttend Sona’s engagement. Neha says he would not have gone there. Rhea says bhaiya is always sad and acts as busy working, they have to get him out of his sorrows. Neha says Sona is Dev’s first love and he may not forget her in life. Ishwari hears their conversation standing at door.

Dev gets heavily inebriated seeing Sona wiht Ritwick. Ritwick continues introducing his friend to Sona and Sona continues looking at Dev. Dev walks with limping gait and congratulates Sona for her engagment. Sona says she is worried for him and asks why did he drink so much. Ritwick comes and asks Dev if he needs anything. Dev says he needs Sona’s forgiveness and wishes Ritwick and Sona a brighter future. Ritwick asks him to feel comfortable… Elena watches them and drags Sona and Ritwick for a dance. Dev gets more jealous seeing Sona and Ritwick’s dance. Tere bina guzara aye dil hai mushkil…….song…plays in the background.. Sona continues looking at Dev while dancing with Ritwick and excuses herself. She then asks Elena to take care of Dev as he is heavily drunk.

Ishwari sits worried for Dev. Radha comes and asks why did not she sleep yet. Ishwari says Dev has not returned yet. Mamaji says Dev has gone to attend Sona’s engagement and will return late, so she should go and sleep and not disturb Ishwari. Ishwari asks her to go and sleep, she will sleep once Dev comes. Mamaji takes Radha.

Elena asks guests to pay attention and introduces engagement couple. Sen and Bejoy asks them to exchange engagement rings. Dev cannot tolerate this, breaks alcohol glass and falls unconcious. Sona sees that, drops engagement, runs towards Dev and shakes him to wake up. She calls Sourav to help. Sourav worriedly looking at Bejoy runs for help. Sona asks him to call taxi and rushes him to hospital.

Precap: Bejoy tells Sen and Ritwick that Sona helped Dev as a humanity. Dev reaches home heavily inebriated murmuring. Ishwari is shocked to see him in this condition.

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