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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 90

The episode starts with suman and rajveer(ok I’ll just call him by his nickname Raj)dancing to ae dil hai mushkil.Raj caresses suman’s hair and suman hugs him.she realises that she is falling in love with Raj.its the wedding day and the house is nicely decorated(dixit villa)suman is getting ready in a golden shiny ghagra with silver Earrings.
Sona:so is my princess ready?
Suman:Di,should I really be doing this…
Sona:arae!sumo*cups her chin*u love rajveer!
Suman:do I?
Sona:I can see that in your eyes.
Suman and Sona hug and have some sisterly moments.as the Baraat arrives,Arjun and Diya run up.

Diya:mumma!chachi!rajveer chachu is here!!
Suman blushes and Sona brings her down.
Rajveer is mesmerised to see suman and stares at her.at the same time,dev is enchanted in sona’s orange ghagra’s beauty.(the one she wore on dev’s dream).
The ceromony starts(guys I’m a iyer(like a South Indian)so like i only know how wedding’s are done in the South Indian way.
First the swing ceromony is done where ladoos are thrown casting off the evil eye of the couple.then the garland exchanging when Sona and Elena lift up suman and raj’s 2
Brothers lift up Raj.they both exchange garland’s happily.next is the mangalsutra tying.rajveer ties the mangalsutra around suman’s neck and flowers are thrown and the trumpet is played(holy tune).rajveer applies the sindhoor and they take 7 rounds.the marrige is over and suman kicks the rice bowl welcoming her into the house.ishwari takes aarthi of suman and rajveer after the bidai.its night time and rajveer and suman are in their room.


Rajveer and suman make 10 promises and write it on their wall.their 10 th promise would be to go on a cruise on their 25 th anniversary.
Next morning suman gets into a Saree and enters the kitchen.
Sona:sumo!today is your rasooi so you need to make kheer.
Suman:sona,I have to change out of this Saree,it’s prickling me.
Sona and ishwari:ok teke baba go change!
Ishwari:and call Sona bhabhi!!not her name!!
Sona:Maa,she is my Sister,so she can continue calling me Sona Di(by the way rajveer is staying with the dixit family)

Precap:sona and dev and suman and rajveer and the dixit family go on a picnic where some romantic moments are spent

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