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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 88

Shravan’s body is burnt and they immerse his ashes in the river.
Shravan’s last wish:suman to marry elena’s close Friend,rajvir.*
Sona:you’re happy about this relationship right.
Rajvir:playing as Ravi dubey.

A few weeks later.
The house is fully decorated with flowers and gifts a wrapped up in baskets and placed.its dev’s house and there is hustle and bustle around the ishwari niwaas.
Ishwari:bhaiya!!can you please fix the Marigold there!
Sona:no I want sugar free cake please!
Nikki:riya Di my lehenga is not fitting Ong the world is ending I’m so fat.
Radha:don’t be so dramatic Nikki…


Suman is getting ready.
She is wearing a pink half waist blouse and golden skirt.her chunni is across and its gold in Colour.she is wearing pink bangles and her hair is curled and made into a braid.her Earings are just small pink jade.
as she is wearing her bangles,she remembers shravan adorning her bangles on her engagement day with shravan.

Suman gets tears.
Sona:oh Ma!youre looking so pretty sumo!nazar na lage!
Suman:thanks Di.
Suman comes down and rajvir is waiting for her.
The ceremony starts.
Rajvir exchanges rings with suman.everyone claps.suman exchanges rings with rajvir.everyone claps.the engagement is over and everyone is sleeping except suman.
Suman is seeing her ring and imagines shravan.
Shravan:thanks for fulfilling my last wish Jaan.
Suman:shravan please don’t leave me again…
Shravan:hm..take care..
Suman:shravan !shravan!

She shuts her ears and then gets a call from
RAJVIR calling.
Rajvir:sorry,actually I’m waiting outside dev jiju’ house,and it’s cold,can I come in?
Suman:rajvir,come in.
Suman and rajvir have a nice convo and start to laugh and smile.seeing that,Sona who came to water,smiles to see that her Sister is happy.

Precap:is suman really happy with this alliance?is rajvir a good guy?

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