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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 83

The episode starts with the swirling again..

1 st SEPTEMBER 2016.
Dev wakes up in his bed in his home clothes.
Dev:so..*holds his head*
Sona:u wake up so late..Ma has been waiting for breakfast for Long..dev u know I can’t cook and even bhola is not at home..
Dev:which year are we in…
Dev:oh we rewinded!!?
Sona:meaning??dev is your head ok?
Dev:ya..I mean no..I mean ya..wait we are married…
Sona:lo,u are asking in our honeymoon are we married?

Sona:dev?Are u really ok*laugh*
Dev:ya..Sona our haldi…
Sona:dev our haldi was 5 days ago..u blanked out and..
Dev:I went to 2050!!
Sona:dev u really need to go to the doctor baba..
Dev:no baby*cup face*im fine..can u tell me what happened on the mehendi day?u didn’t even tell me then..

Sona:how could I tell u then?u just blanked out..u lied in the middle of the road shouting ritvik dev!!i was hell scared and I called the doc..he gave u injection and u slept for about a day..u were fine the next day and we got married.and now we are in Prague!!
Dev smiles and Sona and dev spends some sweet times together!!

Sorry it’s so short this time but another 17 more episodes for episode 100!!

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