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Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 34)


Kuch iss tarah 2



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Recap : old swara back. SwaSan told sparsh about Kavita


Everything was perfect now.. swara has almost overcame her all fears and thanks to sanskar for that.. but still he was worried for swara..for her health.

It was evening and sanskar has came back from office and straight went to his room,Swara came in panting..

“Your phone..you left it on table”she said

“Ohh God why you come here.. look at urself “he said and makes her sit

“M fine sanskar.. it just that these stairs na,they have became long” she said to change his mood

He stare at her seriously, she hugs him and spoke “sanskar, whatever is happening with me now it’s only cz of me. I am paying for my stupidity. So no worries”

“No swara. No. It’s enough! You are not paying for your deeds you are suffering! And I can’t let you suffer anymore. I will find way out” he said with determination

“Sanskar you have met so many doctors kuch hua ? Nahi na? Everyone has said that now it’s not possible to cure this problem. Then why are you being stubborn? “she ask.

“Cz I am! Yes I am stubborn. I want you to be perfectly fine. I don’t want to see having these tables. I don’t want you to have these medicine life long.. i..(before he could complete she pressed her lips on his)”

((Dekha hazaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch aap mein baat aisi hai
Lekar ijazat ab aap se
Saansein ye aati jaati hain
Dhoondhe se milte nahi hain hum
Bas aap hi aap baaki hai))

She was running her fingers in his hair.. meanwhile his hand was busy in holding her firmly

((Pal bhar na doori sahein aap se
Betaabiyan yeh kuch aur hain
Hum door hoke bhi paas hain
Nazdeekiyan yeh kuch aur hain
Dekha hazaro dafaa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai))

She broke the kiss and said “I love you”

“I love you too”he said

“We have seen alot together and ye to srf asthama hai” swara said

Both were sitting while hugging sideways.. then sparsh came and hit his head with his small hand.

“Offoo again mumma papa you both are bzy in hugging and I was searching for you in wholllleeeee house”he said

“What happened betA ? You need anything?”sanskar ask

“Haaa… Nahi… First tell me why you both were hugging without me”he said with pout

“Awww come here my baby”swara called him

And in no time he jumped into her lap

“Champ why you always sit in mumma’s lap.?”sanskar ask

“Cz she is my sweetie mumma”he said and pulls swara’s cheek

“Swara.. sanskar.. sparsh come here dinner is ready!!!” Ap shouts from downstairs


Everyone was having dinner.. then sanskar ask..

“Champ do you like your play skul?”

“Yess papa I love that and you know what today I make a new girlfriend”sparsh said

Listening to this sanskar spit the water out directly on uttra who was sitting opposite to him..

“Bhaaiii!!!!!!” Uttra gave him a death glare and he made a puppy face

Swra suppress her smile and ask “who is that lucky girl”

“Shreya ” he said

“Chalo swara sanskar, sparsh has reduced your problem of finding a daughter in law for you both” ap said

SwaSan burst out laughing listening to this..

“Well uttra is it important to go”swara ask

“Ya Bhabhi! You know na I came here just for a week.. tmrw I have to go back to banglore” uttra said swara’s face becomes pale listening to this and sanskar noticed this


@SwaSan Room

Sparsh was sleeping with uttra as she want him to sleep with her..

“Swara “he spoke.

“Hmmm”she said while arranging pillow on bed

“Why your face turned pale when uttra said she will go back tmrw” he ask

“Ahh nothing much sanskar.. leave that” she said

“Swara tell me na.. I can see since when uttra told us that she has to go back you became sad”he ask softly

“Sanskar it’s just that.. with uttra it was easy for me to spend time.. I literally have whole day n I have nothing to do.. earlier I use to spend time with sparsh but now he is also going to play skul , you go to office, dad too go out , and mom go to her NGO. I have no one to spend time with.. “she said

“But sparsh and mom came back soon na by noon?” He ask

“Ya but after coming back sparsh either play with Babu or mom.. ahhh you Na just leave it.. let it be.. now good night”she said and sleep

“Hmm.. I have to do something for her “he thought before dozing off



“Swara beta can I take sparsh with me ?”ap said

“Mom you don’t need to ask.. he is your grandson you can take him anywhere” she said

Ap smiles ” we will come back by night’ she said

“So now I have you with whom I can play”swara said to Babu

“Sorry swara beta.. but I am taking Babu”dp said

“You are going somewhere dad?”she ask

“Yes beta.. actually m going to my friends place so I thought to introduce Babu to them also.. (looks at swara who was seeing him in disbelief) hahah.. don’t worry beta.. actually I thought to take him for walk “dp said

” Okay dad. “She smiles

Dp and Babu too left

“Wow swara now you have nothing to do.. umm ya I can go n see di”she thought and sat in car

“Driver Kaka Kapoor villa”she said

“I think I should call her once.. kahi di doctor ke pass na gayi ho”she thought and dialed ragini’s number

“Ha Shona”ragini Said

“What are you doing di”she ask

“Nothing swara.. if you are free come here na” she said

here laksh kissed ragini’s nape

“Haan Di…(before she could complete she listen laksh saying to ragini “kyq ragu I took leave just to spend time with you n my little baby and you are calling swara”)

Swara felt bad n dropped the idea of seeing ragini..

“Achha di will talk to you later ha bye”she said n cuts the call

“Kaka turn the car towards home”she said with a sad face

Here RagLak

“You are so mean laksh .. you don’t want me to meet swara”ragini Said n Hits him playfully

“Awwoo.. cm’on yaar you too know that I was just kidding. I would be happier if she would come.. afterall she is my little kiddo”he said

“Hmm.. I know you love her more”ragini Said

He wraps his arms around her and said”just the way you love her more”he said

Here swara came back home all sad..
She was just waiting for anyone to come back.. just then sanskar came back n her happiness had no boundaries..

“Sanskar it’s just 3 and you… Why so soon?” She ask

“Umm.. if you want I can go back”he said with teasing smile

“No no please no.. I don’t want you to go.. please Ruk Jao na.. m sorry”she said sadly

He encircle his arm around her shoulders “sooo… You were getting bored. Right?” He ask

She nods cutely..

“So I have a solution for this.. and .. here is the solution”he passed some papers to her

She read that and got shocked “sanskar ye!”

“Yes swara! I got you admitted in royal skul of interior designing.. and ya you need not to attend regular college you just need to take exams.. so.. now you don’t need to sit leisure you can prepare for exam”he said..

“But how!! I mean how in mid term? I think there is just 5 months for the final exams and wait why interior designing??” She has soo many questions

“Okay.. lemme answer you one by one.. so I get ur admission done cz I am one of the trustees of that institute and there is management quota n how come they deny to give admission to sanskar maheshwari’s wife… And interior designing isilye cz my lovely wife likes that”he said

“But how you know about my craze for interior designing.. I never told you”she frowned.

“It’s my passion to know each n every thing about you”he said lovingly

His reply took swara in flashback

5 years ago

“Sanskaar your favourite white saus pasta with more n more saus in it” she said n passed the bowl to him

He took that with fake smile and as soon as he taste that he got shocked it was exact taste which he likes

“Swara who made this??” He ask

“Me” she said proudly

“But wait, you don’t know how to cook .right? “He ask

She nods

“Then??”he frowned

She sat beside him n held his arm tightly

“Vo Kya hai Na Mr.hottie.. it’s my passion to do the things which you like”she said


She was having tears in her eyes.. he too recalls the same incident and a sudden feeling of guilt took place in his heart

” M sorry swara whatever I did.. I-i don’t know what to say but I-i..” he fall short of words

“Sanskar let that be our past.. now if you want something to do.. then start calling me Jaan again.. I love to listen Jaan from you”she said

He hugs her and said “I love you jaan”

Both were hugging then only adiraj came and shout “oh god why can’t you both do these stuff in room.. Haan you are doing this in hall that too Infront of main door… Wow!!”

Swasan parts and gets embarrassed

“You tell na why have you came here?”swara spoke

“Okay so.. I came here to give you both wedding invitation… You both know na next week is mehndi n Sangeet so If you got time from hugging then please come”he said

“Shut up u old vintage car how dare you to invite us” swara threw a pillow on him

“Exactly why you are inviting us??”sanskar ask

“Now Bhabhi ko invite Krna to Banta hai na”adiraj winks

And swara’s anger reached on top she starts to hit him with her hands

“How dare you to call me Bhabhi.. n then you are inviting us.. I won’t leave you today.. “she shouts

“Ahhh Sanskar why don’t you tie this wild animal” adiraj said while saving himself

Then only she got attact and both got worried

“I….i-i.. will… T-t.i..e… Y-y.o..u”she said

“Swara!!!!!”sanskar n adiraj Both got worried

Adiraj makes her sit and rubs her back.. sanskar took out her inhaler from his pocket ..

“Are you fine?” Adiraj ask

She nods and fainted in sanskar’s arms

“Swara!!! Swara!!! Open your eyes swara!!! ” Sanskar Pats her face

“Sanskar, relax nothing to worry. She has fainted due to this sudden attack”adiraj said

Sanskar lifts her and make her lie in bed..

“Yaar is there any way out for her this illness.. I can’t see her like this.” Sanskar said

“Umm.. dude I was also searching for this and I hope I will find a way out.. till then you take care of all 3of them”adiraj said

“Three??”sanskar looked at him in confusion

“Ya three swara, sparsh and your new lover Babu”adiraj said naughtily

“Urrrhhhh!! I can’t tolerate that dog n u !!!!”he gets irritated

“Achha chal ek baat Bata.. howz ur first kiss with babu… I mean.. do you find that salivating or not.. and if yes then how much.. please explain me na.. I have never seen a kissssssss between a puppy n man”saying this he laughs loud

“I will kill you today adiraj “Sanskar said

“Nhi yr please na .. tell me hwz the kiss.. “he again teases

“Who tell you this (he sees swara who was looking like an angel sleeping) iss choti height wali Don ne btaya na.. she looks so innocent while sleeping but is even dangerous than a Don”sanskar said

“But I love this choti height wali Don”he continues

To be continued

Precept: pre wedding function

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