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Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 8

Hi guys, Rithika here,
I’m here with the 8 epi read it soon people…

Let’s start..
Recap : Sona and Dev are sitting near the river
Sonakshi : Bye Dev
Dev : No stay here
Sonakshi : No Dev I’m getting late
She see’s Dev sad and hugs him and leaves. Dev also smiles at her and leaves
~Next day~
Neha : Ma I’m going to meet a friend
Ishwari : Who Ranveer?
Neha : Yes
Neha : Hi Ranveer
Ranveer : You no y I called u
Neha : No
Ranveer : I love u
Neha gets happy and accepts the proposal. Ranveer tells her that his parents are coming tomorrow. They both leave
~Dev’s home~
Neha tells Ishwari about Ranveer
Ishwari : Very good beta. They are coming tomorrow we have to do alot of work


~Next day~
Ranveer comes with his parents
Ishwari : Namaste ! Please sit
Everyone sits. Ranveer’s parents talk about the wedding
Ishwari : Yes I know Neha told me. I’ve talked with the pandit he said we can do the marriage within this week
Ranveer’s parents leave. Ishwari calls a meeting
Ishwari : Listen everybody girls u will go for shopping and Dev and I will go to the decoraters and caterors tomorrow
Everybody gets excited

~Next day~
Everybody is ready to leave just then Sona enters
Ishwari : Y have u come v r going out
Sonakshi : I know aunty just came here to give Kichu bhaiyya ur new chart
Ishwrai : Fine we’ll leave u continue ur work. Arey bhaiyya, bhabi, Vicky
Mama : We’re coming with u Dev said he is busy so he can’t come so he send us
Sonakshi thinks he’s lying to meet her. While they leave Vicky notices Sona and tells lies that he’s not well so he stays here

~Dev’s office~
Dev : Everybody must have left I can meet Sona
Dev leaves the offices
~Dev’s home~
Sona leaves but Vicky holds her hand
Sonakshi : What nonsense Vicky leave me
Vicky takes a knife and goes towards her
Sonakshi : (screaming) What r u doing
Vicky comes near her and tears the sleeves of her kurta and while struggling little more of her kurta tears

Precap : Dev saves Sona
Hope u all like it
And I won’t post sunday and monday
Sorry for the delay
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