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Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 7

Hi guys, It’s Rithika here,
Thanks for all ur beautiful comments and encouragement
I’m back with the 7th epi read it soon
Let’s start..
Recap : Sona accepts Dev’s proposal
~Dev’s home~
Sona is in Dixit house to check on Ishwari’s diet
Ishwari : Sona beta come in. U’ve come to meet Dev right. He told me everything
Sonakshi : No aunty I have to give Kichu bhaiyya a new diet for u
Sona checks Ishwari’s diet and gives Kichu a new diet

Ishwari : Arey beta u’ve finished ir work so go and meet Dev he’s been waiting for u to come
Sona goes towards Dev’s room
Sonakshi : Arey here nobody is there. I’m getting late I better get going
As she’s about to go the door closes and Dev comes from behind and starts going to near her and she goes behind
Sonakshi : Dev what is this? Don’t come close


Sona hits the cupboard she can’t leave because Dev has his hands on both the sides of the cupboard
Sonakshi : Dev let me go
Dev : No..
He hugs her
Dev : I missed u all night and now ur talking about leaving..No ur not
Sonakshi : Please let me go Dev
Sona pushes him towards the other side of the cupboard
Sonakshi : Now what
Dev : U can do whatever u want
Sonakshi kisses him he’s lost in her she takes the chance to run out Dev realizing what happened she ran away Dev ran behind her just then Ishwari enters and Sona hides behind away
Ishwari : Arey beta what r u doing
Dev : Ma leave her
Sonakshi : No aunty don’t Dev won’t let me go to the hospital then
Ishwari : Why won’t u let her go
Dev : Because I wan’t spend time with her
Ishwari : Spend time in the night no when u both r free
Sonakshi takes the chance and runs from the house

~Sona’s home~

In the night when Sona returned
Saurabh : Sona why didn’t u tell
Sonakshi : What
Saurabh : The good news about u and Dev babu
Sonakshi : Dada I was about to tell u today
Saurabh : It’s okay Ma baba told
Sonakshi : Bye now
Sonakshi goes near the river and waits for Dev
Sonakshi : Why didn’t he come
Dev slowly comes from behind and hugs her
Sonakshi : Who is it
Dev : Ur lover
Sonakshi : Keep quiet Dev
Dev : I’m not ur lover

Sonakshi : U r but don’t scare me like that
Dev keeps his head on her lap
Dev : Do u love me
Sonakshi : Yes y
Dev : Just asking whether u had a change of mind
Sonakshi : No I think u had one that’s why ur asking me this quetion
Dev : U no I can’t
Their romantic talk continues

Precap : Vicky tries to rape Sona
Hope u all like it
Sorry for the precap
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