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Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 6

Hi guys, It’s Rithika,
Thanks for all ur beautiful comments
Let’s start..
Recap : Dev proposes Sona
Sona is shocked but a little happy
Dev : Sona ur reply
Sonakshi : No I do not love u
Dev is shocked and tears in his eyes
Dev : Y are u lying?

Sonakshi : I’m not
Dev : Ur lying I can see it in ur eyes
Sonakshi : I’m not lying u can go ahead and think whatever u want
Saying this Sona walks away
Dev : Fine u go but I won’t live without u. I’ll kill myself better than living without u
Sona shocked turns behind and see’s Dev holding a knife
Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit what r u doing


Dev : U can go Sonakshi
Dev is just about cut his veins. Sonakshi runs to him and hugs him
Sonakshi : U want a answer right then ur answer is yes I do love u
Dev drops the knife and hugs her as well
Dev : Y did u lie then
Sonakshi : Because I don’t know whether u will accept me a middle class person like me
Dev holds her hands
Dev : I chose u means everybody will choose u
Sona again hugged him. They both sit near the river and Sona puts her head on Dev’s Shoulder
Dev : How much do u love me ?
Sonakshi : What kind of question is this

Dev : My kind. Do u love me
Sonakshi : Yes y. U don’t
Dev : I do. When will u tell ur parents
Sonakshi : First tell ur mother. Then I’ll tell my ma baba
Dev : I already told her and she likes u too
Sonakshi : Wow that’s amazing. Love u Dev
Dev : Me too
Sonakshi : Now I have to go home. Bye
Dev : No I want to talk with u more
Sonakshi : No Dev don’t be silly. I have to go I didn’t even tell ma baba that I’m with u
Dev : Fine go. But I want 1thing
Sonakshi : What u want ?
Dev shows his cheeks

Sonakshi : Don’t be silly Dev. I can’t do it here
Dev : Fine I won’t go
Sonakshi : Dev stop acting childish. Fine I’ll give 1
Dev : No I want 2
Sonakshi : Ur happy with 1 or I’ll go
Dev : Fine. (murmuring) Kanjoos!!
Sonakshi gives Dev a kiss on his cheeck. But Dev pulls her and gives her a kiss on her lips and doesn’t leave her for some time. But Sona manages to leave after sometime
Sonakshi : Dev!! What u did that for.
Dev : I told I want 2 u didn’t listen. So I used the hard way
Sonakshi : Fine. Bye naughty boy
Dev and Sona smile at each other and leave

~Sona’s home~
Sona smiles as she enters her house
Asha : What happened Sona
Bejoy : Ya Sona beta. What happened
Sona tells them everything. Asha and Bejoy both look happy
~Dev’s home~
Ishwari : U came beta . What happened did she agree
Dev : Yes ma

Ishwari : Wow beta I knew it beta nobody can say no to u
Dev : Thanks ma

~Next day~
Sona again goes to Dev’s house in the afternoon

Precap : Devakshi moments
So this was the 6th epi
hope u all like it
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