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Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 3

Hi guys, I’m Rithika here,
Ik the last 2 episodes were same Krpkab but this epi will be different and there will still be a post on friday….

Let’s start,


Recap : Dev and Sona meet. Sona tells Dev that if his mother his does’nt follow the diet she’ll be in hospital
Ishwari gets discharged from the hospital
Dev : Come ma

~Dev’s home~
Dev : Neha now you have give ma food according to this diet. Ok
Neha : Yes brother. I’ll start from today
After sometime
Ishwari : Neha what is this why have u given me salad. Where is my aloo paratha
Neha : From today u will get this itself food everyday
Ishwari : No
Neha : I’m going now. When I’m back the food should be gone into ur stomach.
Ishwari nods after sometime Neha enter’s Ishwari’s room
Neha : ma where r u?
Neha see’s the empty plate

Neha : Wow. Ma ne khana kha liya.
But something hit’s Neha’s leg when she bend’s down she finds the breakfast plate under the bed. She goes to the kitchen and find’s out that Ishwari is making Kichu make aloo parathas. Then Neha calls Dev
~Dev’s phone ring’s~
Dev : What happened Neha ?
Neha : Look brother ma is behaving like a kid
Neha tells Dev everything.
Neha : Now find someone who will take care of ma or u leave the job and sit home and take care of ma
Dev : No I’ll think of something
Saying this he leaves to go somewhere

~The hospital~
Dev : Can I meet Dr. Sonakshi Bose
Receptionist : Yes she’s in her cabin u can go
Dev : May I come in Dr. Bose
Sonakshi : Yes com in Mr. Dixit
Dev : Can u leave ur job and work at my home as a personal nutritionist.
Sonakshi : what?
Dev : Please she doesn’t listen to anybody. If not leave job can u explain to her how important is the diet.
Sonakshi : yes I can do that

~Dev’s home~
Dev : ma look here she is Dr. Bose she came to meet u.
Sonakshi : Namaste aunty ji
Ishwari : yes beta. What happened?
Sonakshi : Aunty ji, I’ve heard that u don’t follow the diet that I’ve given. If u don’t want to follow the diet It’s ok…
Dev : but…
Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit I’m talking. Ya so aunty if u don’t follow the diet then You’ll be admited in the hospital u want to go to hospital
Ishwari : Nahi I’ll follow ur diet.
Sonakshi : Good I’ll come every afternoon to check if ur following ur diet ok. Now I’ll leave.
Sona leaves

Ishwari : go Dev drop her she hasn’t gone to far.
Dev : Ok
Ishwari thinks that she always wanted a daughter in law like Sona
When Dev leaves he see’s some goons forcefully grabed Sona put chloroform on her and put her in the car he get’s shocked that sombody kidnapped Sona and tries to follow them but couldn’t. At the same time Bejoy get’s a call from the goons
Goons : hello is this Bejoy
Bejoy : yes this is Bejoy speaking.
Goon : hahaha ur daughter is with us
Bejoy is shocked
Goon : if u want her safe then bring 1 lakh tomorrow
Dev thinks that he must tell her parents about what he saw

~Sona’s home~
Bell rings. Bejoy opens the door little scared
Dev : are u Sona’s father
Bejoy : yes y?
Dev tells Bejoy whatever he saw Bejoy is shocked then Bejoy tells Dev about the phone. Then Dev gives the idea about tracing the call. They finally get the call traced.
Bejoy :pls don’t tell Asha about this or she’ll get tensed
Dev : Ok. But u don’t need to come I’ll handle those goon
Bejoy : ok beta

~Goon’s godown~
Sonakshi coming to concious slowly
Sonakshi : where am I ? Why r my hands tied?
Goon 1 : Because ur kidnapped
Sona shocked
Goon 2 : And u won’t go till ur father pays a ransom of 1 lakh
Sonakshi : I told let me go
Sona struggles to leave
Goon 1 : Keep still
Saying this he slaps her and she faints again..
So here’s the 3rd episode hope u like it
please post comments
thanks again for reading

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