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KRPKAB: I love u (episode 1)

Hi guys ayushi here?Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments?so here goes the first episode of I love u do read and comment?
Imagine and enjoy

A boy is seen waiting on a bike(from the back)who is wearing this


And the bike

Boy:I will not leave her today she makes plan and then gets late herself?(front is shown he is none other than dev?)
In a room
Asha:Wake up Sona!!
Sona:maa 2mins more plzzz
Asha:u have been saying this since past 15mins wake up now
Sona(covers her head with the blanket):hmmmm
Asha:Sona wake up its 7:45 now
Sona(wakes up with a jerk):what ma itna late pehle uthana tha Na(what so late u should have woken me up earlier)
Saying this she rushes to the washroom
She comes out in a bathrobe and wears this


She rushes out
Sona:bye maa(picks up the toast)
To herself:u are gone today
She comes to the boy and hugs him from back
Dev:oh so miss.sonakshi Bose is here
Sona(keeping her head on his shoulder):sorry Dev plzzzz
Dev:yaar this is too much I was waiting since 25 mins?
Sona:sorry Na baba plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Dev:stop it Sona

Sona no first forgive me zzzzzzzzzzzz(comes in front and makes a cute face)
Dev:kk but this is the last time
Sona:that’s like a good boy(pulls his cheeks)
Dev:Sona stop it ahhhh stop it plzzz
She leaves him and he stars rubbing his cheek ?
Sona:whom r u calling an idiot?
Dev:kk so now can we go sleeping beauty Sona ?

They both sit on the bike and come to college
Elena:see here they are,always late
Vicky;and again late ?
Dev:u all know we r Always late bcoz of Sona only,what to do she is such a sleeping beauty iske samne toh Kumbhakarn bhi haar jaaye ?(Kumbhakarn will also loose in front of her)
Dev:what Dev??
Rohan comes
Rohan:hi guys what’s up ?
Everyone except Dev:hiiRohan?
Bell rings and they all go towards their class
In the class
Vicky and elena sit together,DEVakshi sit together and Rohan is sitting behind them
The teacher enters and turns towards the blackboard
Rohan(taps sona’s shoulder):Sona will u come with me today?
Sona(turns back):if I will be free then(actually she wanted to ask Dev?)
Sona(turns back and looks towards him):should I go(whispers so that no one can hear ?)
Dev:Nooooo ?
Sona:Dev he is our friend no??
Dev:so u will cancel my plan”ur besties”plan for Rohan ?
Sona:devvvv we can go on some other day
Dev:he can also go on some other day
Sona was about to speak when she sees the teacher standing beside Dev with an angry expression
Sona:Dev(gestures him to see there)
Dev:what Dev?(looks there) sir
Both of them stand up

Teacher:r ur talks more important than the class
Dev and Sona:no sir(in mind:yes sir of course they r more important ?)
Teacher:get out both of u!!
They get out quietly and after walking some distance burst into laughing
Sona:Dev dis all bcoz of u
Dev:no dis is bcoz of Rohan
Sona:kk lets go to the canteen now
They go to the canteen
Sona:Dev plzzzz bring something to eat
He goes and the trio(Vicky,elena and Rohan arrive)
Elena:hi Sona!
They all get seated with Rohan beside Sona

Dev arrives handling the plates
Dev:here is(sees up and doesn’t like Rohan beside sona?)hey Rohan I was sitting there
Rohan:but I am sitting now
Dev:u can sit at this seat also
Rohan:u can also sit no
Dev:huh?but that’s my seat
Rohan:is This ur property
Sona:Rohan plzz shift(awww?)
Rohan:kk fine
Rohan sits on the other seat and Dev beside Sona,they enjoy their meal and leave for another boring lecture ?the lecture finishes and they all go home Sona with Dev,elena with Vicky and Rohan alone ?

Precap:devakshi’s plan ?

So here I end it guys how was it ??plzz tell me if any improvement needed or any suggestion u want to give ?plzzzz do tell
Keep reading
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Keep suggesting
Bye guys do comment ?

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