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Krishnadasi 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sravani says i started doing Lavani dance, i became Barkha Bai and earned money then i came in this village, i didnt know it was my village, you used to live in this house? you used to rule here? now i will rule here, Bhamini says thats all what happened? marriage? Shravani says marriage will happen now infront of you, Bhamini says what about marriage after which you became widow, Shravani is shocked to hear it. Bhamini says i listened this from Kumudini, what else did you hide from me?
Aaba thinks how Bhamini told him that Shravani never got married so how could she be widow? Aradhya comes to him and says is anything bothering you? aaba thinks she is so innocent, she sacrificed everything for Shravani while she doesnt know what game she is playing alongwith Kumudini, he asks


her to go, he will come.
Aradhya says to family that why nobody is serving food? i will bring it, David says Uday is not allowing anyone to enter kitchen, Gayetri says he is treating everyone, its special day for him, he is going to serve everyone, David says he is good cook, ARadhya says he is weird, he just got here and already entered kitchen? Gayetri says David my friends say that we should marry person who likes to cook, why dont you learn to cook basic dishes. Aradhya says Uday cant cook, he is just talk no work, Gayetri says you already observed him? seems like you both are observing each other, Aradhya says i have other works to do, he talks so much that i feel like filling his mouth with toothpaste, she starts to leave but Uday comes there with food. David asks ARadhya to sit and eat too, she sits. Shashwat says i will help you, Uday says no i will serve everyone, he asks aaba to come too, i have done all work for you aaba, aaba nods.
Bhamini says to Shravani that i lied for you even after knowing Aryan and Aradhya loves each other, what is all this? is it that i am in Kumudini’s trap or you are hiding something from me? Shravani says i will tell you truth, i am widow for world only, truth is that i am not widow but unwed pregnant woman, Bhamini says you can lie about being married but using widow card? you have destroyed my trust, Shravani says i know you have right to be miffed with me but wont you ask what why i did it? Bhamini says that wont change that you lied, Shravani says i always dreamed about getting you to talk, since childhood i used to think about getting money for your operation, i knew it was expansive, i couldnt earn much from Lavani dance then i found man Jairaj, he was wrong man but he used to give me money, i thought i would get money by doing some wrong stuff, then i would be able to get you operated then one day he told me about a plan, he asked me get Aryan’s wealth and have to act like widow, i started walking on wrong path, it was plan to marry Aryan but mistake happened and i became devdasi and Aryan saved me and became my care taker, villagers tried everything but Aryan is good man, i fell for him and started loving him, then we came closer, then i got to know that i am pregnant with his child, i was happy, if i tell my truth to everyone then i would lose Aryan which i dont want and i want to get free from goon like Jairaj, i want father for my baby, if i tell truth to everyone then they will throw me out, if you tell me then i would tell them truth even if i have to give birth to my child in police station, my baby would be raised in orphanage too, would it work for you? Bhamini is in tears.
Uday serves family, he says i make good pulse. he serves roti to Aradhya , Aradhya laughs and says see these rotis are like map, they all laugh, Aradhya says David your friend is good chef. Uday says i can make map rotis like this so i can see you laughing like this for life, Aradhya gets embarrassed, he says i made these special rotis so that you can laugh, he serves her smooth roti and says this is real one, eat it and see if i spelled magic on you, Aradhya says it doesnt mean if food is looking good then its tasty too, she eats food and likes it, she says its okay okay, he says only okay? he goes to bring sweetdish. Aradhya says David your friend is clingy, David says everyone has their personality, not all are like Aryan, everyone stares at him. Uday comes there, Aaba says food is really nice, Uday says i did all this so that someone can become my guide in Krishnavati, David says we are busy with wedding so Aaru can go with you, Shashwat says yes she can go, Aradhya says no i dont want to go, she leaves, Gayetri says see she cant go with anyone else except Aryan but she wont accept that she miss him but we wont lose easily, Uday says correct.
Shravani says aaji i know Aradhya is my sister and you think i cheated her? but i didnt do anything deliberately, i didnt know Aaru is my sister, if you want then you can leave me and hug that aaru, she looks away from Bhamini, Bhamini makes her look at her and says you did all this for me? you stooped so low for me? Shravani says i can give my life for you, Bhamini stops her and says you had to bear so much for me, you will get happiness of family now, i am with you now, i will keep this secret of yours with me, Shravani smiles and hugs her, Bhamini says i should go home, aaba has doubt on you about this widow, i am afraid that he might take action which could take your happiness, she leaves. Shravani says aaba has doubt about me being widow and aaji came to ask me truth, this oldie aaba will bring my truth out, i have to do something but what? she thinks and gets idea.
Gayetri comes Aradhya and says why cant you go with Uday? you dont anyone to come in your life except Aryan, Aradhya says Aryan is my past, i dont have to give reason to not go with Uday, Gayetri says Aryan has moved on, will you live with his memories? why cant you go with Uday? he is not asking you to go on date, he just wants to see village, Aradhya says its better to go out with him then listen to you, fine i will go with him tomorrow, now happy? Gayetri says good and all the best for tomorrow, she leaves, Aradhya is tensed.
Bhamini comes to her room, aaba says you have come? Bhamini says not to live with you in this room, i came to tell you that you were right, Shravani is a widow, aaba says yes? you are her aaji and you got to know it today? Bhamini says yes i got to know today, Shravani lived alone for 2-3years, she had to alone for work but you wont understand her helplessness, Aaba says i accept all this but cant you see Kumudini has transpired all this but you are still siding them, you care about Shravani but not Aradhya? Bhamini says you dont care about Shravani too, she is your grand daughter too, or you havent accepted her? aaba says dont twist things, why didnt she tell you? Bhamini says she didnt want to give me pain, she met someone and got married but now he is dead, whats Shravani’s fault? she hide it from me because she knew i would not be able to bear it, thats all i wanted to say but let me tell if you come inbetween my grand daughter’s happiness then i wont stay silent, i will go against you, aaba stares her, she leaves. Aaba says my heart is saying that something is wrong, truth is being made lie and lie is being truth, Bhamini’s behavior is changed, she has been told some story and trapped.
Servant serves Shravani food. Shravani says because of this pregnancy drama, they make me eat so much. She throws food in dustbin. Gayetri comes there. She meets her and hugs her, she asks how are you? Shravani says fine, come sit. Gayetri says we liked it that you were there yesterday, Shravani says really? Gayetri says we have all accepted you, i have made these laddos for you, its good for pregnancy. Shravani sees Aryan going from there. She says Gayetri you are so nice, i will keep these laddos box in my room and eat daily, she thinks in her mind that she will throw them away. Gayetri says you and Aryan are getting married so aayi wants to you buy some clothes and Aryan has to get his sherwani too. Shravani stops Aryan and says will you come with us for shopping, Gayetri says come Aryan, i was sending Aaru with these laddos but Aradhya is busy, she has taken out Uday for outing, he wants to get shervani from same store as you, he would wear it in maha-aarti, Shravani says are we going? Aryan says they wont spare us, i guess i will come. Gayetri says i will meet you later. Gayetri goes out and calls David, she says work done, love story mission started.
Uday and Aradhya comes to shop, shopkeeper is not there. Uday says he will take time so i have got more time so spend with you, Aradhya glares him, Uday says you have habit of glaring, people must be thinking that you have done all shopping and i am holding your bags as it happens in couples but they dont know that i have done all this, you dont stop anywhere, Aradhya says i dont know why you had to buy so much, Uday says its no completed. He sees bangle stall and goes, Aradhya says you are buying bangles for yourself? Uday says nice sense of humor but i am buying them for you, till shopkeeper comes, you select bangles, he shows it to her, ARadhya says you have to get shervani here, its like kid wants to show off his clothes in maha-aarti, why you are buying me bangles? Uday says i thought to give you gift, is it against your traditions? He asks her to try green bangles. Aryan and Shravani comes in market, Aryan stares Uday making Aradhya wear bangles, he recalls how he made Aradhya wear it, Aradhya is missing Aryan too but she hasnt seen him there. Shravani comes to Aradhya and says these are nice bangles, do wear these bangles in our wedding, you would look good. She drags Aryan and says what bangles should i buy? which would suite me? Uday says Aryan your girl is demanding but you arent saying anything and there is my girl for whom i brought whole shop but she wont tell her choice, Aryan and Aradhya are hurt to hear it.
They all come in Shervani’s shop. Uday asks tailor to take Aryan’s measurement. Tailor starts working, Aryan and Aradhya stares each other. Uday says make me very good shervani. Aryan and Aradhya stares through mirror. Uday asks Aryan to help to show impression on her. He asks Aradhya to help him in shervani selection, Aradhya asks tailor to find best for him. Uday says i am getting this shervani for David’s wedding, but i am thinking to buy one more, its my time to get married too, lets go to mandir, there i will tell which girl i want to marry. Shravani says Aryan we should go to ladies tailor, Aryan says no i have to..uh.. go to mandir,

PRECAP-Uday holds her hand and sayswont let you go without listening your answer. Aryan grabs Uday’s hand which was holding Aradhya’s hand and says didnt you listen her? how dare you propose her? he is about to punch Uday but Aradhya comes forward and holds his hand, she says dont you dare raise your hand on Uday again because i am going to get married to him. Outside Mandir, Aryan says to Aradhya that we love each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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