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Krishnadasi 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Aaba says to Aradhya that they can call me bad but i wont allow her to snatch your right. Aradhya says she is my sister, i cant let her go like this, she goes behind her. Aaba says you are innocent Aradhya, you dont understand this is Kumudini’s trick and i wont let her succeed, i wont let Shravani snatch your right.


Shravani is running away. Pavitra runs behind her and says stop daughter, i am not at fault, i didnt know about my other daughter, i thought she died, she cries but Shravani leaves from there. Pavitra cries, she says to Shashwat that we have to bring her back home, Shashwat says let her go, let her. Pavitra sadly looks on. Shashwat supports Pavitra to stand up and says i am saying this with heavy heart, give her time to bear all this storm and emotions, Pavitra says what Shravani did with Aradhya was wrong, how will Aradhya live with Aryan when she knows Shravani is none other than her sister, Shashwat says we cant do anything, if we think about Shravani then Aradhya will get pain and vice versa, both are our daughters, we want happiness for both of them, its fate that both like Aryan, God will decide fate now, we wont decide but let destiny decide it, we just have to calm our both daughters, Pavitra prays God help us.

Aryan says to Kumudini that i know you what drama you doing, i know everything, my heart is saying that you knew everything from before, before drama of Bhamini’s attack, Kumudini says what else you know about? say that i did drama of Bhamini attacking me, this wound is fake too right? dont shout on me, ask God why two girls in your life have blood relation, i am Krishan’s desi only, Aryan says you do everything taking Krishan’s name, you used Shravani to throw Aradhya out of my life, i know this attack, wound, police all this is drama, Kumudini says you are father of her unborn child, did i do that drama? even if storm comes in village, you will blame it on me, Aryan says when you got to know about Shravani being Aradhya’s sister, you started this drama? Kumudini says whatever. Aryan sees bandage on Kumudini’s hand and holds her hand tightly, he says its not paining you? i want to see what kind of wound it is which doesnt pain, he is about to take off bandage, Kumudini takes dagger and cuts her other hand, her hand bleeds, Aryan is shocked, she says i had to bear to much pain that i dont feel it now, i am stone hearted now, you wanna see that i dont feel pain? she cuts her again and says even if i cut my hand for my grand son, even then i wont cry, you said that this is drama? he says no, she says now i will show you drama, Aryan takes away dagger from her and says what are you doing? its bleeding, she says its not blood but blood tears, you think that i tricked Bhamini and asked her to do drama, you want to remove bandage from stomach wound? even if i die, i would tell Tulsi that i gave life for her son, Aryan says i thought wrong, i am sorry, forgive me. he does bandage of her hand wound, Kumudini thinks that thank God i am saved, i have to go to doctor, its paining a lot, she shoves Aryan and says leave me alone for sometime. Aryan looks on.

Aaba is in mandir, he says to lord that you have put two sisters in tight spot, if i take Aradhya’s side then i would have to leave my wife’s side, what you want God? Kumudini comes there and says wont you give sweets that your wife has returned? he glares at her, she says you are spitting fire from eyes, time has changed, you started this game, one side was your sister and otherside was me. You used to call me dances, other woman and.. leave it, i dont want to curse in mandir, now its about your two grand daughters, what will you call your other grand daughter? devdasi? dancer? other woman? she laughs, he says you can laugh as much as you want but every night has morning and you are eclipse night, you have to end, i have rectified my mistakes, its your time now, Kumudini says every morning is mine now, you can sing bhajan here and think which grand daughter you choose, i dont care, its about my grand son, either grand daughter of yours would work fine with me, one grand daughter’s life is going to be destroyed, i am content with that, she greets and leaves. Chimaji has listened all this. He prays to God that why my son has to go through all this? what this woman wants? show path.

Shravani thinks that i wont think that Aradhya is my sister or whatever, i just want love in my life and i wont think about anyone, i will marry Aryan. She comes in her room and sees things messed up, she says who did this? Raj says i did it, she locks her room and asks what are you doing here? he says remember that night when goons were running behind you, you came running to me and pleaded me to save you, did you forget how i saved you? i saw your talent and taught you lavani dance, i opened company on your name, i always took you as my wife, i involved you in my biggest plan, thinking that we will rule as king and queen but you got greedy and thought to show me thumbs down in end, Shravani says what english movie story is this? what are you saying? you are mistaken, Raj says I love you, they say it in english right? he shows her photo of Aryan on which she wrote ‘I love you’, he says you think i am fool? you thought to knock me out of my game only? Aradhya is coming to Shravani’s room. Shravani says to Raj that you are mistaken, i wrote I love you on photo to fool kumudini, i love just you. Raj shows her hunter and says if you love me then rip your heart out and show its not Aryan but me inside it. Shravani says what are you saying? if you remain silent then i will tell you. Raj says neither me nor you will say anything but this hunter will speak. he hits her with hunter, she screams. Aradhya listens noise from outside. Raj says to Shravani that what you thought first you marry Aryan then expose me to make me go to jail and then you are a free bird? he grabs her face and says if i open my mouth then all dirt will be on you. He beats her with hunter again and again, she screams. Aradhya comes outside her room and calls out her name, she opens door and is shocked. She sees Shravani hitting herself with hunter and red marks on her back. She stops her and says have you gone mad? Shravani says till i dont punish myself, i wont feel peace, Aradhya says whats the need to do this? Shravani says i dont know my fate, my aaji lived under covers to save me for life and when i found my family, everything got complicated, i have hurt everyone and you my sister? you love man and i am pregnant with his baby, i have hurt everyone, everyone hates me so i want to punish myself, i am ill-fated, Aradhya says you are part of family, my sister, forget everything, she hugs Shravani. Shravani smirks. She sees cupboard. Raj is hiding inside. Aradhya is worried for her and makes her sit on bed, Shravani says forgive me, i said in anger that i will marry Aryan because when i got to know truth, i was shaken, aRadhya says i know you said everything in anger, you dont know how happy i am to know that you are my sister, what you did? atleast think about your baby, who does this? i will call doctor. Shravani says i am fine, no need to call doctor, my baby is fine too, Aradhya but it will be better if doctor checks you once. Shravani thinks that if doctor comes then truth will come out that i am not pregnant.

Aaba says to Chimaji that Kumudini is forcing Aryan and Shravani’s wedding, i accept that ARyan and Aradhya are not on good terms but they are made for each other, its like sin to break them apart, Chimaji says i feel bad but when Aryan has said yes for marriage then what we can do? Aaba says Kumudini is blackmailing Aryan, she told him if he doesnt agree for marriage then she will send Bhamini to jail, she is using Shravani for her games. I thought i will live common and simple life but its impossible around venomous Kumudini, its useless to stay silent against he cheap tactics, you are sarpanch, i want to give Aradhya’s right back to her, enough of Kumudini’s stubborn ways.

Aradhya applies ointment on Shravani’s wounds, Shravani eyes her. She looks at cupboard, Aradhya says you change clothes, they are dirty, i will bring another pair of clothes. shravani gets tensed and thinks if she opens cupboard then it will be trouble. Aradhya goes and is about to open cupboard but Shravani screams, Aradhya runs to her and asks what happened? she says i am feeling restless, bring water for me, ARadhya goes to bring water. Raj comes out of cupboard, she says leave me and go before anyone sees you, he says i will see you later, he leaves from window.

Aaba says to panchayat that i have told you everything, you decide what justice is, kumudini hates me but doesnt mean she can use kids in all this. One panch says Kumudini hasnt broken any rule. aaba says she wants to marry her grand son with devdasi, did this happen earlier? they say no. Aaba says Aryan is care taker of Shravani, you all decided it, Krishnadasi are of Krishanji then how can anyone marry them? Raja Keshav didnt marry Kumudini, just took care of her but this girl Shravani is bragging to marry Aryan. Panchayat says she should be punished, her face should be blackened. Kumudini comes and says wow, you people are not taking other side’s view? Chimaji says we havent taken any decision, you can say anything in your defense.

Doctor checks Shravani, Aradhya is there too. Aradhya asks if Shravani and her baby is fine? doctor says i have to tell you something, Aradhya says yes, Doctor says not here, come outside. Aradhya asks Shravani to rest and dont worry, she leaves with doctor. Shravani says what if this doctor tells them that i am not pregnant, think something otherwise this Kumudini will not only stop my wedding Aryan but will throw me out of house too.

Doctor says to Aryan and Aradhya that i need to tell you something. Aradhya says i am Shravani’s sister, you can tell me anything. Doctor says she is fragile and tensed thats why she tried to hurt herself, she can hurt her baby too, everything will be fine if you all take care of her especially Aryan, if baby’s father takes care of her then she will be fine but can i ask why she is in stress?

Kumudini says to Panchayat that you are thinking to blacken Shravani’s face on aaba’s saying? you know who Shravani is? she is grand daughter of Vidyadhar Rao, all are shocked, she says Shravani is Aradhya’s twin sister, the one who calls Panchayat to punish his own grand daughter, he has no religion and dignity and Aryan and Aradhya are already divorced, i am only favoring him by accepting his another grand daughter. Aaba says i dont need your you favor, you and everyone knows that ritual and tradition are most important to me even above then my grand daughters, she herself said that Shravani is devdasi then how can she marry Aryan as per tradition? Kumudini you have trapped Shavani, she talks your language, she follows you only, i dont care what you and Shravani does, i request panchayat to give Aradhya’s right to her. Chimaji says its true that devdasi gives her life to Krishanji and you have followed it Kumudini, Kumudini says whats the problem if care taker wants to marry her? she is ready to marry too, one panch says she is mad to think she can marry even if she Aaba’s grand daughter, once she is devdasi, she cant marry anyone. Chimaji says so its decided that Panchayat doesnt allow Shravani to marry and if Shravanu goes against this decision and tradition then she will be punished. Kumudini angrily stares Aaba.

PRECAP- Aaba and Panchayat comes to Kumudini’s house. Some servants are grabbing Shravani’s hands. aaba says if you dont disagree to marry Aryan then your face will be blackened my polish. Aradhya comes there and says wait.. She brings Aryan, She gives Aryan’s hand in Shravani’s hand and says i Aradhya Shashwat Rao promises to make Aryan and Shravani marry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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