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Krishnadasi 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Uday comes to Aryan’s house. He asks aaba to come inside, there is no one in lounge, they come inside. Shravani sees them from upstairs and smirks. Uday and Aaba sees Aradhya’s photo with garland on it, Uday says lets go to Aryan’s room, if he is alone then we will talk to him, Aaba nods. Uday and Aaba starts going upstairs. Uday sees Shravani talking to Aryan. aryan has back towards Uday, Aryan is drugged by Shravani so he is dizzy, Shravani says thank you Aryan, if you didnt take part in plan with me then we wouldnt be able to kill Rao family, Aaba is shocked to listen it, Shravani says all are dead, its nice, Aryan murmurs all are dead, we killed them. Shravani says aaba was my biggest enemy, its good all died, i am sad that Rao family is finished but we will live


peacefully now, and Aradhya always thought that you loved her but truth is that you love me and Aradhya died in fire too, you love me right? Aryan says yes i love you, Shravani hugs dizzy Aryan and says i cant tell you how much happy i am Aryan. Aaba and Uday leaves. Shravani sees Aryan faint and says sorry Aryan, i knew that Uday would come here thats why i drugged your food so you could say yes to anything i say.
In mandir, aaba says to Uday that Aryan showed he has Kumudini’s blood, he killed my whole family with Shravani, Uday says Aryan tried to save Aradhya by talking to minister, maybe this is Shravani’s trick too, aaba says you saw how Aryan confessed his crimes and you are taking his side? i know now how Shravani came to our house and poisoned us then Aryan came and just for show off, he took us to hospital even then he took Shravani to hospital first, this is all my fault, if i had guts then they wouldnt have killed my family, they think we are all dead? right Uday says we have ton control Aradhya, she will breakdown, Aaba says i wont let her, i will tell her everything, only Aradhya will take revenge, she will bring my position, my money and respect back. Uday says Aradhya loves Aryan a lot then will she believe that Aryan cheated? Aaba says she will believe her aaba because she knows that i was trying to bring them together, lets leave now, they leave.
Aaba and Uday comes to hospital. Uday gives death certificate to Aaba and says think again, aaba says i have thought well, i know Aryan and Shravani will locate our deadbodies, they should believe that i am dead and i am literally dead, i am Vidyadhar Rao who was nice, i am burning in fire of revenge, lets take aaru from here, Uday says but she is in coma, Aaba says Aryan should not know that Aradhya is alive, we have to take her, nobody will know as there is chaos in hospital. Aaba sees mandir there and prays to lord to give me strength to take Aradhya out of trauma, and make her strong to take her revenge. He says lets go, they leave.

4months leap
Aradhya is lying on hospital bed, she becomes conscious, Nurse is checking her. She calls doctor seeing her conscious. Aaba and Uday are outside. Doctor checks Aradhya. Aaba comes inside, Doctor says this is miracle, she is out of danger, Aaba thanks lord and asks if she fine? she nods. Uday says this is all your praying, that Aradhya became conscious after 4months, i wont let her be hurt again. aaba asks Aradhya if she recognize him? i am your aaba, Aradhya nods, Aaba smiles, and says you will be fine soon, nothing will happen to you.
Aradhya is sitting on hospital bed and looking at door, aaba says i understand whom you are searching for and i know you have questions, Aradhya says aaba.. jail caught fire, where is everyone? aaji? aayi? baba? Gayetri? where is Aryan? Aaba looks on, Uday says you were caught in fire in jail, you were in coma for 4months. The minister whose life you saved, he made your case in self defense and closed your case. Flashback shows Aradhya lying in jail while there is fire around. she wakes up and coughs, she sees all running out, she prays to lord, she looks around and finds minister lying on floor and coughing, she makes get up, Aradhya screams for help, they both cough, jailer comes, minister thanks Aradhya and says you are really nice, i am grateful, i will free you, you helped me, jailer takes him away while Aradhya falls unconscious there, fb ends. Aradhya asks where is Aryan, did he get to know Shravani’s truth? where is family? aaba says you take rest, we will talk later, Aradhya says no, why you are saying this? Aryan must be worried, i have to go to him, Aaba says you dont need to go anywhere, Aradhya says just think when Aryan will know that i am fine then he will be so happy, i have to tell him that Shravani planned to burn down jail. Aaba says this Shravani can do anything, Aradhya says its important to tell her truth to Aryan, aaba says Aryan was involved in Shravani’s plan, yes they poisoned food which whole family ate, aaba tells her everything how Shravani poisoned and then how Aryan came and took her to hospital, Aradhya says what are you saying? killed them? Aryan cant do this, this must be Shravani’s trick, Aaba says Uday you tell her, Uday says he is right, we listened ourselves Aryan confessing that he killed everyone, Aradhya is shocked, Aaba shows her death certificate of himself and says i was broken after losing family but still i had to do it to save you from Aryan and Shravani, i had to make them believe that we all died, i know your pain but you have gather courage, we went to tell Aryan that you are alive but we didnt know what we would listen there, nobody knows pain life gives us, Aradhya cries, aaba says its not time to cry, remember you have to keep living, you have to give more pain to people who gave you pain till then you wont sit peacefully, are you ready for that? Aradhya nods, aaba wipes her tears and says you prayed to Krishan whole life, he said that everything is fair in war of truth and i will prepare you for this fight so you win only, you have finish devils who insulted your love and killed your whole family, Aradhya looks determined.

Scene 2
2months later
Aradhya comes out of car, she is dressed nicely, she stops at Krishnavati border (same like how Kumudini returned after 21years to Krishnawati and touched its sand, how she said that she is returning to her village) Aradhya touches sand and puts it on forehead, she says i take vow to snatch everything from people who finished everything for me, who killed my family, Aaba watches her from car. Aradhya says get ready for war my enemies.
Nakku is working in house, she says Shravani might come and scold, she says to Shravani that breakfast is ready, she says i was mad to make her marry Aryan, she shoudl die. Shravani comes downstairs, all dressed up in nice saree, she drinks tea and says Nakku cant you make nice tea? you didnt put anything in it, you have become lazy, Nakku says there was no sugar in house, Shravani says you act like we dont have money, stop eating so much, i give you money daily. She sees breakfast and says you didnt put milk or fruits here? Nakku says Kumudini.. Shravani says what she dis again? did she make poor eat food again? Kumudini comes there, she is in messed state, her hair is not made too. Kumdini comes to mandir and says my Aradhya will come Krishan? she says yes she will come, i will tell Tulsi. she comes to wall and says he put garland on photo again? she takes off garland from Aradhya’s photo and says my aaru is alive, she says Tulsi Aradhya is coming back to meet me, comeback Aradhya, i will give her grand welcome, i have to rectify my mistakes, i will make poor eat for my Aradhya. Nakku says now this will go on for hour, Kumudini says i will ask forgiveness from Aradhya, i will hold her feet and ask her to forgive her aaji, comeback my laadoba(pet name).
Aaba asks Aradhya to come and sit in car. Aradhya does. Aaba says look you are Arona devi from Sangapur, you have come here to setup business, this is your new identity, my blessings are with you, are you ready? she nods, he says this is war, dont let your knees become weak, be strong, people will doubt that you are Aradhya but if you remain confident and control Aradhya inside you then all will agree that you are Arona Devi, this is your identity.
Kumudini says Nakku make food, i have to welcome Aradhya, bring plate and diyas, we have to do her aarti. Shravani says enough of your tape-recorder, i am tired of listening this for 6months, Aradhya is dead, Kumudini says what did you say? called her dead? shravani says yes your Aaru is dead, Kumudini says she is alive, i will snatch your tongue if you say again haimlata, Shravani says i am not haimlata, i am Shravani, wifo of Aryan, Kumudini says Aradhya is coming, i will welcome her, i will cook food for her, Shravani says will you cook sharad for her? Kumudini says you are jealous of her, i will cut your tongue, she grabs her face and attacks her. Nakku says let her get beaten, Shravani pushes Kumudini away and Kumudini strikes with pillar, Shravani says i will set you right today, she drags and locks Kumudini in room, Kumudini says my aaru is coming, i have to welcome her, open door. Shravani says she was attacking me and you people didnt help? Nakku says i am afraid of her, Shravani says my life has become mess, i thought something else but my life has become mess, one side this oldie who keep making poor eat food and otherside is Aryan who doesnt do any work nor stay at house, he keep roaming village aimlessly, if was not scared of Aryan then i would have sent this mad oldie Kumudini to mental asylum, Nakku is shocked.
Aaadhya says dont worry aaba i wont let my feet shake even for a minute.

PRECAP- Aradhya is in market, Aryan is in same market. Aradhya wipes her forehead with towel, but towel slips from her hands and falls away. Otherside Aryan wipes his forehead with towel and his towel slips away from his hands too. Both towels land near each other on cart. Aradhya and Aryan moves closer to pick it, they pick towel but doesnt see each other, Aryan sniffs towel and feels something, Tu hai ka nahi plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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