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Krishnadasi 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Aaba asks family all ready? they nod. They wait for Shravani, doorbell rings. Gayetri opens door and Shravani comes inside, Gayetri hugs her. They greet each other. Pavitra does Shravani’s aarti, she says you are coming after marriage for first time, forgive us, Shashwat says sorry, Shravani says no worries, i got my family, i dont need anything else, Bhamini hugs shravani. Aaba thinks that you can do drama now but you will say truth soon, Shravani touches his feet, Aaba thinks that today you will give statement to free Aradhya, Shravani thinks that you think you are clever but not more than me, i am Yamraj for your family, Gayetri asks her to come and sit.
Aradhya is in jail and says Uday hasnt come till now, i hope everything is fine. Aradhya asks jailer if she can make call? jailer says we are waiting for minister, we dont have time. Kamli sees Aradhya’s saree and says its so beautiful, Aradhya says take it if you want, Kamli thanks her and thinks that soon you wont need good sarees.
Uday calls Aryan and says bring property papers to Pune, we will give it to minister, are you sure of this? Aryan says without Aradhya, its just house with walls, i will handle Kumudini too.
In kitchen, David mixes herbal powder in juice and says to Aaba that we have to make Shravani drink so that she spills truth, he marks glass with turmeric powder so it doesnt get mixed with others, he says give it to special guest. Shravani comes there and says what special is going on? Gayetri says this is all for you, Shravani says dont call me guest, i am part of family, Pavitra says yes you are. Shravani says you cooked all this for me? Aryan is not coming, you didnt need to cook so much, Pavitra says i cooked because you were coming, Shravani says soon you all will stop talking. Shravani says i dont feel hungry, i want to talk to you people last time, Gayetri says what you mean last time? Shravani says i will be busy with my household and baby and you know Kumudini might not allow me to come here again, Pavitra says lets go out. All leave, Shravani says to Pavitra that i am thirsty, i will come after drinking water, Pavitra says i will give it, Shravani says no this is my house too, you go, Pavitra smiles and leaves. Shravani brings out poison bottle. Shravani says today will be last lunch of my family, she mixes poison in food and says from today, all problems will be solved, i will have small family, just me and Aryan while Nakku and Kumudini will do household work.
Kumudini gives money to Nakku and asks her to buy cot for baby, Nakku goes. Aryan comes and asks Kumudini to give property papers to him, Kumudini says i gave all property to Shravani, Aryan asks why? she says Shravani was scared that you will give everything to Aradhya so i gave it to her before wedding, Aryan says Aradhya is not greedy, i want those papers to free Aradhya, i will take it from Shravani, Kumudini says whom you are giving them to? Aryan says i am not giving it to Aradhya, i need it to free Aradhya, he leaves. Kumudni says he is going crazy for Aradhya witch, i have to warn Shravani.


Scene 2
Gayetri serves food to family, Aaba asks to serve Shravani first, Shravani says you are elder. Gayetri asks her to take juice. Shravani takes wrong glass, Pavitra takes it from her. Gayetri gives her glass which David marked and has herbal powder. Pavitra asks her to drink, Shravani drinks and says its really nice, she drinks whole glass, Aaba smirks. Shravani says now i will eat food. Pavitra serves her food. Shravani asks why all are looking at me? i will feed food to all, Pavitra says no you eat, Shravani says let me get what i lost, i will like to make you all eat. Aaba says let her do it, Shravani says i will make my aaba eat first, she makes Aaba eat poisoned food with her hands. Aaba says tell us about your childhood, did Bhamini gave you name? Shravani says yes Bhamini aaji gave me name Shravani, Shashwat puts mobile on recording. Shravani says i have one more name that no one knows and its Barkha bai, David and all are shocked. Gayetri says what kind of name is this? Shravani says i will tell everything, she makes aaba eat more. She says now dad’s turn, she makes Shashwat eat poisoned food. She comes to Bhamini and kisses her forehead, she feeds her poisoned food. Shravani thinks that i will miss you a lot aaji, i dont like anyone of you, i will make all eat this.
At police station. all are outside waiting for minister, Damini says where is Kamli? she had to welcome minister. Minister arrives there, Damini asks Aradhya to welcome him, Aradhya makes him wear garland and welcomes him. Minister does ribbon cutting ceremony for construction in jail. Aradhya thinks that where is Kamli? she was excited to welcome minister.
Inside jail, Kamli pours kerosene in whole area. Aradhya is searching for her, there is no one else inside. Aradhya says where is she? Kamli hides listening her coming there. Aradhya smells kerosene. Jailer comes there and says come with me, minster is giving speech, Aradhya says i am smelling kerosene, jailer says it must be coming from jail, lets go, Aradhya goes. Kamli says Shravani is mad, she wants me to burn whole jail just to kill Aradhya, Aradhya seems like nice girl but i dont care, i will do it.
Shravani says to Pavitra that i didnt like your words, you never thought about me, how can mother resign from her baby? Pavitra says i didnt know about you otherwise i would have not allowed you to go. Aaba asks if she was working with Jairaj as Barkha? shravani says yes, Raj used to trap clients and used to do booking for my lavani dance, he wasnt jerk, but when we started earning money, he thought we can fool more people to get wealthy. Aaba asks what else you used to do? shravani says like bunty and bubli, we used to disguise and used to steal money from people. Aaba says so you married Aryan to steal his wealth? are you really pregnant? are you really widow? Shravani says you ask so many questions, eat food first, she makes him eat. She asks Gayetri to eat too, she asks whole family to eat. She says my brother in law only you are remaining, she comes to David and says i will make you eat with my hands, he says no i will eat, Shravani says if you dont eat then i wont answer Aaba’s question, Aaba says no we are eating, Shravani makes David eat with her hands, whole family starts eating. Aaba says all are eating, now tell me are you pregnant with Aryan’s baby? Shravani says no.. i am not with pregnant with Aryan’s baby, infact i am not pregnant at all, its all recording in phone. Shravani says i acted like widow as per Raj’s saying, he wanted to me steal Aryan’s property and give it to him but i am crazy, i fell in love with Aryan, i like him a lot so i thought to make Aryan mine somehow thats why i made plan to make Raj get caught, yes aaji i made that plan. Let me tell you people that i love Aryan a lot but i hate you people, most hatred is for that rat Aradhya, she is inbetween my way.

Scene 3
Damini shows Aradhya to minister and says she killed smuggler Jairaj, she did murder but he was bad man, can you help her to get free? Minister says i will do what i can, Aradhya nods and leaves from there. Minister calls Aryan and says Aradhya seem special, policemen are advocating for her too, i wanted to know if you are bringing property papers? Aryan says i am going to take it, free Aradhya please. Minister says i want it too but i believe in give and take, when you bring property papers then call me, he ends call. Aryan says i have to reach Shravani fast.
Shravani says to family that dont stare me, i am saying truth i hate you people a lot, you people never did anything for me, and my aaaji.. Aaba says your game is finished, you will be in jail now. Aaba starts coughing, whole family starts choking. Pavitra coughs and asks why my breathing is hitching? Shravani says what happened? you are not able to breath? All are trying to breath. Shravani says my loving David, you know i didnt drink your special juice, i listened everything. Flashback shows David mixing herbal powder in glass and saying to aaba that Shravani will tell truth in dizzy state after drinking it, Shravani listened it all then when she was alone in kitchen, she threw that juice and poured pure juice in glass with mark on it, fb ends. Shravani says the food which you people cooked for me, i mixed poison in it, you all ate it when i lovingly made you eat with my hands. Whole family falls down on floor being poisoned,Shashwat tried to strangle Shravani but falls down too, Shravani says i will sit here and will see you people die, all drama will end. She sits on swing and says my loving aaji, if you didnt get to know that i am not pregnant then you would have been happy with me, you wanted me to get happiness of world, now see i will sit here and will get all happiness while yo go to God calmly. Shravani takes phone and says you people recorded my truth? what will happen now? all are coughing and dying, Shravani says i will go now. Pavitra says you were born from me, i give you curse to never live peacefully, Shravani says aww.. how much you care for me, Pavitra says all will know that you came here, your truth will come out. Shravani says i was about to do mistake but you gave me idea, now i will call Aryan and will tell him that i am getting headache and will call him here, then he will not doubt me,

PRECAP- Kamli pours kerosene in jail, Aradhya asks what you are doing? you want to burn whole place? Kamli says i got work to burn this place and you by Shravani, Aradhya is shocked. Kamli lights match stick and throws on floor, it catches fire, Aradhya is covered by it and says you have gone mad, she screams for help.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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