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Krishnadasi 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Its morning, Kumudini asks Nakku to bring breakfast before she die. Shravani says i want to eat from your hands today, your great grand son will like it too, Kumudini says yes, you both wanna go on honeymoon? i wanted you both to go abroad, Aryan says i want to focus on work, Shravani says i should take rest too, what if anything happens to baby? Kumudini says these days doctors say that pregnant women should work, Shravan says my doctor said that i should rest. David and Gayetri comes there, Kumudini asks whats this new drama? Gayetri says i want to invite my sister for pag phera ritual, Kumudini says your parents scolded her so much, she cried and now you are inviting her? Gayetri says they sent us only, it was misunderstanding, Bhamini aaji made us understand that you are innocent,


Kumudini says i know this is all drama, if this is true then ask her parents to come and say sorry, David says they are embarrassed, they want you to come once, Gayetri says its not good that we dont have good relation, Kumudini says i dont trust you people, she will not come, Shravani says its my parent’s invitation, i will go for sure, Kumudini says have you gone mad? Shravani says my baby will ask me about my parents, what would i tell him? i will go for sure, Kumudini says that aaba tries to blacken your face, Shravani says my aaji will protect me, Kumudni says if you have thought about it then i wont say anything but dont cry later to me, Shravani says everything is forgiven for family, she asks Aryan if he will come? Aryan says i have work, Shravani thinks that i cant force you, she thinks that i dont want you to come, Shravani asks nakku to bring sweets for Gayetri and David, Kumudini says yes. David smirks at Gayetri and gives thumbs up. Uday comes there, Kumudini asks why did you come too? Uday says your love brought me here but i have come for business partnership with Aryan, he says to Aryan that i want to talk to alone, Aryan goes out with him.
Aryan asks Uday what is wrong with you ? Aradhya is in jail and you want to talk about business? uday says you think i am stupid? thats why i called you alone, i have something important to say. Aryan says i called minister for Aradhya’s case, i want you to come with me and meet, Uday says i will come. Shravani hides behind pillar, Uday changes topic and gives file to Aryan and says do read these papers alone, Aryan says you wanted to say something else? Uday says why dont you understand unspoken words? Aryan takes file from him, Shravani says to Uday that my husband told you that he doesnt want to read any files, Uday says i couldnt go to honeymoon with Aradhya so i didnt know you both had different priorities, Aryan puts file and starts to leave, Shravani says i would have liked if you had come with me for pag phera, Aryan says i have work, he leave. Shravani sees file and says he want to do business? never, as everything is in my control now. She puts file in dustbin but Aradhya’s written note falls out. Shravani sees it but doesnt pick up and leaves it there.
Gayetri says to Aaba that Shravani agreed to come but my friend denied to give medicine which makes person speak truth, he says that he will be suspended. aaba says then how will we make Shravani blurt out truth? Bhamini says i know how to make herbal medicine, it makes person dizzy and lose control, person starts telling you truth in sleepy state, i saw one man saying truth too, but who will bring those herbal medicines? Markand says just tell me names of those medicines, i will bring it, Banwari says i am expert in making people be dizzy, just give me name of it.

Scene 2
Aradhya says dont know Aryan got my message or not, dont know what Shravani is planning, God protect Aryan from her. Jailer brings food for Aryan asks her to eat, Aradhya says i am not hungry. Damini says you want to revolt against us? we dont let anyone die, Aradhya says you dont know what i am going through, Damini asks what are you thinking? Aradhya recalls how Uday asked her to not tell truth to anyone as it will alert Shravani, she says you were right, i cant avoid court, truth will be found there, its useless to avoid food, i will eat it, she takes food and starts eating it, Damini is confused and thinks so much change? how did she get hope of living again? Aradhya says i will tell truth to court, Aryan got married but why should i give up my life? why should i die? Damini says you mean to say that you will say to court that you killed in self defense? Aradhya nods, Damini says then why dont give statement now only? Aradhya says not not, only in court, Damini thinks that she is hiding something from me.
Aryan messages Uday to meet him at mandir, they have to meet minister. He finds file in dustbin, he brings it out and recalls how Uday asked him to read unspoken words, he says did Uday wanted to give some message? he shouts how threw this file in trash? Nakku comes and says i dont know. she leaves. Aryan checks file but doesnt find anything important, Aradhya’s note is still lying on floor, Aryan takes paper and says its bill, he says to Nakku that this bill, keep it safe, he gives it to her, she leaves.
Nakku puts Aradhya’s note on table. Kumudini is sitting by that table only. Shravani comes there and sees that note. She opens it and reads Aradhya’s note, she is shocked to read it. She thinks that my sister is sending notes from jail, she wrote that she will try to come out of jail soon and that Aryan should not trust anyone, she thinks if she got to know anything about me? she didnt write anything clearly, Kumudini asks what are you reading? Shravani says medicine prescription.
Minister checks Aradhya’s case and says to Aryan that Aradhya killed Raj? this is good, he thinks that Raj was trying to cheat me and now he is gone, minister says to Aryan that Raj was cheater, smuggler and robbers, its good that he got killed, Uday says you know Raj was criminal and Aradhya killed him in self defense, how can she be punished for it? Aryan says she can be given bail, minister says yes but today police is strict, even police thinks before killing criminals, you know about human rights people even if its self defense, we cant just call people and let get bail, we have to sweat our palms too, Aryan asks if he is talking about bribe? minister says no, we are workers of people, what if i get involved in case, so for protection i just need commission for 5years, Aryan is stunned, minister says there is one solution for this case, you can give me your house Aryan and case will be solved, Uday says what are you saying? Aryan stops him and says sorry on his behalf, he says i agree with it, uday says what? Aryan says this is just one house, i can give everything for Aradhya, she is my everything, Uday thinks that seems like Aryan read Aradhya’s message thats why he is trying so hard to free her, Aryan asks minister what he can do? minister says you are lucky i am going to Krishnawati jail this evening, its about give and take, give me papers and free her, aryan says you will not go empty handed, but my work should be done, he leaves.
Markand and Banwari are crushing herbal medicines, aaba asks its its ready? they say no, he asks how we do know its ready? Banwari says we should taste to know. Bhamini says yes this is only way, Banwari asks Markand to drink and test, Markand says you drink, banwari says no, Markand says you are worried that your truth will come out, Banwari says i am truthful person,

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