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Krishnadasi 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Its morning. Pavitra says to Aaba that Shravani is not a widow and she was with Jairaj? bhamini comes there, Shashwat says Aaba is saying you know truth and still silent, is it true? Aaba says she wont speak, she is blind in love for Shravani, all ask her to speak up, Shashwat says we all are trying to save Aradhya and you are silent? Bhamini says you all are against Shavani, you all believe aaba, what proof he has against Shravani? he still has habit of forcing people to believe what he wants, i am hurting for Aradhya too but Shravani is pregnant, she needs love and attention too, you people wont understand, she leaves, aaba leaves too. Uday sees all this and leaves.
Aaba sits in his room, Uday comes there, and sits in his feet, he says i know you helplessness, Aaba says where


to find proof? Uday says there must be something which we ignored, i will help you. Aaba says Raj was witness, i should have given him to police, Uday says think what we should do, think if Raj had any companion, aaba says yes. He brings lavani dancer’s picture and says she told me lie that Shravani is widow, she will be our witness, Uday says we dont have time, lets go.
Damini says Aradhya’s statement is important. how to convince her that she is hurting herself by giving that statement. Aaba bring dancer there, dancer says they brought me here, dont know what they want, Aaba says we want to know truth of Shravani and Raj, he says to Damini that she lied to me that she knows Shravani and her husband, dancer says just because i dance that means i dont know Shravani? i knew her husband but i didnt talk to Shravani after she ranaway with her lover, Uday asks her to speak truth else police will beat you, dancer says they are threatening me to accept a lie, Damini says dont threaten, its our work to bring truth out, Aaba says do everything before Aryan’s wedding otherwise my Aradhya’s life will be destroyed, Damini nods.
Shravani comes to jail to meet Aradhya, Shravani thinks that her fate’s everything became mine and she lost everything. Aradhya meets her and says what you are doing here? you should getting ready for your wedding, Shravani says you are in jail and i am not able to do anything for you, i was wrong to doubt my sister, Aradhya says dont talk like that, negative thoughts will affect your baby, Shravani says i feel telling police that i shot Raj, nobody is happy with this wedding, Aaba thinks that i am cheater and was involved with Raj, but you know how he was threatening me and trying to kill me? i called police there only, after aaba’s allegation, i feel like taking blame on me only then everyone will start loving me, i found my family after so much time but still they dont love me, i will give statement now, Aradhya says dont be mad, whats the fault of your baby? our lives have taken turn but think about your baby, Shravani says i am thinking about him only, dont know if he will get love of his father, Aryan says will keep thinking about you and how to free you but will he think about his baby? today we are getting married but i dont think that Aryan will come to mandap, if i get married today then i will come to meet you again but if i dont get married then i will take whole blame on me and will free you from jail, she leaves, Aradhya is worried for her. Shravani is leaving police station when dancer sees her, she thinks what she is doing here? i am stuck here because of her, whom she was meeting here and tears in eyes? what new drama is this? Damini meets Shravani and says you came to meet Aradhya? she nods, Damini says i have to ask you something, she makes her sit on chair, Shravani is tensed, Damini says you are lucky to get sister like Aradhya, she is in jail so that you can be happy, Shravani says i dont understand what you are saying? Damini says you are only witness of crime scene, only you can tell that why Aradhya shot Raj and she was trying to save you, only your statement can save Aradhya in court, Shravani says Aradhya did so much for me, she fought for me with Raj, she is bearing so much for me but i will tell you what i saw with my eyes that day, Damini says what you mean? Shravani says means Aradhya shot him that day but not to save me, what happened was Aradhya couldnt control her anger, i was telling her to open door and give Raj to police but she was not listening, Raj was running away from window but Aradhya found gun and asked me shoot but i didnt touch gun, Raj was about to leave but Aradhya took gun and shot him, and said that devil should die, Damini says you are trying to say that Aradhya didnt shoot to save you? Shravani says i dont know anything about law but even if she didnt shoot Raj even then everything would have been fine, i dont know if shot to save me or baby or to take revenge of someone, you have to find all this, Raj was killer of Tulsi aayi, maybe she took revenge for that, Damini thinks about it, Shravani says what to do now? i dont understand anything, should i believe that i am lucky that aradhya is my sister or i am unlucky that she is in jail, i wouldnt have married but i am pregnant and i cant do anything, she leaves. Damini thinks.
Damini comes to Aradhya, Aradhya says i dont wanna say anything, i dont wanna see any lawyer, Damini says i understand why you are doing this but court will see case with every angle, we need to find proof to see if it was self defense or planned killing, Aradhya says it was planned killing, i killed him in senses, Damini says even if i believe you, we have to still go to crime scene and reenact scene again, we need proofs, Aradhya says i dont wanna go there, Damini says only police will decide that, if you think that by you going there, Aryan and Shravani’s wedding will be stopped then dont worry, it will not happen, Aradhya looks at her.
Aryan is sitting mandap dressed as groom. Pundit asks him to flower in hand, Aryan is not listening, Kumudini asks where is he lost? he takes flower, Pundit asks to call bride, Bhamini says i will bring her, she goes. Shravani is brought there dressed as bride, she sits beside Aryan, Aryan recalls how Aradhya asked him to promise to marry Shravani, Shravani looks at him and smiles, Pundit asks her to take Aryan’s hand in her hand, Shravani offers her hand but Aryan doesnt take it, he recalls how Aradhya asked him to fulfill promise he made to her, he holds Shravani’s hand. Pundit directs them to do rituals, Kumudini does gadh bandhan, Pundit asks them to stand up, they are given garland. Shravani makes Aryan wear garland, then Aryan recalls how Aradhya said that baby is not at fault, go to her, if you dont fulfill promise given to me then i will assume we never had love between, Aryan makes her wear garland, Kumudini says seems like all problems are ending, Shravani thinks that you can be sad or happy but after marriage, you will be in my trap. Pundit asks them to start pheras, Shravani starts moving but Aryan doesnt, she turns and looks at him, Kumudini asks Aryan to start pheras. Aradhya comes there with Damini at same time. Kumudini asks why you are here? she asks Damini why you brought her in white saree? again curse eye? Damini says i am here to do duty, i want to check room where crime happened and want to know how murder happened, Kumudini says get lost from here, Shravani says let them stay here, let Aradhya stay here, nobody has come from family except Bhamini, Aradhya is my sister, she wanted me to get married to Aryan, she will see her wish fulfilling, i will take her blessing after wedding, Kumudini says okay they can search room after wedding only, she asks Pundit to continue. Aryan and Shravani starts taking pheras, Aryan looks at Aradhya and recalls how he took pheras with Aradhya in mandir and how Aradhya promised him that she will always trust him and will be always there in happy and difficult times, Aradhya looks at Aryan in pain. Pheras are completed. Kumudini gives mangalsutra to Aryan and asks him to make Shravani wear it, Aryan recalls how he made Aradhya wear it, he makes Shravani wear mangalsutra, he takes pinch of sindoor(vermilion) and fills Shravani’s forehead with it, while recalling how he filled Aradhya’s forehead with sindoor earlier, Kumudini smiles happy, Aradhya smiles too with tears in eyes. Pundit says wedding is completed, you both are husband and wife now. Shravani looks at Aryan. Kumudini says thank God wedding is completed, she asks Damini to do her work fast, i dont want ill shadow of someone to cast on this wedding, Damini says Aradhya lets go,

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